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Exploring Mumbai in Local Trains

Mumbai runs on its local trains (something you’d read in every travelogue ever written about Mumbai). A Mumbaikar’s love story with local trains is never-ending. Local trains are also the best way to explore Mumbai. For such a huge and mighty city, cabs and autos shall burn a big hole in travelers pocket.

For a Mumbaikar there is no adventure sport like getting on and off a local train. A Mumbaikar will challenge you to catch a train at 9 AM from Boriwali Andheri line to prove yourself worthy of being one of them. They don’t need bungee jump or white water rafting. There is no death defying experience like traveling on the footboard of a local train. As said earlier local trains make Mumbai run, and for a traveler there is no better way to explore Mumbai than the ever chaotic and yet serene mode of communication.

Life in Mumbai never stops. While traveling from Andheri to Church Gate one can see then landscape change. Soon the city life leaves you behind and the beautiful Arabian Sea with huge tall buildings in background replaces the scene. Passing through slums, temples and crowded stations makes one understand the intensity of life. 


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Church Gate connects some of the most important dots of the city. One can get down here to visit Kala Ghoda that is famous for the legendary Kala Ghoda Festival. A walk around Church Gate will take you around some of the most important buildings of Mumbai that includes the High Court, St. Thomas Cathedral, Flora Fountain etc. A walk around Colaba will take you to few of the most amazing pubs and restaurants that will finally lead you to Marine Drive and Nariman Point. A visit to Mumbai is incomplete without seeing the Queen’s necklace.

Even Gateway of India is not very far. Spending an evening here while sipping beer at Leopold Café and then taking a Baggi ride (Horse Driven Cart) is not a bad idea. One can take a ferry to Elephanta Caves from here and your trip to South Mumbai is complete. 

Juhu Chowpati

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Juhu Chowpati is synonymous with Mumbai. The street food around Juhu Beach is to die for. Charni Road station is the gateway to the famous Mumbai beaches of Juhu and Chowpati. One finds the best Pav Bhaji here. Spending an evening after a long day at office is a Mumbaikar’s idea of relaxing and emptying their head before leaving for home. Apart from Pav Bhaji you can have quick snacks like Bhel Puri, Ragda Patties etc. 

Mahalaxmi- Dhobighat

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Mahalaxmi Station represents Mumbai in a totally different way. The famous Dhobi Ghat is not far from here. You will see a lot of foreigners roaming around here with their huge camera trying to capture the Poor India Hungry India. It runs on its own tunes of washermen manually beating the clothes while noise and chatter run in the proximity. 


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Then there is Bandra and the famous band stand where Shahrukh Khan resides at Mannat. Some of the popular coffee shops are here in this area. Carter Road is another lovely location nearby that is also a heaven for foodies. Shopping enthusiasts can visit Linkin road and go on a bargaining mode. Lets see who wins. 

Mumbai Local

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Riding a local train is easy. Slowly you’ll get used to the chaos and start finding beauty in the rush. The number of characters you’ll witness during your journey beats nothing. Abusers, cricket and politics lovers are a few of them. Traveling in locals is a learning experience no matter how old or young you are. 

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