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The Perfect Maldives Travel Guide for a Luxurious Escape


Various images popped up inside my mind as we plunged into the crystal clear turquoise water of Fish Head in the Maldives. The weight of the oxygen cylinder suddenly faded, and an image of the diverse aquamarine life got painted in front of my eyes. My diving instructor patted on my arm as I flinched when a Manta Ray brushed past my left leg. And in that fleeting moment, I thought about the blissful time I spent here, pressing the soft white sand under my feet on the beaches and watching the waves rise and fall, wondering about how we crave for luxurious life when nature has already set the stage for us. The Maldives, it is my own personal brand of paradise.

The Maldives, a gorgeous archipelago in the Indian Ocean attracts tourists from all over the world. And like every lover of laidback holidays I heard the name rustle in my ears, just like the soft buzz of swaying palms on the pristine beaches. With its mesmerizing sapphire lagoons, reef-ringed atolls, incredible sunsets, and luxurious lifestyle this place has made an abode in my heart, and I’m sure it will do the same for you. So here I am with a couple of recommendations for those who are planning to visit the paradise islands soon.

Things to do in Maldives:

Scuba Diving

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If there’s a place on earth where you need to give a try on Scuba Diving, it’s none other than Maldives. Scuba diving in Maldives means diving in channels with caves and overhangs that are covered with colourful sponges, soft corals, invertebrates and gorgonian fans. There is a long list of many affordable PADI dive centres where you can take a discovery dive if you are not certified and get goosebumps rushing through your body while being eye to eye with giant fishes, stingrays, sharks and turtles. The colourful and exotic sea life of Maldives is, and I cannot wait to be back and retake a plunge into this fantastic mosaic of colours drenched in blue.

Island Hopping

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There is a lot more to do in Maldives than basking in the sun, sipping cocktails and indulge in the luxury of an overwater bungalow. Just head over to the sea and enjoy floating in the blue waters and walk along the swinging palms on one side and a sunset over the Indian Ocean on the other. Explore the island life, and you’ll be utterly amazed as you saunter through the well-paved roads with schools, banks and community centres spread on either side. Watch people using boats instead of cars to accomplish their daily tasks by hopping from one island to other. I got to know so much more about the Maldives, the culture, the lifestyle and the people, just by hopping on to different islands, and I bet so will you.

Dolphin Spotting

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My eyes widened in awe as a dolphin took a leap out of the water and I realised why dolphin spotting is one of the best things to do in Maldives. Maldives ranks among the top places in the world for spotting whales and dolphins, and over a quarter of the world’s total species which would be around 20 call Maldives their home. These range from gigantic Blue Whale to petite but highly acrobatic Spinner Dolphin. Doesn’t that excite you? Because my eyes have become fond of these super awesome creatures.

Water Sports and Activities

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With a myriad of water sports activities in its repertoire, Maldives doesn’t lag behind in giving adventurous kicks to its tourists. Paddle from one atoll to other in a Kayak, balance yourself on a Catamaran and soak in the beauty of the islands nearby, soar high like a free bird when you Parasail, cut through the waves when you go for jet skiing, and this one is our favorite, riding in the Dinghies(boats with glass bottom) feels like as you’re walking over the ocean. These water sports are just a glimpse of adventure that Maldives can offer and I’m sure this place will make you beg for more.

Maldivian Massage

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When therapeutic hands set coordination with the cosy warmth of the sun above, the results are quite obvious, a soul-soothing Maldivian massage. There is no dearth of resorts and villas that offer traditional massage therapies on the white sand beaches in Maldives. As for me, the massage undoubtedly blew my mind! The therapists were peerless in their crafts, and it felt like as they knew which places in the body held the most tension. I will not suggest you take a massage in Maldives, I’ll urge you to do so.

Underwater Dining

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Underwater Dining: Whenever I think of underwater life, the first thing that lights up in my mind is my favourite cartoon character Spongebob having dinner at his home. I was so fond of that cartoon series that it had become my dream to have an underwater dining experience, and Maldives replaced the word dream with reality. There are many underwater restaurants in Maldives that will send your senses soaring, as these are the gastronomical heaven for fine dining. You can indulge in stunning panoramic views of the ocean and marine life through glass ceilings built feet below the ocean surface. What else do you want when there is a place which genuinely cares about your dreams?

Glowing Beach

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When I heard someone say something about a beach that glows at night, I didn’t believe until I saw it. Yes! Maldives has a fairy tale land called the glowing beach in Vaadhoo Island. The dazzling green-blue glow that occurs at the beach at night is something like a dream vision. And you will be more amazed when you see the glow taking your footprints if you happen to walk on the beach. It is one of the best places that you must add to your bucket list of things to do in Maldives at night.

Sea Plane Tour in Maldives

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Round circles of pristine white sand beaches dotted the shimmering water of Indian Ocean when I flew over the islands on a Sea plane tour. I could see the reefs and turquoise of the shallow waters, and it’s a feeling which cannot be further put into words as it demands to be experienced. A bird’s eye view of the splendid island will make everyone marvel at the God’s architecture. You have the right to forget anything from your to do list of things in Maldives, but you can’t forget this in any case if you want to experience what Maldives is all about.

The Perfect Leisure Escape

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There's no denying why Maldives is the most romantic destinations in the world with its luxury bungalows extending over turquoise water inviting you to jump in for a swim. The bungalows and villas are best for sunbathing, swimming and pure relaxation. I loved my bungalow so much at Sun Island Resort that I never wanted to leave my room. There's everything available in the resort and you don't have to go anywhere if you don't want to. There is a wide range of recreational activities to do at every resort and you'll be completely entertained till the end. For me Maldives exists to remind me that my dreams are real!

How to Reach Maldives?

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Since Maldives is an island, so flights and cruise ships are the only options that you have. The Maldives flights are easily available from major Indian cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kochi, Kolkata and Bangalore. Most of the popular airliners ply from India to the Maldives, taking you to the prime airports in Maldives, the Malé International Airport. The other major airport in Maldives is the one located in the Gan Island in Addu City. The Maldives is also well connected with the rest of the world with flights plying from China, Dubai and Sri Lanka. We suggest you to be awake when traveling from India, so you don’t miss out on the glimpse of the idyllic scene outside during the flight.

Things You Need to Know about Maldives

Capital: Male

Currency: Maldivian Rufiyaa

Official Language: Dhivehi

Taxes: Each resort has to apply 2 taxes, a 10% service charge and an 8 % Goods and Services Tax. (note: This tax is constantly rising and at a very fast pace.)

Click Here for Visa related information.

While the Maldives is all fun and chill, there are a few things that you should avoid in the Maldives during your vacation.

Where to Stay in Maldives?

You’ll be surprised to hear that the archipelagic nation has 26 coral atolls that are fragmented into 1,192 islands, and only around 200 of which are inhabited. And it will send a leisure wave across the skin of those luxury seekers when they have a choice to choose from more than 80 islands which are exclusive luxury resorts. I remember how I used to be so confused when I had to pick a crayon from the box when I was a kid; every colour was my favourite, every colour was the best for me. So I’m completely aware of your situation of choosing the best resort among the best. That’s why I’ve filtered out some of the best stays in Maldives where you can live a life full of privileges:

Adharaan Group of Properties

The Perfect Maldives Travel Guide for a Luxurious Escape-11 Experience the Maldives like never before at their distinctive resorts and villas. Each of these charming getaways provides something unique to discover amidst luxury living in your very own slice of paradise.

Cost of Stay: 69,000 INR for 3 Nights Couple Stay

Sun Siyam Group of Properties

The Perfect Maldives Travel Guide for a Luxurious Escape-12 Their properties are dotted around the Maldives which provide a luxury getaway from day to day life. Escape to somewhere extraordinary with the ones you love as you embark on your luxury holiday in the Maldives.

Cost of Stay in Sun Siyam Iru Fushi: 1,80,000 INR for 3 Nights Couple Stay.

Paradise Beach Resort

The Perfect Maldives Travel Guide for a Luxurious Escape-13 **[[Paradise Beach Resort https://shoesonloose.com/packages/43426-Rejuvenate-in-Maldives-with-Paradise-Island-Resort--]**] is a place beyond the reach of stressful day-to-day life, a realm of complete relaxation with bliss to be found amid white shimmering white sands and azure seas. It is a place where nothing stands between you and the bountiful waters of the warm Indian Ocean.

Cost of Stay: 68,000 INR for 3 Nights Couple Stay.

Sun Island Beach Resort

The Perfect Maldives Travel Guide for a Luxurious Escape-14 Fascinating tropical greenery and most extreme present day comfort are mixed agreeably at the best class Sun Island Resort and Spa, Maldives. Fascinating tropical greenery and most extreme present day comfort are mixed agreeably at the best class Sun Island Resort and Spa, Maldives.

Cost of Stay: 59,000 INR for 3 Nights Couple Stay.

Canareef Beach Resorts

The Perfect Maldives Travel Guide for a Luxurious Escape-15 A definite treat for your senses, Canareef Resort Maldives is a lifestyle resort get-away that will take your breath away with their pristine nature, expansive oceans, 25 dive site locations, dolphins and marine life, stunning horizon views and a host of activities await you.

Cost of Stay: 51,000 INR for 3 Night Couple Stay.

Fun Island Resort

The Perfect Maldives Travel Guide for a Luxurious Escape-16 Nestled on Bodufinolhu Island in Maldives, Fun Island Resort and Spa is 45-minute speedboat ride from Male International Airport. The hotel pampers you with outlandish spa treatments and body kneads at the resorts spa. To liven up your nights, you can enjoy a round of table tennis, volleyball, billiards or snooker encouraged inside the premises.

Cost of Stay: 52,000 INR for 3 Nights Couple Stay.

The Maldives isn’t a one-size fit all holiday destination – there is too much to see, explore and experience here for it to be just any ordinary beach getaway. The beauty of this remarkable island nation is not only in its jaw-dropping picturesque scenery but in its ability to put your every wish and desire right at your fingertips. Maldives isn't a place for me, it's a feeling which will stay with me wherever I go.

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