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Cambodia: A land of serenity and religion


Cambodia has recently gained a lot of popularity and is said to be the destination which accommodates all types of travelers. From solo travelers to the ones going with a huge gang, this destination should definitely be on everybody’s travel list. The breathtaking beaches, preserved forests, stunning colonial buildings, water sports, temples, and ruins are some of the things that Cambodia offers to its visitors. While the whole Cambodia is a beauty, we’ve combined a list of 15 top places you shouldn’t miss when in Cambodia. Whether you are traveling alone, with your family or with your best of friends, this place will be perfect for your next vacation-

Angkor Wat

Cambodia: A land of serenity and religion-1 The largest religious monument in the world, the Angkok Wat is the single attraction which brings people to Cambodia. It first emerged as a Hindu temple but in the fourteenth century, it got converted into a Buddhist temple. The most well maintained and impressive temple, Angkok Wat is that unquestionably one of the must see places in Cambodia. it’s the chants of Buddhist monks and gasping travelers that dominates, as they weave between the intricate base reliefs and the great sandstone sculptures of mythic beasts.

Preah Vihar Temple

Cambodia: A land of serenity and religion-2 An ancient Hindu temple that was built during the period of the Khmer Empire, Preah Vihar Temple has the most spectacular setting of the era when the temple came into existence. This temple was home to many successive kings in the past. Preah Vihear is the subject of a long-running territorial dispute between Thailand and Cambodia, and several soldiers were killed in clashes in 2009. Get a glimpse of this destination’s history by paying this temple a visit. the World Heritage Committee decided to add Prasat Preah Vihear, along with 26 other sites, to the World Heritage Site list, despite several protests from Thailand in 2008.


Cambodia: A land of serenity and religion-3 Apart from being known for black peppercorns, Kampot is also famous for it’s scenic riverside promenade which has a number of colonial structures. This part of Cambodia also provides a gateway to the French hill station of Bokor National Park. If you want a mesmerizing view and also want a pleasant weather then there’s no better place than Kampot for you. View ancient ruins here, go for boating or watch stunning waterfalls. Every second is worth it. Oh, and if you’re a food lover then do give the crab curry a shot. They say this place has the best crab curry one can have.

Tonle Sap Lake

Cambodia: A land of serenity and religion-4 If you want a peaceful time along with witnessing nature at it’s best then do visit the Tonle Sap Lake. This place is best known for it’s floating villages and it’s migratory birds. And if you’re worried about the water then there’s news for you. This lake only contains freshwater and also, during 1997 this place was designated to UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. You can go to this place in Cambodia and get a tour of the lake. All the nature lovers out there, head for a solo trip to Cambodia to get an experience of this lake.

Virachey National Park

Cambodia: A land of serenity and religion-5 For all those having a fetish for wildlife, the Virachey National Park is the place to visit in Cambodia. This park is one of the two ASEAN heritage parks in Cambodia and is home to a huge variety of animals like sun bears, great hornbills, pig-tailed macaques, clouded leopards, Asian elephants, waterfalls and mountains. You’ll find bamboo branches, thick semi-evergreen swamps, montane timberlands and upland savannahs. You can also go for trekking while discovering this wildlife region. Get closer to nature by visiting this place in Cambodia.

Koh Ker Temple

Cambodia: A land of serenity and religion-6 In the Koh Ker region, you’ll be able to find innumerable temples which is around 3km long. It starts with the sandstone Neang Khmao Temple which is shaped like a stupa and lies on a small hill. Some of the other temples you cannot miss out when in Koh Ker are the Pram temple, the Chen temple and the Kuk temple. Oh, and it is said that if you drop a coconut at the well of the Koh Ker temple, it will appear at the pond of near Neang Khmao temple. Don’t miss out on the 30 m Prasat Tham complex that rises majestically over the surrounding jungle.

Phnom Penh

Cambodia: A land of serenity and religion-7 Phnom Penh is the charming capital city of Cambodia. This city has loads of palaces and wats and is located on the conjunction of three rivers- The Tonle Sap, The Mekong and the Bassac river. You’ll also be able to find cool cafes and bustling bars here. All the houses have the French architecture which makes them so pretty looking. You can also view some unique Khmer artifacts at the National Museum or visit the Phsar Reatrey to get handmade souvenirs. The Royal Palace with it’s golden spires is a must see place in Phnom Penh.

Koh Rong

Cambodia: A land of serenity and religion-8 If you are an adventure seeker then Koh Rong is the go-to place for you in Cambodia. This place has a magical looking beach called the Koh Toch beach. Because of the activities held at this beach, Koh Rong is known to be an exciting beach. Go for snorkelling, find diamond fish, do diving and kayaking. There’s also a rope adventure park here where you can go for zip lining. If you’re a wildlife lover, then you can also pay the Police Beach a visit. They have a butterfly farm and a mini zoo (just imagine!) You can also head to the Lonely Beach and the Coconut Beach to make the most of your solo trip.


Cambodia: A land of serenity and religion-9 Kep is a charming location with local seafood and friendly people. This is the one place in Cambodia where you won’t feel scared to be alone. The people are more than welcoming, the seafood vendors provide the best of dishes and this area has also got the Kep National Park where you can witness waterfalls, a stone house and monkeys. You’ve also got to visit the Led Zepplin Café which is very famous in this national park. Nothing better than bonding with monkeys with delicious food and a view of the waterfalls, right?


Cambodia: A land of serenity and religion-10 Bring out the gambler in you. If you want to have a little fun with a little risk in Cambodia then head to Poipet, a land of casinos and karaoke bars. The best part about this area is that the locals join the tourists in having a little fun. You can also make the most at Beer Gardens, sip on some Khmer coffee and admire the stunning architecture of Cambodia. The best casinos are The Grand Diamond City and the Tropicano casino. Also, avoid going in the morning to this place as it is the border station between Cambodia and Thailand and you wouldn’t want to get stuck in the hustle-bustle.


Cambodia: A land of serenity and religion-11 Want to see the countryside of Cambodia? Go to Battambang where you can enjoy a bike ride along the rice paddy fields, learn the art of rice wine cultivation and weaving beautiful traditional clothes. If you don’t know how to ride the bike then cycle! Not just this, but you can also do kayaking along the Stung Sangkae River. It will be an experience like never before. The highlight of this place is the ride on the bamboo train which goes on for about 30 minutes to travel outside the town. You can also take a river trip for Battambang to the Siem Reap. This place also has a bat cave which may seem pretty scary but cannot be missed. It’s also called Killing Caves (spooky!)


Cambodia: A land of serenity and religion-12 Are you a sucker for dolphins? If yes, then your solo trip to Cambodia is definitely going to please you if you head to Kratie. Kratie is a stunning little town that lies on the bank of the Mekong River. In this town you can watch rare Irrawaddy dolphins playing in the water. You can take a boat ride to witness the dolphins. Make all of your friends and family jealous by taking this experience. Also, this area is filled with French buildings so get ready to witness insane architecture. You’ll be able to get loads of pretty pictures in this area.


Cambodia: A land of serenity and religion-13 This was the spot where the United States fought it’s last battle in the Vietnam War. Who would have thought that this location would convert into a beach someday and you would get to actually relax and sunbath here? There are in total six beaches here and loads of beach shacks to chill at. Take your pick and spend some relaxation time. And if you feel like going for water sports, then you can always do snorkelling and kayaking here. The seren Otres Beach also lets one do windsurfing there.


Cambodia: A land of serenity and religion-14 When you’re done with the serene beaches of Cambodia and crave for a different landscape feel, Banlung will come to your rescue. There are tons of shops in the markets here and you can buy souvenirs for your loved ones from this place. Apart from the shopping, you can see many hills, waterfalls, volcanoes, national parks and water sources (sounds fun, huh?) You must also visit the Yak Lom Crater Lake and engage in border crossing tours at Le Thanh.

Ta Prohm

Cambodia: A land of serenity and religion-15 If you want to explore the places not known by many in Cambodia then take a trip to Ta Prohm. It is one of the most celebrated Angkor sanctuaries and is a widespread spot in Cambodia for travellers. This place is covered by wilderness and was originally built in the Bayon style in the late 12th century. Some even call it the ultimate Indiana Jones fantasy place as it consists of crumbling towers, wast root systems and reminds everybody the power of a jungle. Ta Prohm is at its most impressive early in the day. Allow as much as two hours to visit, especially if you want to explore the maze-like corridors and iconic tree roots.

These are some of the best places that Cambodia has and should definitely be seen. This will be the holiday of a lifetime as this destination has something for every type of traveller. The architectural attributes give Cambodia an authentic spot among the most visited tourist destinations of Asia. The extravagant natural locations along with the constructed structures will definitely tempt the tourist to linger. Although the architecture created by humans has a remarkable space in the visitors’ good book, Cambodia’s natural abundance is something to be appreciated. And the best part is that Cambodians share equal space with everyone and everything, be it nature, animals, tradition, history, tourists.

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