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10 Hippie Destinations To Visit In India


Wanna be a little more careless on your next vacations? Then, spend your next trip in a happy hippie way! Hippies actually don’t give a damn about what you think of them and they are constantly seen celebrating life without a care in the world. Here I have listed some amazing destinations where you can get high to settle your lows!

1. Goa

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Definitely, Goa is the first place that comes to my mind when we plan a trippy vacation. Whether you want to lose yourself to psychedelic music in North Goa or find yourselves in the tranquillity of the South Goa, you’ll find everything in this hippie town! Thousands of hippies settle down in Goa forever, simply because they can’t get enough of the sand and the sun.

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2. Kasol

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Prefer hills and valleys over beaches? This beautiful Himalayan hamlet is a must-visit destination for hippies. This beautiful hill is becoming very popular among the stoners. You will forget beaches once you visit Kasol because you will not be able to forget the mesmerising mountains that are set as backdrops. Babas smoking ‘pot’ in chillums is a common sight here. You should definitely try the herbs!

3. Malana

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One friend of mine said that there’s always this one trip to the hills after which nothing remains the same. Well, he was talking about the mesmerising Malana. Situated in Himachal Pradesh amidst the snow capped Himalayas, this beautiful town is famous for its weather, picturesque views and the hashish. Yes! Malana cream is one of the world’s best hashish and this is what makes this place home to numerous hippies.

4. Varkala

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Varkala is situated in Kerala. Popularly known as the “hippie haven”, Varkala Offers you a spectacular beach view to let you get lost in your deep thoughts. No one will disturb you here because no one cares. Great music, small cafes and similar kind of tourists make it a perfect hippie destination.

5. Gokarna

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Wish to visit somewhere less crowded but as hippie as Goa? Then, Gokarna should be on your bucket list. Situated in Karnataka, Gokarna is known for its famous Mahabaleshwar Temple. However, Gokarna is not only about history and religion. In fact, it’s all about miles of tranquil pristine beaches and spiritual discovery.

6. Hampi

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It’s on UNESCO’s list of the World Heritage Sites, and for good reason. But don’t let this small village fool you and don’t be surprised when you see hippies dancing in this mysterious village that is almost destroyed. Whether you’re looking for special drinks or smoke, Hampi has it all. You can simply go lazy all day, doing nothing and just be staring the blue sky. Psychedelic music to psychedelic mushrooms, you’ll find everything here.

7. Rishikesh

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The yoga capital of India has a lot more to it. Paradise for the backpackers and the adventure enthusiast. Mostly rife with foreign tourists, Rishikesh is where you’ll see hippies smoking with the ‘cool’ holy men. Camping on the banks of Ganga, river rafting and many more fun activities are waiting for you!

8. Almora

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Situated in Uttarakhand, Almora is a small town that’s going to leave you begging for more. More than anything, it is famous for a hill known as the “Crank’s Ridge”, also known as Hippie Hill, just above Almora. That place has the old world charm of the 60s and 70s, which explains why the place is so loved by the nirvana seekers.

9. Varanasi

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Colourful and spiritual, this land is one of the oldest hippie destinations in India.The idea of moksha is visible in the endless lines of saints and sadhus smoking their chillums. So many hippies are settled in this holy city, to seek ‘nirvana’.

10. Kodaikanal

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Well, the ‘magic’ grown here makes the place a hit among the hippies. The place is famous for the psychedelic mushrooms which gets you high! Rave parties with people dancing all through the night are common in Vattakanal, which is very close to Kodaikanal. The picturesque scenes add on the charm and invite tourists from all over the globe.

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