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Journey to Bali - My Dream Destination


I am more of a mountain person but I did want to give myself a chance to fall in love with beaches. Just when a friend of mine convinced me to go to Bali, I booked my tickets and here I was.

Journey to Bali - My Dream Destination-1 Bali seemed to come out of a scenery on canvas with perfect blues, greens and white. Sitting on a beach and watching the clear water was a meditation in itself. I think one must definitely come here once to escape their daily chaos.

Water Adventure

Given Bali is majorly about beaches, I wanted to push my adrenaline and indulge in water sports. You will come across these activities on almost all the beaches but my pick was Tanjung Benoa which offers a variety of water sports. May it be surfing, snorkeling, scuba diving, parasailing, flying fish, banana boating or marine walk; I chose Flying Fish and Scuba Diving. But those who wish to try surfing, should definitely go to Kuta, it is considered the oldest and fondest beach for surfing.

Flying Fish was a really fun experience. It is a modified version of parasailing. You lie down and hold yourself on a flat tube boat, tied to another motor boat. And as it speeds up, you are up in the air and can probably take a dive into the sea! I took one too.

Journey to Bali - My Dream Destination-2 Next day, I signed up for Scuba diving. With basic briefing initially, we all were pepped up in the suit with our mask and cylinder and were guided by our instructor into the deep sea. I think it was the best experience of my life being underwater, in complete silence, among the unique types of fishes I have ever seen and the colorful corals around me just made my day. I had heard that Bali belongs to the coral triangle and has some of the best coral buildings but it was until now I realized what treasure it really is. If I could, I would come back to this again and again.

Journey to Bali - My Dream Destination-3 I wanted to make most of my trip and when I heard about Waterbom - one of the Asia's largest water park, I didn't want to miss it for anything. Waterbom is a world in itself. It has got some really long and daring rides and flow riding but the most infamous and thrilling one was the ''climax''. You stand in a capsule with a transparent sheet in front. With a pull of a lever, the floor detaches and you dive down into the waters in 7 seconds at 70kmph! Yes, it's worth your while.

Sight Seeing

Now that I was done doing adventure, I wanted to go to places beyond beaches. There are many sight seeing options available in and around Bali. One can go to temples, lakes, forest parks, take day tours and indulge in therapeutic spas. I wanted to do a little of everything.

Journey to Bali - My Dream Destination-4 First, I visited Ulun Danu Beratan Temple also known as ''Pura Bratan'' in the highlands of Bali. This temple with unique architecture is built on the banks of Berakun lake, when the water level rises and covers the area around the temple, it makes it look like a floating temple. To add to this beauty, the temple is surrounded by scenic mountains giving it a perfect picturesque look. If you are left with some time, do sit on the pavement and enjoy the cold evening breeze.

My next stop was Goa Gajah. This elephant cave temple has its own interesting architecture which includes quirky sculptures of animals and humans and fancy water fountains. It was interesting to find that this temple was actually a Buddhist temple which has now become a heritage site.

Hiking around Volcano!

There is another interesting part of Bali - the active volcanoes! It is not scary as it sounds. They haven't exploded in years and hope that they don't at all. To make our experience more thrilling, many tour companies and private guides offer assistance for hiking in those mountains. I was recommended to take a hike in Mount Batur, so I signed up with an agency and I was accommodated in a group of 10. If you want, you can book yourself a guide in advance, most likely, someone at your hotel/stay will be able to inform you and get the bookings done.

Journey to Bali - My Dream Destination-5

Source: http://www.satyabalitrekking.com

We started our trek as early as 4 am in the morning so that we could see the sunrise from the top. No, it is not one of that road less traveled, there were many people on the route but it doesn't take away the serenity of the trail and innocence of the early morning sky. It took us roughly 2 hours to reach the top and the radiant orange sun rose from the horizon to welcome us. It was quiet, windy and peaceful at the top. While most of the people took out their cameras and started shooting, I sat there with some water and gazed at this beauty.

I trekked down with my new friends, had a typical Balinese breakfast of rice and fresh vegetables and left for my second destination of the day - Ubud Monkey Forest. It is also not just a park but has a temple inside. This place has more than 700 monkeys and a great variety of plants and trees. I took a walk for a while but couldn't resist playing with notorious monkeys. Not only they eat bananas that you offer them, they also pose for you! No matter how friendly they seem, just be mindful that they are still wild animals and a safe distance should be maintained. I would advise that you take as less thing as possible since most of them can be snatched away!

Journey to Bali - My Dream Destination-6 Source: https://erasmusu.com

As I said that I wanted my trip to be a blend of everything, I traveled to Gili Islands which is actually a group of three private islands - Nanggu, Sudak and Kedis at the coast of Lombok. People call it island hopping since you can wander from one island to another. These three mini islets are surrounded with crystal white sand laced with clear blue water are home to numerous vibrant fishes and sea creatures. Each island has its own uniqueness. One named 'Gili T' is more cosmopolitan with the vibrant party and bar space while Gili Air has little of both pop and peace. My favorite was Gili Meno, the smallest and the most serene island of all.

And now that I am talking about peace and serenity, it reminds me of my tour among Dolphins in Lovina Beach, which I later realized is famous too. It was almost sunset and there were many boats in the ocean and I was simply amazed to find so many dolphins around. I think early morning tour would be a better option - more dolphins, lesser boats.


Bali is also known for its delicious cuisines and dine-ins. One can plan an entire trip with just tasting food from different eateries, there are so many of them here.With a little internet surfing and after asking people around, I finally shortlisted a few 'must to go' restaurants which everyone definitely should go to.

I was told that 'Lawar' is a favorite cuisine in Bali and the best place to have it would be Pantai Segara in Sanur and indeed it was. Lawar is crunchy and is a mix of vegetables, coconut and minced meat, cooked in the variety of herbs and spices. Oh and I cannot describe how luring its aroma was.

Journey to Bali - My Dream Destination-7 Source: http://resepkoki.co/bebek-betutu-bali/

My next best experience was at Bumbu Bali with Bebek Betutu. I had to especially place its order a day before that's how long it takes to cook this dish. It is a slow cooked duck stuffed with eggs, herbs and various other ingredients and trust me, it's worth your wait.

And how can you miss fish if you are in Bali, so my pick was Ikan Bakar at Ikan Bakar Cianjur. It is a plain and simple grilled fish garnished vegetables and soy and chilli sauce is a must-must try in Bali!

There is some great street food in Bali and some really delicious desserts. Of course, I couldn't try all of them but grab as much as you can while you're there.

Sit back and relax

Though moving around Bali and engaging in multiple activities is fun but it is also very tiring, especially after hiking and water sports. It gave me a reason to fulfill my dream of having a luxury spa in a coastal country. Although it was not planned but I didn't want to miss it while I was there. How sad it would have been had I missed an amazing spa in this amazing city.

So after evaluating some options, I finally booked an appointment at Royal Kirana Spa which is a typical Japanese spa owned by a famous Japanese beauty company Shiseido. Set amidst valleys, the spa itself is no less than a beautiful garden. Out of the exotic spa menu, I opted for ''Aromatic Hibiscus Massage'' which completely relaxed my body muscles. They used traditional hibiscus oil combined with their skills of massage and acupressure which certainly relaxed my mind and body.

When I came back to my hotel, I was told about yet another spa treatment where I will be wrapped in chocolate and cocoa butter. Honestly, I couldn't resist but take myself there a couple of evenings later and purchased this service. This particular ''Chocolate Treatment'' at Fivelements, Puri Ahimsa is quite famous. It was only after I indulged myself in that rich chocolate wrap, I could understand why.

Journey to Bali - My Dream Destination-8

Source: http://www.authentichotels.com

There are some other really cool and extravagant spa treatments but unfortunately my time and budget could only permit this.

Needless to say, my stay here was exhilarating and I am so grateful that I took this chance. Bali is everything that one can dream of! From backpackers to luxury travelers, they both will find their heaven here in different ways.

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