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Candidasa : Gateway to stunning quiet beaches!

Candidasa is the most popular beach resort along Bali’s east coast. It’s where you can enjoy a quiet seaside escape, far from the crowds and busier traffic scenes of the island’s south.

Candidasa : Gateway to stunning quiet beaches!-1 Blessed with diverse culture and landscape, Bali has something to offer to everyone. The picturesque towns, the pristine beaches, the unique and halcyon pilgrim destinations, historical buildings to contemporary structures.

If traditional destinations do not fancy you enough, Candidasa, is one of the best off beat place to explore when in Bali.

Candidasa is a seaside town located in eastern Bali with remnants of Balinese culture and traditions deeply rooted in Hindu mythology still visible in the pace of life that is witnessed in the town. The town rests on the edge of fresh water lagoon, called Candi Dasa Lagoon. The town remains among the most popular beach resort town in Eastern Bali. The town gained tourist attention during the 1970s as it has good snorkelling sight with a number of dive spots and relatively clean beaches and also serves as the gateway to other towns in Eastern Bali.

While you are here you can also visit Padang bai, Jalan Raya, east Bali, Gili bigha, Gili Tepekong which are located within the close vicinity and are some of the naturally hit spots in Bali.

Candidasa : Gateway to stunning quiet beaches!-2

There is a temple located near the lagoon, inside which there is a fertility goddess statue surrounded by ten children. Many locals of Bali visit this place on a pilgrimage in pursuit of parental happiness.

The area is just two hour drive from Kuta but is poles apart from the chaotic and heavily developed Kuta and the posh party town Seminyak. Here you will find villages deep immersed in traditions and culture, if your heart yearns for a culture immersion and an experience different from the usual Bali itineraries than this is the place for you. You can visit the Karangesam Palace and Tirta Gangga Water Temple which feels like infinity pool. The beaches are secluded and different from what you would find in Seminyak or Nusa Dua. So if you're fond of spending time in seclusion and relax away with the calming sound of the sea waves then this is the place for you. Here the beaches lie in the mighty shadow of the Holy Mount Agung. Those with an appetite of spiritual quest or learning will find themselves immersed in the cultural aspect of the Island of Gods.

Candidasa : Gateway to stunning quiet beaches!-3 The area is very sparsely populated and this was due to the eruption that occurred in Mount Agung. The eruption was followed by lava being descending onto the land of the locals forcing them to migrate to other Indonesian Islands or to other parts of Bali. That is also the reason many towns nearby this area has black sand beaches. The beauty of Black sand is unmatched and mesmerising. Staying or visiting this quite and scenic town would also place you very close to these beaches and you might as well tick another point of your bucket list by soaking in the sun at a black sand beach.

Candidasa : Gateway to stunning quiet beaches!-4 When in Candidasa, you can choose to visit Goa Lawah. It was built in the 11th century and the word literally translates to the “Bat Cave” and is known to be a sacred place for devotees carrying offspring. There is alot to see in Candidasa and you will be amazed to discover the spiritual side of the Indonesian Island.

Candidasa : Gateway to stunning quiet beaches!-5 Another famous Landmark near Candidasa is Amed Beach hides the beauty that needs to be discovered and celebrated. It is an ideal place for snorkelling and diving as the water is crystal clear and pristine. Although the overland features dry terrains.

If you’re an art lover and loves to understand the various aspects of cultures, you must visit the Taman Gili Kerta Gosa. To admire the Kamasan painting at this historical sight is a top most thing to do when visiting the town of Candidasa. It features amazingly beautiful paintings on the ceiling, depicting the epic Ramayana and Mahabharata stories.

You can relax at the Pasir Putih Beach. It is one of the Island’s hidden beach. It is approximately 4.5km east of the main town of Candidasa. The beach is very secluded and is also called the “Virgin Beach”, or the “White Sand Beach”.

Candidasa : Gateway to stunning quiet beaches!-6 For the historical buffs, stroll down the Taman Ujung Water Palace. It was built by the king of Karengasem, it is the main historical sight in all of Eastern Bali, the architecture is similar to the Europeans. For a nano second you would feel you are in Rome, but hey! Open your eyes, its the Island of Gods.

Candidasa : Gateway to stunning quiet beaches!-7 Is hiking your first love? Make time for visiting one of the oldest temple- Pura Lempuyang. This spot is also an Instagram dream come true.

Capture the best photographs from the Jumeluk View point. It is nearby to the Amed Coastal Area. The seascape showcases clear water and lush mountainous views.

Candidasa : Gateway to stunning quiet beaches!-8 Enjoy the Candidasa lotus lagoon. The main landmark for sightseeing in Candidasa is the lotus lagoon. Here you can enjoy and soak in the beauty of nature in the form of fuchsia lotus flowers, blooming beautiful and lovely flowers and gardens with wind which feels like naturally air conditioned.

If your heart seeks an adventure or a cultural immersion then ditch the usual touristy things and head straight to this beautiful town in Eastern Bali.

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