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Head to Bali for the Ultra Bali Music Festival 2017


Head to Bali for the Ultra Bali Music Festival 2017-1 "Music doesn't lie. If there is something to be changed in this world, then it can only happen through music." -Jimi Hendrix (American guitarist).

Music has no language and the recent celebrations of the World Music Day across the globe remind us of its essence. No matter if you are a music worshipper or a mere listener, you would admit that music not only fills the gaps in our lives but also adds meaning to it. Gracing this meaning, a wide range of music festivals around the world is entertaining the fans since decades. Adorned by artists from the music and dance industry, revelers from far and wide gather to experience and share the musical vitality. One such fest, that has exceeded the bars of music fervor in a short span of time is the Ultra Bali music festival.

Head to Bali for the Ultra Bali Music Festival 2017-2 Though a new entrant in the field, Ultra Bali is an unmissable feast making its place among the iconic music fests the world has. Reaching out to maximum audiences, Ultra Bali is a part of the global music fest domination, Ultra Worldwide. Since its kick-off in 2015, the fest has received all the exuberance it had expected in the first two years. Adding to its successive editions, the organizers have recently announced the line-up of Ultra Bali 2017 and we just can't stop drooling over the performers' names. Making his Ultra debut, Hardwell is all set to rock the beats in his eccentric party style. Adding to the lineup, Kygo and Zedd are idolized names, fans are looking forward to. Staggering spectacle, Getter, Rezz, and Slushii have fueled the excitement.

Head to Bali for the Ultra Bali Music Festival 2017-3

Set to be hosted on September 14th – 15th, 2017, at the picturesque Potato Head Beach Club, Bali, alike previous years, fans have started making preparations to hit the biggest music party of the year. So if you too are planning to make a visit, we recommend you to reach Bali a few days earlier to warm up for the D-Day. Making a stunning backdrop for a curated musical experience, the location is perfect to break the monotony of daily life and make you appreciate the blissful existence of it. To help you out, we've prepared a list of top 10 places to visit and things to do whilst you are in Bali, a place better known as the ‘Island of Gods.'

1. Tanah Lot Temple

Head to Bali for the Ultra Bali Music Festival 2017-4

Bali's scenic sea temple is the first place tourists usually head to. Famous for its unique offshore setting, the temple is graced by the radiance of the rising and setting sun in the backdrop. The music of the constantly crashing waves adds to the spiritual sound of the temple bells.

Tanah is a Hindu shrine built to praise a priest who traveled to Bali in 1489 to spread Hinduism. As the legend goes, the priest meditated at the temple (a mere rock at that time) day and night, transforming his sashes into sea snakes which guarded the rock's base. Locals believe that the snakes still guard the temple making it resistant against nature's ordeals.

The vicinity of the temple is dotted with a panoramic view and leisure facilities for the tourists that comprise of the cultural park, shops, and restaurants. Beginning your Bali expedition with Tanah is a great option for starters. The cultural offerings of the place are something you would not like to miss.

2. Tegallalang Rice Terraces

Head to Bali for the Ultra Bali Music Festival 2017-5

We have grown up watching the actors of our beloved Bollywood movies running and chasing each other in the mustard fields. No wonder, at one point of time, we all wanted to act the same. But have you ever imagined yourself strolling leisurely through the rice paddy fields? If yes, then Bali gives you the chance to live your imagination.

The rice fields spread across the slopes of a valley offer a scenic outlook that you would not like to escape from. A treasure for ‘posers,' the beauty of the place serves perfectly to style your Facebook and Instagram accounts with. You can explore the variety of artifacts on display such as woven hats, carved wood pieces and more while savoring the local green coconut drink made from coconut leaves.

Besides keeping up with your bargaining skills, don't forget to pose with the farmers dressed in the conventional farming attire of Indonesia.

3. Bali Safari and Marine Park

Head to Bali for the Ultra Bali Music Festival 2017-6

Adding to the vigor of your trip, this animal theme park is an ideal spot for a fun day out. Sprawled to 40 hectares of land, the park is home to 60 species of animals all of which roam freely to give you goosebumps as your safari van passes nearby. From watching elephant talent shows to getting fascinated with the school of sharks in the aquarium, the park has everything to keep you enthralled with.

Among Himalayan bears, African hippos, and other species, the best put on display are the white tigers. Believe us, those intimidating eyes are something to remember for a lifetime. Though you'll get a driver to guide you through the forest, it's better to keep an area map in handy.

For those traveling with kids can refresh the fatigue by indulging in a variety of fun activities at a water park nearby.

4. Goa Gajah

Head to Bali for the Ultra Bali Music Festival 2017-7

Done with pleasing the nature lovers, Bali takes care of the history buffs too. This archaeological site makes it a great place to forget the chaos of the modern world and delve into the past. Located at the western edge of Bedulu village, the place offers a range of relishing options. From the rock-wall carvings to a central meditational cave and bathing pools to fountains, it is a quintessential option to get rejuvenated with.

Forming its traces in the 11th century, the caves host an assortment of large old stone carvings complemented with a pool featuring statues of Hindu angels holding vases that act as waterspouts. Some relics also feature the imprint of Buddhism wrapped in Hindu influences.

The southern end of the cave is embellished with quaint rice fields and small streams flowing nearby. In spite given the name ‘gajah,' no traces of elephant structures are found here. Besides gratifying your historical desire, you can head to this place to experience hermetic meditation and prayers.

5. Spa Luxury

Head to Bali for the Ultra Bali Music Festival 2017-8

Can you think of anything better than someone pampering your body whilst you lie down to view the prepossessing sea and hear the music of waves? If you cannot, then we recommend you to give a try to the beach spas in Bali. Stretch out beneath a thatched roof and enjoy an oil massage melting away the weariness from both the mind and the body. Let the massage do its job while you find beatitude in the coastal splendor.

Another option to spoil yourself with is to head to a riverside spa. Let the magical properties of water work on your body and revitalize it. Do not forget to get drenched in the spring water Jacuzzi to add to your unique experiences in Bali. Let your senses relax as the water jets massage your body.

The intimate views of beach and river in all their glory are what you need to stir up your soul.

6. Dining Delight

Head to Bali for the Ultra Bali Music Festival 2017-9

Whether you are a foodie or not, you're sure to get induced in trying out unique dishes at the weird and wonderful dining options in Bali. From fairytales to volcanoes, the restaurants here have the most bizarre themes you can think of. In fact, a popular restaurant in the town lets you dine with monsters. How cool does that sound?

From safaris to rice fields, you have a plethora of dining options to pick in Bali. With greenery that goes on for miles, do not let nature make you forget the exclusive dishes you can get served with only in Bali.

From Sate to Betutu, Bali serves you a mix of different cultures that make up Indonesia. The variety of seafood and the ‘local special' rice dishes are something to please your taste buds with.

7. Sea-walk

Head to Bali for the Ultra Bali Music Festival 2017-10

Have you ever imagined walking on the ocean bed, admiring the underwater beauty and playing with the fishes? Bali lets you turn this imagination into an experience. Though it requires a little courage, but as long as you have you sea-walker helmet on, you're safe (and the guides make sure that you have it on your head all the time).

If don't get enough of the fishes, you need not worry, as the guides will give you a packet of fish food and the fishes will come nibbling on your hands. Even if this doesn't satisfy you, go for the sea-walk plan that allows you to get clicked underwater. Of course, it would be a little costlier than the regular plans but the alluring underwater settings make it worth.

Adding to your unusual experiences, a sea-walk in Bali is a must. For those scared of the idea of being under water, do not think of what could go wrong and be excited about what could go right!

8. Trunyan Island

Head to Bali for the Ultra Bali Music Festival 2017-11

Island of the Dead – Yes, you've read it right! As said earlier, Bali has all kinds of experiences you can imagine to go through. If you consider yourself courageous and do not get spooked by ghost stories, then Trunyan Island is the place you should head to.

Accessible by boat, it is really a once in a lifetime experience you might not have (or might not want to have again) at any other tourist location. The inhabitants do not cremate or bury the bodies of the dead, therefore, if you happen to make a visit, you'll find skeletons lying in the open awaiting you. Worried about the stench that could kill your plan? Well, you have to think of some other excuse as you won't smell anything unpleasant to your nose because of the perfumed scent from a huge Taru Menyan tree.

Given this, would you dare to be among the dead?

9. Lovina Dolphin Watch

Head to Bali for the Ultra Bali Music Festival 2017-12

The waters of Bali have got more than swimming and sea-walking with dolphin watching as a prime leisure activity of the place. Forget about peering at dolphins through the aquarium glass and watch the live show as you take an early morning boat ride.

Feel the adrenaline in your veins as a pod of dolphins shows off its acrobatic skills along the waves. At first, you might notice just one dolphin, then two, then four and the numbers keep on adding till a complete family jumps and swims just next to your boat.

The mesmerizing sunrise embellishes the view. Done with dolphin watching, you can visit other tourist spots en route. But make sure to reach the spot before 6 am. Losing a little sleep over the spectacular view would be worth it. (Do not forget to capture pictures keeping water away from your camera).

10. Kuta Beach

Head to Bali for the Ultra Bali Music Festival 2017-13

Lastly, coming to escapades that make Bali a world famous touristy spot – Beaches! From surfing to swimming and sunbathing to kite flying, the beaches of Bali have got it all. The favored attraction of the town, Kuta beach with its sandy shores offers diverse frolic activities to the tourists.

With the sky and sea in perfect sync with each other, Kuta gets the beach vibes right. You can chill under a rented umbrella or simply enjoy a beer in one of the cozy cafes that line the beach.

Besides offering multiple water sports options, the nightlife of the area is what adds liveliness to it. The nightclubs and dive bars are exactly what you need at the end of your sojourn to get yourself in the party mood and be charged for the music fest.

Wrapping up your Bali tour, let the craziness of Ultra Bali make you feel alive whilst you wallow in the world of music among the ''melomaniacs'' alike you.

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