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The Camping Experience At Magnetic Fields Festival - Shoes On Loose


The Camping Experience At Magnetic Fields Festival - Shoes On Loose-1 If you are wondering what paradise would look like for a party lover, then I can show you the glimpse of it. Imagine, a place where there is no tomorrow, no yesterday, just the moment you are living in is all you care about. There are no worries, no worries about your work, business, studies, family or anything else in the world. You literally party till dawn to see the sun rising above the magnificent palace. You wake up to the sound of music and that's how you go to sleep. And then there are camps set up around the venue where you get to see the familiar faces from the last night crazy party and that little beautiful camping site becomes your home for straight three days, so much so that you forget your comfy bed of your home. Alcohol, smokes among other hard things flow like a river, with everyone around you so drunk and high that nothing else matters in the world apart from partying. Wohho, what is this place? If that's what you are thinking. The place is 'Magnetic Fields festival'.

What is 'Magnetic Fields Festival'

The Camping Experience At Magnetic Fields Festival - Shoes On Loose-2 'Magnetic fields' is a music festival of three days which happens every year in the month of December in a remote village of Rajasthan- Alsisar. The venue for this festival is a magnificent palace called Alsisar palace which turns into a rave party for three days. The location is a surprise in itself, in the remotest of the region where you don't expect anything pops up this palace like an oasis in the desert to put even the best of nightclubs of the country to shame. The laser light shows, the throbbing music, the artists from around the world make sure you don't think of anything but the party for the time that you are here in this party heaven. The stay is arranged at the camps located just outside the palace and that's where it gets best. The show begins in the evening, you party hard all night long to see to the sun coming up in the sky and then you go to your tents rolling in your comfortable sleeping bags to energize yourself for the next day's rave. That's how you live life here, a different world altogether that can't be put into words and can only be experienced.

How was the camping experience?

The Camping Experience At Magnetic Fields Festival - Shoes On Loose-3

Righty so, I can't think of anything better to give this festival the right vibes other than the addition of camping here. All those who party together comes to rest together. The vibe is just perfect.

The camps are divided in three sections- the premium ones, the luxury ones and the classic ones. The luxury and premium tents are no less than a hotel rooms set up under the canvas. It might be luxurious but can it beat the authenticity of the camping experience of the classic ones. I think not. It's time like these when you need to shun the luxury and slid inside your Quecha tents and inside the sleeping bags get the experience of it just right. When the chilly winters could freeze your body, there was a bonfire lit up all night long to comfort the people coming from the warmth of the party arena.

If you are thinking if it is viable to stay in the camps when the temperature falls to less than 5 degrees at night? Well, I will tell you what, nobody sleeps at night, if you plan to, you are at the wrong place. If you are tired of dancing or partying, you can sit around the bonfire indulge in a conversation with people coming from all parts of the world, listen to their stories and experiences. Somebody would come up, offer you a drink or a smoke up, (some would go further to give away their pills as well) take all you want to take, do all you like to do, like there is no tomorrow and believe me these three days comes once in a year, there is no way you should let go the chance of making the most of it! So, it's the morning when you actually get to sleep and when the sun comes up to provide you the warmth so that you can sleep like a baby till the next show begins.

The Camping Experience At Magnetic Fields Festival - Shoes On Loose-4 I get to stay at the camps set up by Shoes On Loose on magnetic fields. They made the experience at the magnetic fields only better. There sleeping bags were perfect to provide you the warmth at 5 degrees, the tents were well set up and they were of good quality as well. There was no problem with the stay what so ever. But, how they made the experience better was their services afterwards. Somebody was always available 24/7 to address the problems if anyone was facing during their stay. The bonfire was lit, which not only provided the much needed comfort of heat in the chilly winters but also brought together the people who otherwise would slid away in their tents. It lead to the making of some great conversations with the people you didn't know before, you would never meet again, but that were the moments to cherish. It was the best part about the whole festival apart from the palace and music of course.

The experience was so good that I seriously miss that sleep in my little tent wrapped around in the sleeping bag now that I am back home and back in the same old bed. Like I am praying every minute- take me back!

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