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Places to visit in Dalhousie


Nestled in Himalayan Dhauladhar Range, Dalhousie is one of the most beautiful and scenic hill stations in India. Spanning over an area of 14 sq km with the snow-capped mountains at the backdrop, Dalhousie has mesmerized visitors for a long time. It is located at a distance of 560Km from Delhi and at a driving distance of 356Km from Shimla. The town is dotted with Victorian-style and Scottish colonial buildings to add to the charm of this hill beauty. The quaint Ravi river, which flows along the town adds an extra charm to this town in Himachal Pradesh. Famed for its splendid beauty and salubrious climate, Dalhousie is the perfect place for those who are looking for a break from the hectic life can come to this lively place.


Places to visit in Dalhousie-1 Located about 24 km from Dalhousie, Khajjiar is considered as mini Switzerland, with green meadows surrounded by stands of tall pine.The place has a small lake which is one of the popular tourist spots in town. Moreover, Khajjiar lake is one of the best places for an idyllic break where one can buy the usual snacks, take photographs in costumes, and experience adventure sports like horse riding, paragliding, trekking and zorbing. Isn’t that great?

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Tibetan Handicraft Centre

Places to visit in Dalhousie-2 If you are one of the shopping buffs who is looking to buy some traditional artifacts or decorative materials for home, the Tibetan Handicraft Center is the perfect place for you. Teeming with street-side vendors and small shops, the market may seem unpretentious on the outside but are full of interesting and exotic items from Tibet. Located at a mere distance of 2 kilometers from Dalhousie, the Center can be reached by cabs, buses or on foot.

Feel the high at Dainkund Peak

Places to visit in Dalhousie-3 About 10 km from Dalhousie, Dainkund peak is known for its phenomenal valley views. At 2,755 meters, the highest point is best hiked to, and the view includes a sight of a river confluence. It receives the maximum snowfall during the winter season. This place is popular for its beautiful flower valleys which looks jaw dropping during the rainy season. People come here for trekking and to experience calm and peace. Pholani devi temple is one of the most visited location here. Also called Singing Hill, this magical place is one of the best places in the hill town to feel the chilly breeze and listen to the natural music which will not only soothe your ears but your soul too.

Gandhi Chowk market

Places to visit in Dalhousie-4 Want to peep into the culture and habits of this heavenly abode? You should definitely head to Gandhi Chowk. It is situated just at a distance of 15 minutes from the central bus station, this place is jam-packed with locals as well as tourists who come not only to shop but also to relax, chill out and eat. One can find anything whether it is clothes, jewelry, woolens or handicrafts. There are many bistros and shops here to get refreshed and relaxed.

Chamunda Devi Temple

Places to visit in Dalhousie-5 Located on the banks of the stunning Baner river, it is one of the most famous temples of the region and is believed to be 750 years old. Blessed with beautiful sights of the mountains, the Chamunda Devi Temple is dedicated to Goddess Kali. This is one of the most crowded places in Dalhousie, as a lot of people go there to offer their prayers. Visit this divine temple and you might seek what you have been looking for!

St. John’s Church

Places to visit in Dalhousie-6 Being the first religious site to be built in Dalhousie, St. John’s Church takes you back to the Victorian era with its beautiful architecture and serene surrounding. The church is made of wood and brick which makes it more prominent.Library adjoining the Church gives one a vivid historical description. It is at a 2 kilometer distance from the main bus stand of Dalhousie. Light some candles and ask whatever you desire at this holy place.



Places to visit in Dalhousie-7 With alpine forests and towering snow-capped Himalayas, this place is one of the most preferred locations for paragliding. Feel the wind singing in your ears as you are flying in the sky. How fascinating would it feel to fly in the majestic mountains and vivacious valleys! If the imagination of doing it thrills you, how would it feel doing it? You know the answer very well!

Rock climbing

Places to visit in Dalhousie-8 The perfect test of strength, concentration, and coordination as well as skill and technique, Rock climbing is the best to fuel the adventure lust. Dalhousie is a perfect location for rock climbing and mountaineering vacations in Himachal Pradesh. The rough terrain, greenery, and adequate weather all make the adventure experience a lifelong cherishable moment.

Chamera Lake

Places to visit in Dalhousie-9

Chamera lake is an exquisite artificial reservoir surrounded by pine trees and lush green valleys. It is formed by the Chamera Dam and is 25 kilometer from Dalhousie in the Chamba district. The lake can be easily accessed by Chamba Pathankot highway. The lake is the prime source of water for the villagers to support their irrigation and is fed by the river Ravi. It makes a perfect getaway with family, friends and loved ones to spend a perfect day or have a picnic. Water sports activities like fishing and boating are the magnets of tourists in this popular spot in Himachal Pradesh.

Kalatop Khajjiar Sanctuary

Places to visit in Dalhousie-10

Thick deodar forest, snowcapped mountains, streams of glistening freshwater and studded wildlife defines the Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary. It is situated in the scenic hills of Chambal district and is few kilometers away from the Chamera Lake. The place is rich in flora and fauna. The well laid out hiking trails lead to the untouched and pristine beauty of the forests. It is a nature and adventure lover's paradise with snowcapped mountains and lush forests everywhere.Himalayan black bear, Himalayan black marten, mountain cats, leopard, jackal and langur Himalayan Monal, Eurasian jay, Asian koala, khalij pheasant etc

Satdhara Falls

Places to visit in Dalhousie-11

What would be more beautiful than seven waterfalls making their way through mountains and cliffs and flows from a height of 2000 meters. Its scenic beauty and serene ambience makes it the most popular sight seeing attractions. It is situated in Dalhousie district on the way to Panchpulla. This waterfall contains mica, which has great therapeutic and medicinal properties that are able to cure many diseases. People walk to this mesmerizing waterfall and take a dip in the crystal clear water of the fall. The peace and tranquility here is hard to find. One can reach here by bus or car but the best options trekking.

Ganji Pahari

Places to visit in Dalhousie-12

A place as interesting as its name. Ganji Pahari is a small hill on Pathankot road in Dalhousie. This hill got its name Ganji, which means bald, has no trees on the peak of the hill. A walk to this hill is one of the most popular nature walks in Dalhousie. It is famous for its mesmerizing views of the hills and valleys from and during the walk.It is a trek of nearly 1 kilometer from Panchpulla and trekking enthusiasts can start from Dalhousie. The place can be visited throughout the year and there is pleasant weather and mesmerizing snow covered pathways during winters.

Rock Garden

Places to visit in Dalhousie-13

Rock Garden is a place filled with natural water resources and rocks, and is on the way between Chamba and Dalhousie. The place is not crowded and serenity lies there in every corner, it is a good place to relax and spend some alone time.

Subhash Baoli

Places to visit in Dalhousie-14

It is a spring believed to be cured the ill health of the great freedom fighter Subhash Chandra Bose. It is named after him to give tribute to him. This place is good for short picnics and a fascinating view of a waterfall there. Located 1 km away from Gandhi Chowk, this tribute to the leader is an ideal spot for picnics and evening strolls. Situated near these springs is a beautiful waterfall which flows into a glacial stream. You can also visit the Subhash Chowk market area for handicrafts shopping.


Places to visit in Dalhousie-15

Panchpulla means five bridges. It is a waterfall where five streams meet. These streams originate from the Dain Kund. The main stream supplies its water to the houses on Dalhousie. These streams at Panchpulla make up a scenic view. Panchpulla is known for its flawless beauty and gushing streams, for which people gather here. Activities like trekking, boating and camping are popular here. It is one of the best picnic spots and tourist places. People can enjoy tea and snacks provided by stalls and restaurant nearby. The best time to visit Pancpulla is during monsoons and summers. Panch pulla is 3.5 kilometers from Gandhi chowk, Dalhousie. The easy way to get here is by taking a bus or a cab. It is preferred to go on foot to enjoy the beautiful surroundings on the way.

Rang Mahal

Places to visit in Dalhousie-16

The speciality of Rang Mahal is the British and Mughal influence in its architecture and it is one of the last few historical structures in India having such roots. It is one of the few places in Dalhousie having such historical links. The walls are adorned with lively paintings of Lord Krishna depicting his life and it attracts flock of tourists every year. This place is swarmed by History freaks and art lovers.

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