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Top 10 Mysterious Places in India


We all love a little dose of mystery. I mean don’t you love listening to stories about crop circles, the Bermuda Triangle or the biggest conspiracy theories? It’s not necessary that only haunting and ghost stories that spark the curiosity of our minds. Sometimes it’s some inexplicable phenomenon or sighting or belief that also leaves us baffled and at a loss of words. Here’s a list of some mysterious things that happen in certain places in India that are surely going to leave you pondering over them.

1.The Village of Twins, Kodinhi, Kerala

Top 10 Mysterious Places in India-1 A village in the God’s own country is famous a unique occurrence over the past decades. Also known as the Village of Twins, Kodinhi in Mallapuram will not fail to amaze you once you set foot here. The village is known for its high twinning rate. Every family has witnessed multiple births here. It is presumed that the village has a population of approximately 220 sets of twins and 3 triplets. Given the fact that India has the lowest twinning rate in India, Kodinhi becomes an exception and a mystery at the same time. Researchers from the around the world have tried to unravel the mystery behind such a high rate of twin births in this region but haven’t been able to decipher the mystery satisfactorily on biological, genetic, geographical or climatic levels as yet.

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2.The Levitating Stone, Shivapur, Maharashtra.

Top 10 Mysterious Places in India-2 Shivapur is a village near Pune in Maharashtra. It is famous for the shrine of Qamar Ali Darvesh. Qamar Ali Darvesh was a wise and compassionate saint who resided in this area and is known for his tolerant beliefs and emphasising that knowledge is much greater an asset than mere muscular strength. It is believed that he was a highly knowledgeable man but frail in his physical appearance and therefore mocked by the people who boasted their physical strength. Before he died he requested a round stone weighing approximately 200 lbs be placed beside his tomb. According to legends, he envisaged that if 11 men place their index fingers on the stone and recite his name in unison it will cause the stone to float in the air. Well, there can be many scientific explanations to this phenomenon if studied in detail yet to an onlooker for the first time this looks nothing less than a mystery.

3.The legend of Baba Harbhajan Singh, Nathu La, Sikkim.

Top 10 Mysterious Places in India-3 Baba Harbhajan Singh served in the Indian Army and was posted in Sikkim with the regiment 18 Rajput. It was here that he met his untimely death during the Indo-China war by drowning in a glacier. His body was found after three days and then cremated with full honours. The legend has it that upon his death he appeared in the dreams of the Indian Army personnel and guided them against any looming attacks from the Chinese front. It is still believed that his soul guards the Indo-China Border. A shrine has been built to commemorate him at this place in Nathu La in Sikkim and the locals and the army men believe in his existence and worship him. The jawans residing here believe that he is still present as a spirit who guides them and protects them in the harsh climate as well against threats from the Chinese Border. The shrine has a complete room dedicated to him with his clothes, boots and other belonging and it is believed that he resides in this room. Nathu La has been drawing many inquisitive travellers to it due to this place that still remains shrouded in mystery.

4.The Magnetic Hill, Ladakh

Top 10 Mysterious Places in India-4 The Magnetic Hill remains one of the most amusing places in India till date. The Magnetic Hill is where it is believed that despite leaving your vehicle’s ignition off, it appears to be climbing uphill. What previously was assumed to be a consequence of the magnetic field of the region was later discovered to be a mere optical illusion. The landscape in this region is as such that the roads look winding uphill but in reality, there’s an evident slope in them and the vehicles slip on it like it would on any regular downhill road.

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5.Roopkund Lake, Uttrakhand.

Top 10 Mysterious Places in India-5 Also known as the Lake of Skeletons, the Roopkund Lake located at an altitude of 5,029 meters is a hotspot of mysteries. The Lake apparently has a heap of skeletons buried at the bottom of the lake and is visible only once the snow melts. Local legends believe that the King of Kannauj was headed for a pilgrimage to the Nanda Devi along with the queen and a group of other people when they met with a sudden hailstorm and drowned in the lake. However, genetic examination of the samples from the lake direct to the fact that the people who drowned in the lake could have been from Iran.

6.The legend of Bullet Baba, Bandai, Rajasthan.

Top 10 Mysterious Places in India-6 Bandai in Rajasthan is famous for an unexplainable belief among the locals. Om Singh Banna, a native of the region was riding a motorcycle on the Pali-Jodhpur Highway when he met with a fatal accident and succumbed to his injuries back in 1992. The next day the Police took his motorcycle to the nearest Police Station only to discover that it had disappeared the following morning and was found at the same spot of the accident as the day before. The police kept repeating the exercise for quite some time only to be amused by its ability to go back to the accident spot by itself. The locals perceived this as no less than a miracle and built a temple around the bike and since then it has been worshiped as any other God or Goddess in the region. It is believed that the spirit of Om Banna still helps anguished travelers traversing through this particular highway till date.

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7.The mass suicide of birds in Jatinga, Assam

Top 10 Mysterious Places in India-7 Jatinga in Assam remains a mystery till date due to a forlorn phenomenon that occurs every year. During the monsoon months thousands of migratory birds flock to Jatinga every year only to commit suicide by crashing into trees, poles, buildings etc. A scientific explanation could be the thick fog that surrounds the area during this time leaves the birds confused with inadequate visibility and also the high velocity of the winds blowing this time of the year cause them to lose their balance while flying. As a result, the dazed birds fly towards light in search of shelter and end up hurting or killing themselves by crashing against trees etc.

8.The Visa God, Chilkur, Hyderabad

Top 10 Mysterious Places in India-8 Well, it happens only in India. Chilkur near Hyderabad is known for this particular temple dedicated to Lord Balaji who apparently grants visas to troubled Indians awaiting their visa. Many Indians can be seen visiting this temple primarily to seek Lord Balaji’s blessing for a swift visa processing. And the most intriguing part is the fact that it has a hundred percent success rate. It still leaves people amazed as there is no possible logical explanation to this.

9.Karni Mata Temple, Deshnoke.

Top 10 Mysterious Places in India-9 This temple is famous for being infested with rats. Yes, you read that right. Located at a distance of 30 km from Bikaner, Rajasthan, Karni Mata Temple in Deshnoke has fascinated many travellers for long. The rats are considered sacred and live within the temple premises feeding on the offerings given by the worshippers. It is believed that Goddess Karni Mata turned a troop of soldiers into rats when they abandoned a battle and fled for their lives. Since then these rats have been residing here and have been considered sacred by the pilgrims. The larger population of these rats are black in colour and spotting a white one is considered auspicious because they are believed to be the manifestation of Karni Mata herself. What is mysterious about this temple is the fact that despite being infested by rats there hasn’t been a single case of an epidemic related to rats reported here.

10.The Hanging Pillar of Lepakshi, Andhra Pradesh

Top 10 Mysterious Places in India-10 Lepakshi, a small village in Andhra Pradesh is known for its richness of architectural masterpieces. Among the numerous such masterpieces is the Hanging Pillar of Lepakshi. The Veerbhadra Temple here is home to 70 odd pillars out of which there is one pillar that looks suspended from the ceiling. The foot of this pillar doesn’t touch the ground and people can be seen passing pieces of cloth or paper under it to enjoy the amusement all the more. This pillar is a testimony to the brilliant architectural finesse possessed by the craftsmen of that era.

These surely do leave us amazed. I shall have my next travel destinations based on some of these locations for sure. Have you been to any such mysterious places or know of some more?

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