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10 Best Party Places In Amsterdam To Keep You Dancing All Night Long


Breathing heavily after dancing for a couple of hours, a person looks for some rest. Well, it might be the case in all of the world but not the capital of the Netherlands. Amsterdam has an aura that a person keeps asking for. Everyone praises theme based coffee cafes(unofficially the getting high dispensary), old architecture to new developments, shopping markets, beautiful canals, the elegance and peacefulness of the city. Well, this is the what people see in the daytime, but when the sun goes down, Amsterdam transforms into something entirely different than in the daytime. There are venues, dance festivals and club nights to suit every taste. DJs keep the crowd going with everything from techno, dubstep and trance to hip-hop, funk and deep house. Being frank it was a hard task to shortlist the best of Amsterdam's party places as even the smallest of bars & lounges throw the parties which can satiate even the party animals. After a homework of many months, and reviews of the travellers, we have found out the best places which have defined Amsterdam as the ultimate party capital of the world. Have a look.


10 Best Party Places In Amsterdam To Keep You Dancing All Night Long-1 Paradiso is an amazing live music venue in Amsterdam. You must try and see a gig at Paradiso while you’re in the city. The sound system is killer, the atmosphere is electric, and the artists that play there range from well-known bands to more underground acts. For sure a music lovers paradise. Residing inside a beautiful 18th century historical Church, Paradiso is a club providing an outlet for people to forget all their worries and dance the night away. Opened five nights a week, Paradiso has been the stage to world-famous musicians, such as Lady Gaga and Al Green, have also played in the Main Hall, while several other artists, such as Kings of Leon and Franz Ferdinand, have made their start in the Small Hall. One of the best points about Paradiso is that it’s not large, so it feels very intimate - you’re standing near the artists on stage, and it makes the whole experience much better.

Studio 80

10 Best Party Places In Amsterdam To Keep You Dancing All Night Long-2 Have a love for EDM? Get ready to get bombarded with the beats at Studio 80 while you dance the night away. Whether you are in a mood for renowned artists to seasoned veterans or even new talents, Studio 80 has a variety. Although, it is the best place to bang your head on the beats; it is also a great place to learn as it aims to educate and encourage young emerging talents. The venue offers multiple workshops, internships and seminars. For instance, you can learn the tricks of the trade and acquire primary skills to be a famous DJ in one of the workshops. So, if you want to immerse yourself in the electronic and contemporary music culture, Studio 80 is the answer you have been seeking!


10 Best Party Places In Amsterdam To Keep You Dancing All Night Long-3 Set alongside the water, Panama's location makes for a fantastic experience. It is just the not the location which makes Panama in the top 10 list, but it is also renowned as one of the best techno clubs in the Netherlands. Adding stars to its beauty is the friendly and helpful staff who are ready to answer the questions and serve fuzzy yet sweet cocktails with a smiling face. Although it is basically a Techno Club, Panama has been the stage for many reputed artists like FatBoySlim and Alicia Keys. The definition of Panama is not completed without its beautiful decor, amazing lighting and state of the art sound systems. This place takes their music seriously and keeps the week running with different themed/genre parties. So, make sure you check what's the genre and which DJ will be playing each night.

Jimmy Woo

10 Best Party Places In Amsterdam To Keep You Dancing All Night Long-4 At Jimmy Woo, a posh nightclub located near Leidseplein, you'll be dazzled by design and blown away by the sound. Did you know that this club has won the "Dutch Design" prize and was also awarded the "best club sound in the Netherlands." Woo is the ideal place where the beats will lift you, and the theme will drench your heart with awe. Every night is a different experience at the Woo. Space is intimate and cosy, fitting around 650 people. Just, enter the Woo and embark on a night of fun.

Make sure to arrive early or reserve a table and dress to impress. As it's a members club, Jimmy Woo is known for its door policy and likes to minimise the guest list.


10 Best Party Places In Amsterdam To Keep You Dancing All Night Long-5 Looking to jazz up your night in Amsterdam, head straight to one the best jazz clubs in the city, Bimhuis. Its been more than three decades but the fame of Bimhuis has not gone down because of its focus on music. Situated on the IJ river in the Muziekgebouw, Bimhuis offers the finest of Jazz music. Every Tuesday night 8 and 10 PM, the Bimhuis holds workshop and session. You can watch the music work on their improvisation skills as it's free for both the artists and visitors.

Moreover, Bihmuis offers a lab on the first Monday of the month at 8:30 PM where musicians and dancers can come together. Did you know? The sessions are in collab with and led by the Music Conservatory of Amsterdam. So, if you are a jazz lover, no trip to Amsterdam is complete without visiting the Bimhuis.


10 Best Party Places In Amsterdam To Keep You Dancing All Night Long-6 If you’re after an all-night rave, get on a ferry from behind Central station and onto the best club in Amsterdam Noord, Shelter. Head underground where you’ll soon discover that it’s all about the dance music, with quality techno and house being on the agenda every night of the week.

Built with an idea of creating a home away from home for both enthusiastic newcomers and veteran clubbers, Shelter provides a unique yet pumping club experience in the Dutch capital. Make sure to dress to “match your personality” (these are not our words but theirs), and if you're a suit, you’ve probably nailed it. That’s how you know a club is cool.


10 Best Party Places In Amsterdam To Keep You Dancing All Night Long-7 Being the cultural hotspot in Amsterdam, Radion's current location ACTA used to be an academic centre of dentistry. Radion was granted a 24-hour permit in May 2015, which paved the way for a range of cultural disciplines.

Although, you might have noticed that a majority of the best clubs in Amsterdam offer a lot more than just music, ultimately adding new dimensions to many of their immersive club nights. Like others, it is a great bar to enjoy your evening and dance a bit more before you head back to your hotel. Plus, the staff at Radion is amiable and welcoming. Check out the techno DJs, and Sunday live music performances as they are main highlights.

Warehouse Elementestraat

10 Best Party Places In Amsterdam To Keep You Dancing All Night Long-8 Residing in the secluded industrial west of Amsterdam, Warehouse Elementestraat was once home to one of the most promising party locations of the Netherlands. During the 90s, this venue hosted few of the first bigscale raves called Multigroove, setting the famed foundation in the Dutch underground scene. It was closed for years, but re-opened in spring 2014. The venue still has an industrial feel to it and hosts regular techno and house parties for up to 2,500 revellers. Also, it's known for events such as Hyte, Welcome to the Future Indoor and many more. In short, Warehouse Elementestraat knows how to draw the crowd!


10 Best Party Places In Amsterdam To Keep You Dancing All Night Long-9 Home to rock, pop and hip-hop, Bitterzoet has made for itself as one Amsterdam's most elite music venues and clubs being an independent party location and also in collaboration with pop temple Paradiso. Every day has a different genre DJ lineup, band or theatre production drawing a musical loving fan base. Set on the Spuistraat, Bitterzoet is located at walking distance from the Central Station and is famous with the young crowd who appreciate its varied live music. If you are looking for some seriously good, easy-going vibes (and of course the splendid stained glass windows) and reasonably priced drinks, Bitterzoet will drown you with it.

Sugar Factory

10 Best Party Places In Amsterdam To Keep You Dancing All Night Long-10 How to make your nights sweeter in Amsterdam? Head straight to the Sugar Factory where music is an art. It's a place where the club, live music and theatre meet. Whether it is the DJs, swing bands, soul music or salsa nights, the Sugar Factory is always up with something new as the themes change quite frequently. Although there is an entrance fee, drinks are reasonable once you are are in. Its large stage and red velvet curtains please the eyes of crowd and music touches their soul. If you arrive early evening, before space turns into a dance floor, you can watch other types of performances such as theatre, live music, cabaret and poetry. So, an evening in Sugar Factory is an evening spent well.

Tell us about your favourite Amsterdam clubbing experience in the comments below, or maybe suggest another venue for our list?
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