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Best Destinations To Celebrate New Year In India

As 2017 comes to a close we’re all wondering where the time flew? Before time shoots onwards, it's high time we start making plans for New Year Eve 2017 and welcome 2018 chilling amidst the best places.

But where to go for New Year’s Eve? We did a thorough research and have hand picked a list of places that are heavenly at the time of New Year.

Have a look at the following destinations and who knows you might just select your perfect place for celebrating the New Year.




Best Destinations To Celebrate New Year In India-1

India’s only organic state has abundance of natural beauty to boast. From a picturesque view of the great Himalayas to the mesmerizing waterfalls, rivers, natural springs Sikkim is a mini heaven. Situated at an altitude of 5410 feet, Sikkim is blessed with beautiful sunset and dawn views.

So if you plan to spend your new year amidst the natural beauty Sikkim is the place.

Also, you can give a thrilling start to your new year by looking out for Kanchenjunga trek, the 3rd highest peak in the world! Well, that’s definitely going to mark the new year for you.


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Being the party capital of the country Goa is the best destination to start your new year with a bang. Goa is pool of cheap booze, mouth licking food, luxurious hotels and clubs that won’t let you get off the dance floor. So if you want your new year's eve to be happening as it’s in the movies hit Goa.

Well, adding a little hypocrisy here, if you are somebody who enjoy’s your own company and want to spend a calm evening by the beach, enjoying a beer in a beautiful shack without any hustle hit ‘South Goa’. Trust me when i say it’s a heaven unexplored!

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Puducherry (Pondicherry)

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Want to dwell in a French adventure this new year’s? Head to Pondicherry and you won’t get disappointed. Pondicherry was under the French rule till 1954 well thanks to that the town still retains the old era French culture which is depicted in its colonial building, perfectly laid bright house's, walls laden with bougainvillea making the town look all the more prettier. The French touch is not just restricted to the architecture you’d find a good influence on the mouthwatering cuisine available.

So indulge in a new cultural exploration this year and head to beautiful beaches loaded with cheap booze and never ending celebration of this French colonial establishment.

New Delhi

Best Destinations To Celebrate New Year In India-4

Celebrate the New Year’s by experiencing the chills in the country’s capital. Delhi offers a wide range of means to celebrate the day. From wide variety of expensive and celebrity owned nightclubs to hop around, to lavish farmhouse galas and cozy house and terrace parties with friends, Delhi offers palate of party life.


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The quieter version of Goa, Gokarna is a small village tucked in Karnataka. Still unhurt from the outside world, Gokarna flaunts a rich coastline with pristine beaches and natural beauty in its purest form. Also to add a new experience in your trip you can stay at thatched bamboo huts by the coastline.

You can thus spend your new year’s evening with your family, friends or whoever for that matter, sitting by the beach and enjoying the calm sea waves highlighting vivid shades of blue.

Also, you can start the first day of your new year by visiting the famous magnificent Mahabaleshwar Temple!


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The Kodagu region also known as coorg in the state of Karnataka is blessed with a beautiful landscape comprising of lush green hills till as far as you can see, the plantation fields, never ending road's leading you deeper into the mesmerising beauty!

Coorg is perfect destination to spend new year eve with your spouse in a peaceful environment. You can indulge in trekking and exploring unknown trails, watching night sky or even parties/ festival’s happening in the area on new year’s eve. It is a perfect getaway and surely will add to your new year.

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Happy New Year!


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Looking for a perfect hide out with your significant other this new year's? Head out for Lakshadweep. It is less commercialized than Andamans but surely matches up when it comes to the beauty it has to offer.

36 islands lined up with palm trees and alluring white sand sprawled all around, is surely a thing to look out for. But please note, out of 36 islands only 10 are inhabited with tourists being allowed only on a few of them so you can imagine the privacy! Also, if you plan to go here please make sure you book your trip in advance. A good option is to cruise to the Lakshadweep Islands from Kochi, which will surely enhance your experience.

Andaman Islands

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A group of 550 islands, islets, and atolls, located in the Bay of Bengal, proves out to be one of the most happening destinations for the new year's eve. The eye-catching sea coasts with the spectacular sea waves and the dense coconut palms lined up over the islets, Andaman offers the perfect sojourn to travel with family, friends or your spouse to have a good time. You can kickstart your new year by indulging into water sports such as snorkeling, parasailing, scuba diving and exploring the beauty underneath!



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A slightly less festive yet relaxing and adventurous holiday destination could be Manali. If looking for the snowy cheer of winters that is essential for the spirit of a New Year in your opinion then, Manali is the place for you. With the chilly mountain wind blowing in your face and the snow-capped terrain being affronted to you, the parties organized on New Year’s at Manali have a unique earthy flavor enough to fill you with the celebratory spirit. The neighboring areas like Solang valley famous for the winter sports activities that you can indulge in, make up for an interesting change too. 


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For a more relaxing and peaceful new year’s, head to the backwaters of Kerala. Green, in the midst of nature and offering a plethora of stress-busting views and activities Kerala is the place to be. You can rent a houseboat in the Keralan backwaters or enjoy the beach parties that are exotic and enthralling. No matter what be choice of having a good time, Kerala will cater to your needs perfectly and keep the new year experience magical for you. With places like Varkala that attract a lot of international crowd, the beach side beauty of the place is an ideal new year destination.


Best Destinations To Celebrate New Year In India-11

The hill town of south Indian state of Tamil Nadu boasts lush green valleys, crystal blue lakes, waterfalls and grassy hill. There are no doubt’s when it comes to the natural beauty the town is blessed with, but yes on new year’s eve this beauty is enhanced by many folds as the pretty lights take over the town. So imagine nature’s beauty at it’s best under a starry night in shimmery lit up town. Well! Totally worth the experience. So head out to Kodaikanal with your friends, family or spouse this new year’s!


Best Destinations To Celebrate New Year In India-12

The chilly winter night and the vast expanse of the ‘Thar’ desert under a starlit sky! Well imagining the sight gives me goosebumps, of course in a good way. Jaisalmer is beautiful desert town boasting a majestic ‘Golden’ fort rising above the sands. So you can surely head out to explore the magnificent Jaisalmer and have a good new year’s experience by putting up tent in the middle of the desert giving you a view of the sand dunes scattered across as you embark upon new beginnings.

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In every walk with nature, one experiences far more than he seeks. Kasol is the place with scenic beauty and ideal for meditation, peace, and calm. The best way to experience the raw beauty of Kasol is trekking which can lead you to an adventurous journey. Just a few hour drive around Kasol can take you closer to a number of interesting trek routes promising breathtaking mountain vistas and endless action! What could be a better way to welcome New Year than relaxing in the lap of nature with your favorite company?


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Udaipur famously called the 'Venice of East' is a city surrounded by the magnificent royal palaces and beautiful lakes making it famous by the name of 'Lake City'. Pichola Lake is one of the finest examples of architectural and cultural marvel that prevails in the city.

The grand City Palace on the banks of the lake along with the Monsoon Palace (Sajjan Garh) on the hill above enhances the beauty of this magnificent city. A trip to Udaipur will change the way many think of Rajasthan as a hot state with desert. It's more than that. The more you explore, the more you know!!

Tirthan Valley

Best Destinations To Celebrate New Year In India-15

Blessed with immense beauty Tirthan Valley is a gateway to the Great Himalayan National Park that borrows its name from Tirthan river. It rises from the bitter cold glacial lake set in the interior of the Great Himalayan National Park in the southeast of Kullu. One will be greeted with orchards of trees loaded with apples, apricots, almonds and fields of the cereals and vegetables. People love to go for trout fishing, rock climbing, trekking and river crossing. At the end, this valley will relieve you from all pains and bruises with streams of fresh water along with your way and bring in new energy for you to shine brightly in the next year.


Best Destinations To Celebrate New Year In India-16

Unofficially known as the paragliding capital, Bir is the place which offers both serenity and adventure at the same time. The crazy weather would make you want to extend your stay there. You can do paragliding there and experience something which we don't get to do so often. Bir has some lovely cafes and monasteries which you can visit. Bir also has many wine and beer shops where one can have a lip-smacking mountain wines. Everything in Bir is so nearby that you can easily walk up to the place, you want to go to. The place is pretty cheap and affordable.

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