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Exploring the East- Things To Do in Gangtok

There is a lot that the politically secluded northeastern state of Sikkim has to offer. The geographical location of the region has repeatedly been talked about, to be a bane, but in retrospect it is a boon for those travelers seeking to explore the nature’s bounties as well as religion and culture in a whole different way.

1. A drive down the Nathu La Pass

Exploring the East- Things To Do in Gangtok-1 Situated at approximately 14000 feet above sea level and historically holding the significance as the silk route between India and Tibet, a drive down the pass is a must-do thing if you’re visiting Gangtok. The Indo- China border here will fill within you a sense of national pride. The opportunity to take selfies with friendly Indian as well as Chinese soldiers will make your day. Serathang, a place close enough houses a shopping center as well as the country’s highest altitude Internet Café. Also, make a must-visit to Kupup- another place not very far away at all, is actually one that is always covered with cloud!

2. But First, Visit the Tsomgo Lake

Exploring the East- Things To Do in Gangtok-2 En route Nathu La pass you will come across a magnificent piece of scenic beauty at the Tsomgo Lake. No matter how hard you try, no DSLR will be able to capture the splendor of this glacial lake. You can hop on a yak for a ride or play with the snow or just simply watch and absorb the great view of what lies before you, either way you will thank your stars for making you land up there. The lake is also considered to be sacred by the locals and freezes during winter. So, if you want to experience the breathtaking phenomenon, make a visit in December or January!

3. A Wild Escape in the Kanchendzonga National Park

Exploring the East- Things To Do in Gangtok-3 Take a breath of cool fresh air and surround yourself by the lush green forests at the Kanchendzonga National Park. The 850 square km park is home to animals like musk deer, red panda, snow leopard and Himalayan taha along with 550 species of birds. Moreover, there are glaciers in situated within the park, making it harder for one to resist getting up close and personal with the sanctity and virginal beauty of this Jewel in India’s crown.

4. Hola Casino!

Exploring the East- Things To Do in Gangtok-4 The Mayfair Group of Hotels and Resorts has ventured into opening up a one of its kind Casino called the Mahjong. Along with the regular table games like blackjack and poker, slot machines and a restaurant, you will be provided with the whole entertainment package with Mayfair’s live shows. This is no Vegas or Goa, but the feel of experiencing gambling and entertainment under the same roof at Gantok makes this an irresistible experience to miss out on.

5. A Dip in the Tibetan Reservoirs of Buddhism

Exploring the East- Things To Do in Gangtok-5 A prominent following of Buddhist teachings is prevalent in Gangtok. The religion is one that brings peace and tranquility just at the thought of it. The place is home to a quite a few monasteries. Visits to the Rumtek and Enchey monasteries, both located on hilltops, will enable you to explore the Tibetan architecture at its best and rare religious artwork including 1001 miniature golden models of Buddha. Moreover, the Namgyal Institute of Tibetology, constructed in typical Tibetan Buddhist style is one of the major tourist attractions for people interested in the realm of Buddhism. It is home to a museum, a Tibetan library and a general reference center on Tibet and the Himalayas.
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