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Best Hand-Picked Bachelorette Party Destinations in India!

Those pyjama parties, dirt cheap gossips about your colleagues, the relationship advises, the post break-up drinking sessions and the embarrassing dance afterward. Yeah! you and your best friend have seen it all and it's time you cherish these memories of your friendship. Before, you lose your best friend to a married life relive those moments once again because time doesn't rewind. Before the wedding bells, the time is right to throw her a great bachelorette party and shower your love on her in your style. Let her throw up, go crazy, dance wildly and talk deeply, some things that a girl can do only with her BFF. Give her the golden memories of singlehood so that she bookmarks these moments in her life!

Now, deciding the right bachelorette's party destination is as difficult as choosing the wedding attire. Especially when you know it is a once-in-a-lifetime party. But, Ladies! We are here to help you choose the right place with this list of party destinations.


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1. The Bizarre Party in 'Goa'

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An obvious mention! Being the best party destination in India you just can’t overlook Goa to throw a great bachelorette's party. The uber and classy clubs, the dirt-cheap alcohol, cruise and island parties and those raves. If you are planning to do all these crazy things on the bachelorette, make Goa your pick! Nothing can beat the party fun that this place has to offer. The perks do not end here. There are adventure sports to enthrall her with the amazing experience. And to cover it all, head to the outskirts beaches of Goa leaving behind the head-aching tourists crowd, to spend some time in solitude with your BFF!

2. A Glass of Finest Wine in 'Nashik'

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A weekend out with a glass of wine is a great formula to spend these last minute of freezing toes! And Nasik Vineyards would be the best destination for a drink on it. Allow period simply fly-by, talk your heart out, darkest doubts and the deepest secrets and let her marriage anxiety go away with a great glass of wine. Laze around, chill around and walk around with the would-be bride in the amazing vineyards of Nasik.

3. The Royal Retreat at 'Udaipur'

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Bachelorette is not just about crazy party scenarios. It is also about giving her the freedom of doing what she loves and just the way she loves. Before the fairytale wedding, the noble escapes of Udaipur are the picture perfect spot! Pamper her with a heavy dose of luxury and opulence over a king size trip splurge. The wonderful lakes and skies are sure to provide your BFF a time that she really needs before her big day!


4. The Calm Backwaters of 'Alleppey'

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How can we possibly miss the charming backwaters of Kerala? Alleppey gives a wonderful respite in the cool and calm waters of Kerala. Pack your bags, get your friends, plan up a great bachelorette, and head to Alleppey's beautiful houseboats. Make sure you give her the right amount of nature, luxury, and craziness so that she bookmarks these moments in her golden memories.

5. The Hippie 'Hampi'

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Away from the modernisation Hampi awaits the history lovers with its beautiful ancient ruins. This might be an offbeat destination to throw a bachelorette, and you might not get the crazy party experience, but for the history buffs and shutterbugs, Hampi is no less than a paradise to celebrate your friend's bachelorettes in hippie style.

6. The Shopping Spree in 'Rajasthan'

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Amazed to view this historically honeymoon location around the record? Wait a moment! Jaipur is also an ideal destination to throw a great bachelorette party for your BFF. The greater than life architecture of the palaces, the royal treatment, and the vibrant streets. This place is not just about the party, you can also enjoy a royal shopping experience with your friend on the streets of Jaipur. The dye and tie selection of connections, skirts, and tops forts and may just take her breath away, as will the regal palaces!

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7. The BEACH-lorette Party in 'Pondicherry'

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Treat your BFF to a BEACH-Lorette party! Pondicherry is the sophisticated version of Goa with less crowd and more peace. What better place to allow her to throw off the wedding anxiety if not beautiful white sand beaches and the clear blue waters? Dig in the spoons in the scrumptious seafood, soak in the sun, let her spend some last moment of solitude with the right things- beach, buddies, and booze.


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