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Must Visit Places In India For A Bibliophile

Traveling and reading are synonymous to each other. Only a traveler can tell you the simple pleasure that is derived from sitting by a beach, sipping coffee and reading a novel whilst watching the sunset. If you replace the beach with snow clad mountains, the experience will still be the same. Here are a few places across India that one can visit to satisfy their inner bookworm. So when you are traveling to these place you know where to find your favorite books!

Fort 'Street' Market, Mumbai

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Fort is a business district in Mumbai and is famous as the heart of the city. Fort is the area where the students, commuter and tourists try their hands  on finding their favorite second hand books. One can find a series of old bookshops, arranged randomly at different places, selling large collections of old books spread on mattresses. Lately with Municipal Corportation turning heat on hawkers you might find stalls turned into stores, but hey the variety of books available here can never go down.

The Fort and other nearby areas are so popular among Mumbai’s book lovers that they attract them from faraway corners of the city just to find a cheap deal.

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Sunday Book Market, Daryaganj

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A rickshaw ride on a Sunday afternoon through the crowded market of old Delhi will take you to its famous Sunday book market in Daryaganj. This place is popular for all kinds of book lovers for the fact that on a given Sunday, the small pavements of Daryaganj are so crowded that it becomes difficult to walk through it.

One of the attractions over here is the concept of books being sold in 'kg'. You can find the entire series of Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and even 50 Shades of Grey in price per kg and walk away as a collector. You should definitely spare a sunday for the book shopping at Daryaganj as you might get a mind blowing PRICE.

College Street, Kolkata


Kolkata is known for its 'book-loving' folks. Writing and reading are submerged in the Bengali culture. College Street, perched right in the central Kolkata is a 1.5 Km long street cluttered with small and big bookstores selling secondhand books. Be it old Bengali magazines or vintage novels, a little digging through the market is all that is required to get hands on your favorite books. All the state crowd gathers here to get their books so you should definitely pay a visit here when in the city. You can make your experience all the more pleasant by sipping coffee at the 'Indian Coffee House' right there at college street with your favorite novel in hand!

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Shop-Hopping, Bengaluru

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Bangaloreans love their books like they love their pubs and weather. While Avenue road is one of the better-known places in Bangalore for every book lover, one can not miss the classic bookstores located on MG Road. 'Blossom' bookstore and 'Magazine' stores are two of the well-known places in the heart of Church Street where one can find really good deals on International Magazines, Comic Books, and International Bestsellers as well.

Aminabad- Lucknow


Lanes of Aminabad are known for Kebabs and old book shops. You can find classics by Premchand and Ramdhari Singh Dinkar in the pile of old books along with other classics. As they say, 'God helps those who help themselves'; So all you need is a closer look in the heap of books lying in these shops and help yourselves because the shopkeeper will NOT come to help you.

Anjuna Flea Market, Goa


As said earlier there is no pleasure like reading the book by the beach. For those who hate carrying books in their luggage, you will have no problem in finding one at India's hot beach destination. Book lovers desperately wait for Anjuna Flea Market every Wednesday to satisfy the hungry bookworm inside them. Go beyond the cliched things to do in Goa and grab a copy of the classics here at pocket-friendly rates.

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