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Cruise In Singapore: Adventure Travel With A Dash of Class



The island state of Singapore is one of the most developed countries of Asia. A deluge of skyscrapers, it is a city bursting to the seams with mind-boggling attractions and a horde of activities to indulge in. Attracting attention from tourists and travellers, Singapore presents a compendium of exciting things to do. Singapore’s staple symbol the Merlion is hardly any secret, but the remainders of the city are upfront charming. From the sparkling lights of the Gardens of the Bay to gorging some Asian cuisine in little India or China town, Singapore has got you covered. And here is a little secret as well, the Paradisiac lands of Singapore are even better with the sea.

Cruise In Singapore: Adventure Travel With A Dash of Class-1 As a cruising hub that is ideally located at the heart of Southeast Asia, Singapore is the perfect place from which you can take off and explore the old-world charms as well as exciting new world attractions of neighbouring cities and beyond. The amazing land of Singapore combined with the azure waters of the ocean can make anyone revel in joy. Still, don’t believe me? Scroll down to check out the best experiences that you can have while on the enchanting cruise during your Singapore tour.

1. Experience Singapore

Cruise In Singapore: Adventure Travel With A Dash of Class-2 Yes, the all over startling experience of Singapore, cruising in the dazzling sea and the oceanic current caressing your skin as you peruse through the Singaporean coast is an other-worldly feeling that a land holiday cannot capture. The pulsating beat of your heart and the rhythm of the sea breeze. The vast expanse of the shore can only be experienced fully by taking a Singaporean cruise. A Singaporean cruise lets you experience every facet of the city and absorb in all that the city has to offer. Blessed with a spectacular sea route Singapore is ideal for cruising, or you can say a perfect way to get yourself acquainted with the destination without tiring yourself out and enjoying thoroughly!

2.Fun activities on board

Cruise In Singapore: Adventure Travel With A Dash of Class-3 Yes, some of the most fantabulous activities in Singapore happen on board! From watersports to some of the most adrenaline-rushing activities! From a sportsplex jam-packed with some of the coolest activities out there. There are also novel adventure activities available, such as a ropes course with an outdoor course and zip line, as well as a rock-climbing wall. In addition, for those who are seeking a bit more thrill, the most amazing of activities take place in this region. In addition, for those who are seeking a bit more thrill, there is a giant waterslide park with six slides of varying intensities. Also for something more fun and a lot less tiring, you can head out to some great night-clubs and unleash your inner party animal!

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3. Dining

Cruise In Singapore: Adventure Travel With A Dash of Class-4 While you'll find plenty of amazing restaurants in Singapore, the cruises are not behind either! The most mouthwatering of cuisine, the Asian cuisine is something you cannot relish. No matter which part of Asia you are voyaging towards, the wide selection of cuisine offered by the many restaurants ensures that you will be able to get a taste of just about anywhere around the world. With some great options and a chance to savour on the delicacies, your food needs would be satiated for ages on board! The scrumptious eateries and the fine wine will have you cooped up!

4. Pool Party

Cruise In Singapore: Adventure Travel With A Dash of Class-5 Is the sea too salty for you? Too much water but not quite enough? Hop in for some pool-partying. Yes, you can create some have some amazing experience on board. What’s better to lose it all and have some great time on your own in the pool or have a gala event with your friends or your family, fun and frolic sans the scares of the Sea? Pool partying is what you need to let it all go.

5. Be the Captain

Cruise In Singapore: Adventure Travel With A Dash of Class-6 Yes, check out the command centre for the Sea. And see how the ship sways in the sea and check out how the captain looks out for the ship and strolls through the sea! Take a different view and amaze yourself at how the cruise jettisons. Fulfil your childhood dream and pretend to be the captain of your cruise ship.

6. Take some amazing Selfies

Cruise In Singapore: Adventure Travel With A Dash of Class-7 Yes, what does your amazing gala event in Singapore mean? If you have not captured it all in a photograph. Yes, it’s even better when you can go back home talk about all your favorite memories with a picture and look back on all of them. Also, the sea and the shore make for some great poses. On deck is the most Instagram-worthy place you can be!

7. Watch some amazing live performances

Cruise In Singapore: Adventure Travel With A Dash of Class-8 If you’re lucky, your favourite artist might be performing onboard during exclusive events. You can witness some exquisite shows and some great performances from some famous Asian artists. There soulful voices and amazing personalities will have you cheering and your heart dancing! Every night, there’s something in store for all ages, such as magic shows for kids, as well as a variety of shows with elaborate costumes and incredible stunts by acrobat performers. Along with some risque shows for adults!

8. You can also go for Shore excursion

Cruise In Singapore: Adventure Travel With A Dash of Class-9 Don’t spend your entire time on the ship! Head out on a shore excursion of your destinations. At the UNESCO World Heritage city of Georgetown on Penang Island, you can get to explore drop by the Chew Jetty and Khoo-Khongsi clan house then enjoy a trishaw ride around the busy streets. You can visit Langkawi known for its Geoparks or you can go for a nature trip and tour a limestone cave on foot, visit a fish farm and hop on a speedboat for a thrilling ride through the mangrove-fringed karst landscape of Kilim Geoforest Park. The shore excursions are for the times when you have had your fill on deck and what to get yourself some land action!

9. Pamper yourself with some amazing spas

Cruise In Singapore: Adventure Travel With A Dash of Class-10 Yes, and don’t forget to pamper yourself with some amazing spa treatments. After all the fun and hair-raising activities, be sure to put yourself at ease. Completely relax and give yourself a break and take a spa treatment by yourself or go for a couple treatment with your loved one. Focusing on Western and Asian forms of treatment respectively, these spas offer rejuvenating and soothing massages to guests aged 18 and above. The Gentleman’s Barber and Le Salon are also available for passengers to receive personal grooming such as hair or nail treatment.

10. Romantic Surprises

Cruise In Singapore: Adventure Travel With A Dash of Class-11 Romantic surprises! Yes if you are on board with your loved one, you can plan some great romantic surprises, whether a romantic candlelight dinner or some jolly times. Shower some love on your loved one, rekindle your romance and take in some great memories and why stop at that for those of you who are too in love and their life is no less than a movie can take it up a notch higher and strike that titanic pose! Yes, don’t shy away from striking a pose, after all, you are here to recreate and re-live!

The lion city is a medley of some fun-filled activities, the electrifying city of Singapore needs your attention, what are you even waiting for? Head to Singapore and have a gala ordeal sight-seeing and cruising. A land holiday simply doesn’t do Singapore justice. Head out and get your stuff together and book a trip to Singapore with Shoes on Loose and have a perfect dream holiday!
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