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12 Reasons Why Bali Is A Perfect Honeymoon Destination


There is nothing quite like being newlyweds. If you are planning a honeymoon, anniversary vacation or a long weekend getaway, but you sit and sulk, because there ain’t no money, my friend, don’t fret. While the world is heading to Europe or some other money-making destinations, why don’t you explore beautiful landscapes equally breathtaking to Europe? You don’t have to burn a hole in your pockets to have the time of your honeymoon vacation. With seclusion, tranquility, sultry nights tempered by cool ocean breezes, Bali and honeymoon amplify one another. The Bali island didn’t invent the honeymoon but has perfected the concept. The Island is ranked as one of the most romantic places on earth for a good reason, and, really, why wouldn’t it? This magical misty island is synonymous with luxury, scenery, romance, happiness and cozy pubs filled with songs and stories. It is the perfect combination of raw nature and a luxurious lifestyle. This island has fabulous nightlife scenes, glossy villas, picturesque beaches, and the total vibe are lavish and magical. With exquisite restaurants, picture-perfect resort towns, and a romantic backdrop for your honeymoon, Bali also offers pampering and indulgent luxury spa and private luxury villa. There’s nowhere quite like Bali, where the air seems to be filled with reggae-flavored romance. Sounds fabulous, right?12 Reasons Why Bali Is A Perfect Honeymoon Destination

So go ahead, pack your bags, pick up your camera and make some memories for a romantic honeymoon. We have put together for you 10 reasons why you should definitely pay a visit to Bali. We promise you, Bali is like a fairytale.

1. Meet the Dolphins at Lovina Beach

12 Reasons Why Bali Is A Perfect Honeymoon Destination-1 What could be more romantic than watching dolphins with your partner? Take a little romance and countryside living with your partner at Lovina Beach. It is a very famous beach located in the north part of Bali. You can enjoy early morning dolphin show here and believe us, there is nothing that can be compared to the feeling of watching a school of dolphins together complimented by the most amazing sunrise. Just make it there at the break of the dawn, possibly at 5 in the morning to add the beauty of sunrise with the playful dolphins. Other than watching this mesmerizing view, you can also enjoy your breakfast at the beach while listening to live music.

2. Live life on the edge at One Eighty Cliffside Infinity Pool

12 Reasons Why Bali Is A Perfect Honeymoon Destination-2 Floating in mid-air with the sweeping waves crashing beneath you. Sounds exciting, isn’t it? These dramatic 180-degree ocean views extend all the way to your rooms. Isn’t it simply therapeutic to sip a cocktail while gazing out at the endless deep blue vistas ahead? You will come with a private plunge pool and personalized butler service, so you will be pampered from head to toe. The outdoor area is surrounded by a fence made up of lush tropical plants to ensure privacy for couples. Perfect for those looking for a water villa honeymoon on the modest budget.

To make most of the luxurious honeymoon that Bali can serve you, check this out.

3. Climb the Mount Batur Volcano - Sunrise Trekking Tour With Breakfast

12 Reasons Why Bali Is A Perfect Honeymoon Destination-3 Why take the easy way out? Beat the crowd, get your boots dirty, and work on those thigh muscles by trekking Mount Batur Volcano! The magical Island of Bali offers not just a relaxing tropical paradise, but also an opportunity for a unique trekking experience. Your sweetheart by your side, a drizzle, some chai with hot snacks, and a long trek - what else do you need to make it a perfect evening? Once up top, pat yourself on the back and wait for the stunning sunrise over the Mount Batur Volcano. The glimpse of first sunrise with your beloved one is surely a moment of lifetime.

If trekking sounds like your thing and you are in a mood to have an offbeat honeymoon experience, trekking your way to the heart of your better half, check out the best treks that Bali offer

4. Visit The Beautiful Temples

12 Reasons Why Bali Is A Perfect Honeymoon Destination-4 Spirituality is one of the central vibes of Bali so it comes as no surprise that the island is dotted with the most eye-opening temples. This destination has up to 10,000 temples and shrines (all worth visiting). Some of these temples also have beautiful sunset views from their location. In Indonesian language, temples in Bali are called “Pura”, so these are what you will be looking for. Each Pura has its own story to tell which you will only be able to know once you visit these temples. The picturesque setting of the temple with the perfect backdrop is haven for anyone who strives for peace and tranquility. Plunge deep into the spiritual balines spirit and witness the balinese culture while visiting one of the most beautiful architectures of the world.

5. Get Free Drinks At Sky Garden

12 Reasons Why Bali Is A Perfect Honeymoon Destination-5 If you are looking forward to enjoying the benefits of a club without having to pay for your cocktails just head to Sky Garden rooftop bar on Jalan Legian. This place is the ultimate cocktail crawl and preserves a sense of charm and credibility. On some days they serve free cocktails from 9-11pm.

Please drink responsibly and remember that the alcohol they use is cheap and not always the good quality (even though they advertise only using imported spirits).

6. Eye-Catching Villas & Resorts Make A Splash In Bali

12 Reasons Why Bali Is A Perfect Honeymoon Destination-6 30-minute welcome massage, breakfast and afternoon tea served in your own villa? Who wouldn't want that right away? Water villas and honeymoon go perfectly together, and many couple dream of staying in one during their unforgettable trip of their lifetime. The Bali Island surely offers a deliciously large number of luxurious paradise resorts with panoramic view. The Bali has over 50 different private-island resorts that feature villas hotels with the private pool. These places also have stylish sunbeds and infinity pools which stretch out to one or the other beach. Bali hotels are the perfect place to come if you value your privacy. Words can't do it justice, but a picture might.

7. Bali Has The Perfect Climate

12 Reasons Why Bali Is A Perfect Honeymoon Destination-7 Planning an entire honeymoon beneath the breathtaking endlessly long, deserted beaches and tropical spa together. Bali honeymoon is a nature lover's nirvana. Depending on what time of year you choose to take your honeymoon, there is no bad season in Bali. Any time of year is a pleasant time to explore Bali's wonders.However, any time of year is unbelievably beautiful and perfect for honeymooners who want to feel as on top of the world as they are. Glossy and glamorous, yet arty and cool, Bali is the perfect storm of styles for an unforgettable honeymoon in winter.

8. Gili Island: An Imperfect Island Retreat

12 Reasons Why Bali Is A Perfect Honeymoon Destination-8 It is difficult to think of Bali beyond its beaches. But the rewards of doing so are far and wide. The Island of the Gods demands more exploration. Located in the Pacific rim of fire, the Gili are three little paradise islands better known as Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, and Gili Air. These tinny little islands are located just north of East Bali. And is sure to get you and your partner excited. This exquisite accommodation has been designed to help couples reconnect and fall in love all over again, making it the ideal escape for romantic getaways and special celebrations such as anniversaries and honeymoons. Visit the Gili Islands and feel the salt in your veins, the sand in your heart, smell the sea, feel the sky, let your soul and spirit fly!

Discover the magic of Gili in depth here.

9. Pamper Yourself At The Beautiful Beaches of Bali

12 Reasons Why Bali Is A Perfect Honeymoon Destination-9 If you think Bali is only calm, serene and tranquil, you’re in for a kickass surprise! Parties here are the wildest they can ever get. There is no combination like that of the beach and the sunshine. It is always wise to hit a cool, beachy destination in the summer and soak up the sun. Bali offers this delight to tourists and is a perfect getaway destination. It offers a variety of accommodation options depending on your budget, so there is something for everyone. Dreamland beach, canguu beach, padang padang beach, pasir putah(white sand beach), suluban beach, jimabran bay are some of the most pristine beaches of Bali.

Get more insight into the best beaches of Bali that HAVE to be on your bucketlist.

10. Have A Date Night In Local Ways

12 Reasons Why Bali Is A Perfect Honeymoon Destination-10 With an exclusive wine list, a tasty menu, and the spires of one of Bali's most romantic cities on the background, the award-winning date nights here are truly a bliss. During your travels in Bali, you might witness the local lovebirds going on dates the ‘Indonesian way’. If you follow their footsteps, you will probably end up on the famous Double-Six beach in Seminyak to have a late afternoon Bakso ( noodles and vegetables) until sunset. Located near the big Badung market, Puputan Square is where lovers hang around the Catur Muka statue and lay on the grass. In Lapangan Niti Mandala Park. Other popular destinations for Balinese couples are the city parks in Denpasar: Puputan and Lapangan Niti Mandala.

11. Shopping therapy in Bali

12 Reasons Why Bali Is A Perfect Honeymoon Destination-11 If happiness is a goal - and it should be, then shopping should be a priority. Wouldn't you agree? Give your sweetheart the surprise of his/her life when you visit Bali. Bali is a shopaholic’s wonderland with trendy stores, massage parlors, money changers 24*7 and multi-cuisine food joints. Yes, this ‘foreign’ land compels you to explore much of its local street culture. A narrow road comprising of vendors with stall-cum-shops selling all kinds of things from sunglasses and bikinis to the DVDs of your favorite movies, high end designer boutiques from leather bags and boots to paintings, and a lot more. Bali shopping street knows the best to spend some serious cash! Wouldn't you agree?

12. World Class Diving

12 Reasons Why Bali Is A Perfect Honeymoon Destination-12 Nowhere else in the world will you find diving like the one done in Bali. Done in the coral triangle, an area of the Pacific Ocean, you will encounter 76 percent of all the world’s known coral species and up to 2000 species of reef fish. It’s time to take out that gorgeous swimming costume and go for a diving hour, only and only in Bali. Bali is the go-to place if you live for adventure and the adrenaline rush that it gives you. Bali has a number of activities to offer to the tourists like cycling, free diving, snorkeling, kayaking and off-road adventures like ATV. Sounds pretty exciting, right?

Over a glass of fine wine and with nature's choicest bounty surrounding you, Bali will make you fall in love with each other once again. When the backdrop is this magical, there's little doubt that your Bali honeymoon will be one of your best memories ever.
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