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Foreign Places in India


When it comes to beauty, India is no less than foreign countries. Which is why there are a number of places in India with foreign nicknames. Their beauty truly defines why they are named so! Have a look at these places in India with foreign aliased to have a foreigner’s feel right here in India itself.

11. Manchester of India- Ahmedabad

Foreign Places in India-1 Ahmedabad is referred to as Manchester of India for its similarity with the cotton textile industry with Manchester city of London. Manchester is famous around the globe as a hub of cotton textile industry, it has the right temperature and water which is suitable for spinning fine thread. Ahmedabad with the warm climate throughout the year and having been situated on the banks of river Sabarmati is the cotton producer of India. Hence, it is given a foreign sobriquet of Manchester of India.

10. Detroit of Asia- Chennai

Foreign Places in India-2 Detroit is the largest city in the midwestern state of Michigan. The city is known as the world’s traditional automotive center. Coming to our own Detroit of India, Chennai also caters a supporting infrastructure of many automobile companies. It has 113 national parks which attract the companies from around the world to set up their plant right here in Chennai, other than any part of Asia. The foreign name of Detroit is also given to the city for the high amount of export it carries through its ports. Being a hub of industries Chennai accounts for up to 60% of the country’s automotive export, reason why it is called Detroit of Asia.

9. Scotland of India- Coorg

Foreign Places in India-3 Coorg is rightly known as the Scotland of India. Nestled in the emerald green hills of South, the lush green forests, and picturesque landscapes truly give a feel of Scotland. The waterfalls and the sprawling tea plantations remain the most popular places of the city. And the breathtaking scenery of Raja’s seat in Madikeri clearly looks like mountains of Scotland.

8. Scotland of East- Shillong

Foreign Places in India-4 Shillong is often referred to as Scotland of the east due to its resemblance with the Scottish land. Scotland is known for its hilly landscaped covered in the lush greenery and snow. This is exactly what our very own Scotland has to offer you. It is said that the rolling hills around the town reminded an European settlers of Scotland. Hence, they would also refer to it as the “Scotland of the East”. At an elevation of 4908 feet, the landscapes of Shillong are breathtaking. The hills are often covered in the mist of clouds and the beauty of clean lakes truly matches with that of Scotland.

7. Constantinople of the East-Lucknow

Foreign Places in India-5 Constantinople is the old name of Istanbul. Istanbul is quite famous for its architectural beauty. The city of Nawabs- Lucknow is too adorned with many beautiful monuments and domes. The royalty of the city resembles with the Constantinople giving the city its foreign sobriquet.The famous Rumi Darwaza in Lucknow is thought to be very identical with the gateway of Constantinople. Moreover, in the earlier days, Constantinople was considered as the centre of art, culture, and royalty. So, is our Lucknow which is considered as the city of utmost importance when it comes to art, culture, and royalty.

6. Athens of the East- Madurai

Foreign Places in India-6 Adorned with the rich historic culture, high heritage value, and beautiful architectural buildings, Madurai is commonly termed as Athens of the east. Madurai is a town in Tamil Nadu which is known for its large number of temples. Meenakshi temple being the main attraction of this place attracts tons of tourists around the year.

5. Rome of the East -Mangalore

Foreign Places in India-7 Rome is known for its architecture. The churches, Colosseums with artwork almost unparalleled till date. And so is our very own Mangalore. St. Aloysius Chapel of Mangalore resembles the Basilica in Rome. This chapel has 2 types of paintings – Fresco and Canvas. Rome is known as the city of 7 hills. Mangalore also has a hilly landscape with various hills adorning the city. This is another reason why Mangalore is given a sobriquet of Rome of the east.

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4. Paris of the East- Jaipur

Foreign Places in India-8 The credit for giving Jaipur a foreign sobriquet of Paris of India solely goes to its architectural charm. The charming historical buildings, wide avenues, parks and lively art and craft market make it a Paris look alike. Just like Paris is known as a romantic city, you too can feel the essence of romance in Jaipur in the beauty of palaces and streets. Jaipur will not fail to give you a royal treat of its cuisine too. Just like Paris!

3. Venice of India- Alleppey

Foreign Places in India-9 Alleppey has a foreign name of Venice of India. The reason being the beautiful backwaters of the place which matches exactly with the beauty of Venice. We all know Venice has a place where you have to travel from one place to another in a boat, Alleppey of Kerala will give you a feel of Venice where you can enjoy the ride on the traditional houseboats in the crisscrossing canals of the city.

2. Little Israel of India: Kasol

Foreign Places in India-10 The reason that you would found more Israelis in Kasol than Indians, itself is the reason why Kasol is known as the Little Israel of India. The town is a hot spot for a lot of young Israeli people who finish their compulsory military service in Israel and then escape to the Parvati Valley in search of some world’s finest Cannabis. You can experience the true hippie culture of Israelis in Kasol. Their rave parties, the cafes serving authentic Israeli food, Israeli’s souvenirs and much more.

1. Switzerland of India: Kashmir

Foreign Places in India-11 Kashmir is known as the Switzerland of India. Its snow-covered valleys, the beauty of high mountain peaks, beautiful lakes all gives a resemblance to Switzerland. During the summer season, Kashmir is full of lush green vegetation which matches with the green lands of Switzerland. In the winter, the place wears a snow blanket looking stammeringly beautiful.

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