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Biking Down Mashobra

Like many of us, I am seeking a balance in life.  Balance is ideally hard to come by on gravelly mountain trails. Maneuvering through the rock-studded turn, side-knobs clawing for solid dirt to grip, constantly braking and rolling the bike to the side. The edge of a sheer drop comes closer and closer as you lean into the corner. Then the tires find their line, pressing you into the bicycle as it accelerates out of the corner. The moment is so exhilarating you almost miss the beauty all around you, almost?

The bike trail starts at Masobra, takes you through a rocky trail to Fagu, we take the bikes for a spin around the city to check if things are alright, everythings working? Of course NOT, I find the brakes on mine are weak, the feeling of measuring your own skills against what other people build to challenge themselves makes it much more intense, riding it in a new way–without brakes. I couldn’t afford to come all this way and watch, I head out calmly unsure of the challenge lying ahead.

The valley plays it nice, gives me what I want, a gradual decent and steady climb at places, and I ride in peace and take in the view around me. The sun starts setting and the valley turns colorful. We take a few shots but the pictures can’t do justice to the beauty around. I still am seeking balance without brakes and may be next time it would be without chain, perhaps!

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