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Places For Solo Trip In India

Go solo! India will be a great idea!

Travelling solo may at first sound like a not so good idea. Lonely paths and all is what you must be picturing in your mind. But travelling solo will be one of the best decisions you ever took or one of the best memory you will ever have. Imagine you badly want to go out on a vacation but your best friend cancels the plan at the last moment. Your packing, the leave you took from your boss everything turns out to be waste. It is difficult to co ordinate with people these days and plan refreshment. So why not visit the place you want to, by yourself, get out of your routine life and meet some new people. Here is a list of places in India where you would love to travel all alone.


1. Manali

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Enjoy the scenic beauty of nature at an altitude of 2050m. This popular hill station is the ideal location for solo travel in India. Travelers who are seeking for adventure have some interesting options as well. The Beas Kund Trek and Bhrigu Lake Trek are two short and easy treks that commence from Manali and Malana Valley Trek, which is one of the alpine treks in Himachal Pradesh. These are some of the great places to visit for travellers who are heading for a trekking holiday in the Indian Himalayan region.

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2. Rishikesh

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This is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India and is located on the foothills of the Garhwal Himalayan region. It’s well known for white water river rafting in Ganges. It also has opportunity for yoga and meditation which is best done when alone. So looking for some peace? This is your destination.

3. Jaisalmer

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4. Goa

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The party hub of india, Goa would bring in images of trance dance and music, rave parties, shower of exotic liquors, Casinos and mouthful cuisine. Now can this be boring? You also get a bonus of the beach activities.

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5. Kutch

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As a traveler you would love to camp in the wetlands of the Kutch in Gujarat among the endangered animal species. And a visit to the place during the Rann utsav would definitely bring you close to the culture of the locals.

6. Munnar

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Hiking in the Western ghats, in the middle of the rich flora and fauna at an altitude of 1700m is the perfect getaway for a solo traveler. Plus, if you are a wildlife enthusiast you need to know that munnar is home to several endemic and threatened species.

7. Gangtok

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Gangtok at a height of 1,600 meters is another popular hill station in India that attracts large number of solo travellers from all over the world. The place has many Buddhist monasteries and you will get to find a glimpse of the culture of our neighboring state, Nepal. Trekking opportunities like the Green Lake trek and Goecha La Trek simply excite you to participate in a group.

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