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Meteor Shower in Kashmir

In 2012, me and my friend Arunesh headed to Kashmir to explore the valley on 2 wheels - geared up with Helmets and regular biking stuff we were quick to catch attention to the tourism craving regions of the valley - we avoided the major tourist centres and to places we had rather not heard off. We never had to find a place to sleep the locals invited us into their houses. We had no phones no access to network and no TV - we didn't know about what a meteor shower might have looked like. Yusuf and Naseer were our hosts for the past couple of nights as they obliged to show us some of the craziest trekking routes and mountain lakes. The rule of the house was you can't go out once Samsher(The watchdog) is let loose - Gujjars (the sheep herders) have to protect there flock for which they keep trained dogs - Shabeer the hosts son helped us sneak out that night and we were sitting by the stream when suddenly I looked up at the sky and saw a shooting star something I seldom see - cliche but I did close my eyes and whimper a wish - Arunesh was quick to make his.  Soon we both are pointing out shooting stars and it was just the most lively thing we could see - even Samsher was quite that night watching this amazing phenomena. It was the 13th August 2012 which was predicted by NASA as the day, " The Biggest Meteor Shower day of the year" (which we came to know on the 23rd Aug) and we were lucky to be at a place with no glare and apparently out as we usually slept early to wake up early and explore.

We accidentally did have this experience but we realize that  the city’s lights were just too bright, even in the deepest, darkest parts of the towns/cities. This was the first time I realized the extent of light pollution we are living with.

Cities being overlit may never have been regarded as a big deal to you, but let’s put it this way: Urban dwellers line in an area that is considered light-polluted, that means that all these people never get to see a meteor shower, the Milky Way, or simply a star-filled sky. How sad is that?

We don't have any picture of the shower as we were on a cycling trip with no cameras, no smart phones, just a GoPro Hero 2 which was not able to capture the meteors falling but who cares?

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