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Tips for a Hassle Free Dubai Experience!


Tips for a Hassle Free Dubai Experience!-1

Known for its massive structures and glitzy cosmopolitanism, Dubai is a very modern city in almost all the senses. However, that is not the case for the cultural tolerance owed to the fact the Dubai is governed by Sharia Law. Dubai has some very strict rules regarding certain cultural nuances that everyone as a tourist should keep in mind. Knowing the place before you visit is very important and helps you not make inappropriate actions which in case of Dubai might have grave consequences. With a few quick pointers, you can make sure that you'll be prepared for your amazing Dubai vacation.

1. Public Displays of Affection are just not only frowned upon

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In India, public displays of affection are frowned upon in most parts of the country. However, in Dubai, it is actually illegal to perform public displays of affection. This extends to even minor harmless actions such as holding hands or kissing. Any sort of public display of affection is subject hefty fines and even jail time in many cases. So make sure to keep to yourself while exploring the marvels of Dubai.

2. Smoking in the open is big No No

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You must have surely heard about this, however it is still important to emphasize the importance of public smoking in Dubai. There are designated smoking areas all across the city along with smoking indoors. However,if you are found puffing a cigarette outside, there are chances you will be fined heftily and might even be detained by the legal authorities. So, make sure you smoke at the designated areas only.

3. Drunken behaviour is not looked at lightly

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There are many places in Dubai where you can go get your buzz on, such as pubs and restaurants, however, drunken beahviour can get you into trouble in Dubai. Dubai as destination has the best party places with amazing ambience and great music, however public drinking or drunken misbehaviour can get you into trouble. The penalties are similar - fines or legal detention. You can have a good time, make sure you keep it inside the establishments.

4. Clicking Photos is just not the same

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We all like to click photos when we travel and it is perfectly fine to click pictures of your family, yourself and the amazing buildings in Dubai. However, there is a small catch. If you are caught clicking photos of government buildings or military bases, you may be misunderstood by the officials. And by misunderstood, I mean they may arrest you, confiscate your equipment and wonder what was so fascinating about the government building you were taking photos of. This is done in interest of national security which is fair. However, clicking photos of people (importantly women) who you haven't met before and who haven't given you their permission is illegal and can lead to arrest or fines. So make sure that you ask for permission before you click pictures of people.

5. Dressing the right way in Dubai

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Inside residences or hotels you can wear whatever you want. However while dressing in the public areas in Dubai, as a general rule of thumb, always make sure that you are covered from shoulders to knees. Make sure the clothing is not see through. Men and women should not be wearing shorts outside of the pool or beach areas. Dressing laws again have the similar penalties, with fines and detention by legal authorities. So make sure you are dressing the right way, in Dubai.

After reading this you might feel a bit worried, however these are actually very minor things when seen with the bigger picture of Dubai. Like all places it has regulations and customs, but still it does not take away the shimmer from Dubai's rich history and huge tourism potential. People from all over the world are visiting Dubai every year for new experiences and royal getaways. In Dubai, it pays to be a little cautious about the customs and we as your hassle free travel partner are making sure that you have a grand time in the modern city of gold.

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