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Famous Goan Dishes You Must Savour in Goa


After you spend a tiring day at the beach, after you have enjoyed the water sports all you need is a pint of beer and good cuisines to complement the drink. What’s better than Goan seafood in Goa? If you looking out for what to try new from the plethora of seafood that Goa has to offer here are few suggestions to make it easier for you.

1. Chicken Xacuti

Famous Goan Dishes You Must Savour in Goa-1 If you want to enjoy the chicken in a completely new flavor, then I don’t see why shouldn’t skip the butter chicken taste buds and try the spicy Goan delicacy of Chicken Xacuti. The curry is prepared from a variety of Indian spices with the addition of poppy seeds, coconut, and dried red chilies. The chicken is cooked in the curry till it absorbs the goodness of each spiced added to this curry. The dish is a perfect combination of spicy and bland mix of food.

2. Goan Squid Fry

Famous Goan Dishes You Must Savour in Goa-2 The fried Goan squids are simply the best to complement a glass of chilled beer. Squids are amongst the most consumed seafood in Goa and this snack will tell you why. The soft and spongy squids are fried to provide it with the crisp and crunchy taste. The medley of spices and vegetables added to it to provide it with the taste that will get you going over the Goan food.

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3. Goan Fish Curry

Famous Goan Dishes You Must Savour in Goa-3 Also known as Xitt Codi in Goa, this is one of the most famous and a part of the staple diet of the Goan people. You can’t beat the combination of Goan Fish Curry and rice prepared on every little occasion in the kitchens of Goa. The Fish Curry is prepared from the marinated pomfret fish added to the spicy curry. The curry is prepared after hours of cooking of various Indian spices which includes coconut, garlic, ginger, Kashmiri chilies, methi and raw mango to add the tangy flavor to the curry.

4. Bebinca

Famous Goan Dishes You Must Savour in Goa-4 We all have a space for the dessert no matter how much we ate for dinner. And when it is the delicious Bebinca cake who can turn it down? It is prepared from jaggery which is the principal ingredient of this dessert along with the coconut milk. This dish was brought to Goa by Portuguese but Indians made it even better by adding their own ups and downs. The seven layers of the cake are prepared from seven varied ingredients making it the most delicious food to eat in Goa.

5. Pork Vindaloo

Famous Goan Dishes You Must Savour in Goa-5 Adding to an array of scrumptious dishes to eat in Goa is ‘Pork Vindaloo’. A variation from the seafood dishes, pork vindaloo is a spicy dish made exclusively from the variety of Indian spices. The name of the dish has been derived from its two main ingredients ‘Vin’ which means vinegar and ‘ahlo’ means garlic. The vinegar is added to give pork and curry the tangy taste and garlic makes most of its curry along with coconut, cumin, red chilies.

6. Fonna Kadi

Famous Goan Dishes You Must Savour in Goa-6 If the north Indian dish of Kadi is one of your favorite dishes then you will definitely like this Goan variant of Kadi. Fonna kadi prepared from the coconut milk in place of the buttermilk that is used in North India. The kokum fruit is further added to it to give it a different Goan touch. It is garnished with mustard seeds and coriander leaves and is best enjoyed with rice.

7. Rava fried fish

Famous Goan Dishes You Must Savour in Goa-7 Rava fried fish is an easy cooked side snack best savored with beer as starters. It is prepared with the fillets coated in the spiced mix of rava. The coat is prepared from rava and garlic, red chilies, turmeric, and salt are added to it for flavored. The fillets are covered in the paste and fried t get the scrumptious Goan starters.

8. Chicken Cafreal

Famous Goan Dishes You Must Savour in Goa-8 Chicken Cafreal is originally a Portuguese dish and is mostly cooked in the household where Portuguese culture is still practiced. The curry of this dish is extremely tangy prepared from the variety of spices, vinegar, and rum. The chicken is marinated in spicy paste and vinegar and rum is further added to give it a soft and tender taste. The curry can be prepared at home but the pre-cooked cafreal masala powder can easily be found in the markets to prepare this finger-licking chicken dish.

9. Sanna

Famous Goan Dishes You Must Savour in Goa-9 Sanna is Goa’s very own healthy bread which is eaten mostly with curry dishes. When ordering a curry dish in Goa make sure you complement it with Sanna to enjoy a completely authentic Goan meal. It is made of rice and coconut which is fermented and steamed which makes it completely healthy.

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10. Prawn Balchao

Famous Goan Dishes You Must Savour in Goa-10 Prawn Balchao is a prawn pickle made with dried prawns. The spicy pickle dish prepared from the variety of Goan spices and added with preservatives to keep it edible for a long time. Prawn Balchao is one of the most famous and different seafood delicacies to try in Goa. You can enjoy your dried prawns with bread or Indian rotis for a delicious and complete meal.

11. Goan Nevri

Famous Goan Dishes You Must Savour in Goa-11 You would find this dish a lot around in Goa during the time of Ganesh Chaturthi and other major festivals of the state. Goan Nevri is a sweet dish prepared from coconut, sugar, cardamom, and almonds for the filling which is wrapped around in the balls made of flour. This is put to fry and eaten as a must-have sweet dish during the festivals. It is very similar to the gujiya prepared in North India during Holi.

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