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A Visit to the Famous Mouse Temple of Rajasthan


I first heard about Karni Mata temple on Discovery Channel. The show talked about weird places around the world and an episode showed this temple where mouse ran over people’s feet and the priests offered them the deity’s prasad.

A Visit to the Famous Mouse Temple of Rajasthan-1

This temple is the home to some 25000 rats. These holy rats are called Kabbas. These rats are considered the primary devotees of the temple. Rituals in the temple start only after offering the first prasad to these rats. Human devotees fearlessly walk around and give them a share of the offerings, a sign of respect.

A Visit to the Famous Mouse Temple of Rajasthan-2

Picture source: https://in.pinterest.com/pin/554998354060851983/

In these thousands of black rats, there are few white rats, which are assumed to be manifestations of Karni Mata and her four sons. This is the reason, especially they are considered to be holy. Visitors believe sighting them as a special blessing, so the put extra effort to see them by offering prasad to the other rats in the urge to see the white ones.

The story behind this temple of rats is that these rats used to be the soldiers from an army who looted and plundered towns and razed them to the ground. Upon realising the weight of the sin that they have committed, they visited Karni Mata for forgiveness. The goddess turned them into rats and asked them to stay at the temple.

How to visit

This temple of rats is situated in Deshnoke, 30 kms from Bikaner, in Rajasthan.

There are two ways to visit Karni Mata temple. Either come to Bikaner by train or bus and then take a local bus from station area that will drop you at the temple.

You can also get down at Deshnoke that comes on the Delhi-Bikaner route. Make sure that your train stops here.


Deshnoke doesn’t have stay options. You can instead stay at one of the hotels or resorts in Bikaner. This way you’ll be able to visit the Bikaner Fort and the famous Camel Breeding Centre in the desert as well.

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