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Best Places To Experience The Vivid Nightlife of Vietnam



Best Places To Experience The Vivid Nightlife of Vietnam-1 Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam is already known for its archaic architecture. The interesting night scene adds to the culture of the city. Hanoi nightlife is a mix of all the good things which makes it a perfect place for different kinds of people. You can enjoy the night at the clubs, bars or lounges plunging into the party scene of the city. Or else there are so many other things to do such as opera show, circus, jazz nights, press club, puppet house. You can also witness the popular beer and junction culture in the city, in fact, it is a must if you are a young traveller or backpacker or just wanting to mingle with the locals.

What to do in Hanoi?

Best Places To Experience The Vivid Nightlife of Vietnam-2

The popular beer culture

Bia Hoi Junction is the true picture of how Vietnamese like to spend their night in Hanoi. The popular junction located in the center of Old Quarters is where the people in hanoi for a beer gathering. You can join the culture and get to know a bundle of local people.

Other than that, you can visit the famous Legend Beer Bar, located on the third storey rooftop known for its youth culture and a popular beer joint in the city.

Hanoi Opera House

This isn’t the typical idea of a nightlife experience, but the night show at Hanoi Opera House is a must have experience as they proudly boast off. The colonial building is lit up at night for a musical light and sound show. The city along with the tourists gather to make a good use of their night.

From Jazz clubs to nightclubs

Hanoi has a popular Jazz culture. Thanks to the legend Binh Minh who is considered a popular jazz artist and who also happens to own the most popuar Jazz club in the city. Binh Minh’s Jazz Club is the perfect place to enjoy some Jazz music in the city.

The Bank Hanoi is the popular night club in the city which is known for its dance, music and exotic cocktails.

Mui Ne and Phan Thiet

Best Places To Experience The Vivid Nightlife of Vietnam-3 Mui Ne and Phan Thiet are the perfect to unwind at nights when you don’t want to be surrounded by too much crowd and music. Mui Ne is a hippie getaway with chilled late out beach bars and clubs where people enjoy drinks and each other’s company. They have a some more experiences including movie screenings,cultural nights, music nights and so much more. The places are pretty cheap around here so that gives you another reason to be here.

Places to visit in Mui Ne and Plan Thiet

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Beach Bars Binge

Set on its private beach Jibe’s Suoi Nuoc is the best place to hangout in Mui Ne. The place is known for hosting rooftop parties and barbeque sessions almost every night. Plus, the company of the sea makes the whole setting wonderful. As much as other things, the food here will impress you as well.

LineUp Bar and Grill and Dragon Beach bars are other two star clubs in the vicinity which are offers the experience of beach nightlife in Vietnam.

Deja Vu Mui Ne

This place is the popular attraction to come watch the cultural talent of the country. It is the stage for various local musicians and artists who let out their talent to the world. You can witness some jazz music nights, local dance night, live music sessions, theater, kung fu sessions. The place is a mix of gaming session and bar where you can enjoy drinks, hookahs and some lively fun out there.

Da Nang

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Da Nang is Vietnam’s lush nightlife experience. It is filled with multiple bars and nightclubs that are known for their opulent party experience. There is a huge variety of good alcohol and wine flowing all over and the prices are much lower than the European standards. The nightlife attracts the elite and cream crowd of the city. This is one city in Vietnam which will show how they party in the country.

Places to visit in Da Nang

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Sky36 Club and Brilliant rooftop clubs

Located inside the premises of the Novetel Danang Premier Han River Hotel which is among the top rated hotels in Vietnam, the rooftop club is located on the 36th floor of the building. They offer the mesmerizing view of the Da Nang’s skyline. Also, they have an extensive menu of the drinks which include cocktails, mocktails and selected collection of the alcoholic beverages.

New Phuong Dong Nightclub

New Phuong Dong Nightclub has been setting Vietnam’s nightlife on fire in 1994. It is undoubtedly one of the oldest hangout and partying places in the city. However, it has managed to update itself with time. And today it stands as a lit up nightclub with audio visual technology and a huge space for the DJ and other music performances. With the music compelling enough to make you dance and some exquisite drinks to set your mood, you are good to go for the party.

Ho Chi Minh

Best Places To Experience The Vivid Nightlife of Vietnam-7 Ho Chi Minh’s nightlife is a little mix of everything interesting. It has classy rooftop bars and fancy nightclubs on one hand and on the other hand it also has beer junction culture and cheap dirt and beer bars down the city where backpackers and youngsters meet for good times. The most striking part of Ho Chi’s nightlife is probably the casino experience. As the casinos are legal around here expect a whole lot of fun is games and gambling. If there is anything left then that’s the late night markets and Ho Chi have them as well. So you can expect variety of things to do in Vietnam.

Places to visit in Ho Chi Minh

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Visit the Casinos

Try your luck at gambling you might end with a lot of money by the end of the night. Ho Chi’s casino scene is lit up and offers the shiny world of gamling with several computer and scrolling games. You can easily spend hours here playing your bets. Two of the best and biggest casinos are Caravelle Hotel and Sheraton Saigan Hotel.

Rooftop bars

Head to a rooftop bar in Ho Chi if you are looking forward for a tipsy and enjoyable night. The city’s skyline and weather makes the rooftop seating beautiful. Some of the best bars in Ho Chi are Saigon Bar, Rex Rooftop and Chill Sky Bar located in the posh hotels of the city promising good food and ambiance.

What good a nightlife experience be in a city without hopping to some of the nightclubs. You can visit Lush nightclub which is best around the town for a good party.

Nha Trang

Best Places To Experience The Vivid Nightlife of Vietnam-9 If you are attracted towards the idea of nightlife at the beach, then Nha Trang should be your ideal spot in Vietnam. There are beach shacks and beach bars that not only offer good drinks and chill ambiance but some delicious International and local cuisine as well. You can have an experience of enjoying the sunset at the chilled out spots in the town.There are various theme parties and live music sessions happening around the beaches, just find your place and enjoy for the night.

Places to visit in Nha Trang

Best Places To Experience The Vivid Nightlife of Vietnam-10

Sailing Club

Sailing Club is one of the prominent clubs in Nha Trang which are meant perfectly for the laid back evenings and nights. The beach club is located just in front of the infinite sea with lightings are shacks completing the setting. You fill an extensive menu of food and beverages to enjoy.

Skylight Skydeck

Located on the 45th floor of Best Western Hotel, the bar is the most popular rooftop setting in the city. It is a perfect spot to enjoy some drinks and music and the infinite view of the sea and clean winds.

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