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Best Cruise Tours In Europe To Sail Away On A Perfect Journey


When life on land gets boring, spend some time in the sea. Cruise tours are definitely something out of this world. They cut you off from all the troubles and problems of your life and leave you speechless in the middle of the sea with colorful sunsets and sunrises. Living in a ship, the life of a king is something very alluring and why not? It is where you can experience the epitome of peace. Europe offers some of the most scenic cruise tours in the world. Taking your through the canals of various countries, to the coastal villages, to the cliff towns, to the islands, and to the historic ruins, there is a lot to see in Europe. If you want something unique on your travel list this year, book cruise holidays in Europe and get going for happy 2020.

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Before we go ahead, you should know about the popular cruise ports in Europe from where you can find a decent cruise for ultimate cruise vacations. Athens, Venice, Santorini, Rome, Barcelona, Istanbul. Mykonos, Dubrovnik (Croatia).You can pick a cruise from your desired destination.

1. Cruise to the Western Mediterranean

Best Cruise Tours In Europe To Sail Away On A Perfect Journey-1 Departs from: Barcelona, Spain

Cruise ship: Norwegian Cruise Line

Destinations: Barcelona(Spain)- Naples (Italy)- Rome (Italy)- Cannes (France)- Mallorca (Spain)

Days: 7

Best suited for: Short family cruise tours

This cruise line is a sailing playground with a number of activities such as bowling alley, ping pong table, pool and slides, pool games open for fun around the clock.

It includes a day stop at Naples in Italy where you can enjoy some delicious pizza lasagna and head on to see old ruins in Rome. The cruise also offers the beauty of Cannes and Mallorca. There are more than 14 free and extra-fee dining options, serving various cuisines such as American, Japanese, Italian, French, Brazilian and Spanish.

The cruise leaves every 7 days from Barcelona.

2. Cruise to the Baltic Sea

Best Cruise Tours In Europe To Sail Away On A Perfect Journey-2 Departs from: Copenhagen

Cruise ship: Princess cruise

Destinations: Copenhagen (Denmark)- Oslo(Norway)- Berlin (Germany)- Tallinn (Estonia) - St. Petersburg (Russia)- Helsinki(Finland)- Stockholm (Sweden)

Days: 11

Best suited for: Journey to the Scandinavian countries

This cruise tour is best suited to explore the majestic shores of the Scandinavian countries where you can find a mix of warmth and cold. The cruise is lined with various onboard and offboard activities such as Broadway show, music and cabaret show, parties at the nightclub, jazz shows live shows that you will never fall short of entertainment while on the cruise. During the sail, you can see some amazing views of the mountains, islands and the Baltic sea and you can hop off for day tours to countries like Denmark, Norway, Finland, and Sweden to explore the local culture.

3. Cruise to Europe

Best Cruise Tours In Europe To Sail Away On A Perfect Journey-3 Departs from: Amsterdam

Cruise ship: Avalon waterways

Destinations: Amsterdam (Netherlands)- Cologne (Germany)- Koblenz(Germany)- Mainz (Germany)- Strasbourg (France), Basel (Switzerland)

Days: 7

Best suited for: Short Europe Tour

If you are short on time and you want to take a detour of the popular places in Europe, this will be the perfect tour for you. From the vibrancy of Amsterdam to the metro culture of Germany, museums of Berlin, to gothic city of Strasbourg to the town of hills and lakes in Basel, this cruise has a lot to offer on the plate. This cruise line offers magnanimous cabin space and guided excursion tours on the coasts which ensures that you get deep insights into the European countries.

4. Cruise to the Eastern Mediterranean

Best Cruise Tours In Europe To Sail Away On A Perfect Journey-4 Departs from: Venice

Cruise ship: Celebrity cruises

Destinations: Venice- Katakolon (Olympia)- Santorini,

Kusadasi, Mykonos, Athens, Corfu (Greece).

Days: 10

Best suited for: Romantic tours for couples

Taking the ship to the picture-perfect coastal towns of Greece, including the top romantic destinations of Venice, Santorini and Mykonos, you will be amazed to see all the colourful places you will get to witness from the ship. This cruise is a win-win deal both for onboard and offboard services. The celebrity cruise is known for its luxury and hospitality services with a low staff to passenger ratio. When you get offboard, you will need nothing more than the fairytale beauty of the places this itinerary has handpicked for you. You can take a boat ride in Venice in the canals, enjoy sunsets, cafes, small lanes of Mykonos and Santorini, ancient ruins in Athens are much more.

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5. Cruise to the Western Mediterranean

Best Cruise Tours In Europe To Sail Away On A Perfect Journey-5 Departs from: Rome

Cruise ship: Celebrity cruises

Destinations: Rome(Italy)- Naples(Italy)- Cinque Terra - Monaco (Monte Carlo)- Cannes (France) -Mallorca, Barcelona (Spain)

Days: 7

Best suited for: Luxurious Island Hopping tour

The celebrity cruise lines have lined up the serenity of various coastal and resort town together in this itinerary. The cruise takes off from Rome, where you can spend a day or two in the city savouring on some delicious Italian food and walking around the city to see the ancient history. The cruise will drop you off in Barcelona, in the city of Gaudi, where you will see the contrasting architecture and culture. This cruise tour has popular beach destinations on the list such as Cinque Terra, Monte Carlo and Mallorca where you will get to see exceptional beauty of the crystal clear waters and colourful culture. Celebrity cruise ships are known for their luxury on board, so this trip will be like full of luxury, on and off.

6. European Masterpiece, Barcelona to Venice

Best Cruise Tours In Europe To Sail Away On A Perfect Journey-6 Departs from: Barcelona

Cruise ship: Seven sea voyager

Destinations: Barcelona (Spain)- France- Monaco (Monte Carlo)- Tuscany, Rome and Amalfi Coast (Italy)- Montenegro- Croatia, Slovenia, Venice (Italy).

Days: 11

Best suited for: For couples

This cruise is handcrafted with the best honeymoon destinations in Europe. From the blues of Monaco to the greens of Venice, this tour will take you along the unseen beauty of the coastal places in Europe. The Seven Sea Voyager is a cruise line by Royal Carribean which are known for their opulence on board. They will spacious, deluxe and semi-deluxe suites and penthouse. The cruise ship is adorned with shimmering duty-free stores, dining spaces, live shows, bars and nightclubs, it’s no less than a sailing world of its own. This cruise tour also includes 74 free excursions on the coast so you will definitely get to see a lot both on water and on land.

7. Dashing through the Danube

Best Cruise Tours In Europe To Sail Away On A Perfect Journey-7 Departs from: Vienna

Cruise ship: U by Uniworld

Destinations: Vienna (Austria)- Frankfurt (Germany)- Mainz (Germany)- Antwerp (Belgium)

Days: 8

Best suited for: Backpackers and river cruising

While most cruises sail in the sea and oceans, this cruise experience is probably the closest to the heart of Europe. This is a cruise tour dashing through the serene rivers of Danube and Rhine, the two most important rivers of Europe that passed through many cities and towns. Uniworld has brought together cruise experience, luxury, solo travelling and partying. It is one of the most affordable cruise experience in the world. Their cruise ship is a state-of-an-art masterpiece, though it’s small in size it is packed with tons of activities that you can enjoy onboard. The coolest thing about the cruise is their Ice Bar, it is a hydraulic bar that moves upwards and stoops low while crossing the bridge and it is surely one of its kind. The ship passes through most popular cities in Europe including places in Germany, Belgium and historic towns of Vienna. If you go on this tour during spring and Autumn, you will be lucky to see the world around you wrapped in different colours of nature, making it the best time for this cruise.

8. Cruise to Western Med by Azamara

Departs from: Barcelona

Cruise ship: Azamara

Destinations: Barcelona (Spain)- Marseille-

Saint-Tropez, Nice (France)- Portofino, Florence, Elba, Rome (Italy)

Days: 8

Best suited for: Offbeat Europe tour and romantic cruise

The choice of destinations of this cruise surely tells one thing that it is going to be a romantic sojourn. Leaving from the city of Gaudi, Barcelona in Spain where you can spend a few days before sailing. The ship will take you to charismatic islands of French Riveria, where you can spend some time on the beaches and enjoy sceneries of the sea. From the cosmopolitan culture to the relaxing moments, you will have it all on the journey. Azamara cruise lines are known for their comfortable suites and accommodation and their impeccable room service. The fun of dance bars, nightclubs, kids play area, lounge pool are extra add ons to your journey

9. Copenhagen to Stockholm Oceania cruise

Best Cruise Tours In Europe To Sail Away On A Perfect Journey-8 Departs from: Copenhagen

Cruise ship: Marina, Oceania Cruises

Destinations: Copenhagen (Denmark) -Berlin (Germany)- Ronne ( Denmark)- Gdansk ( Poland)- Klaipeda (Lithuania) Riga (Latvia)-Tallinn, Estonia- St. Petersburg (Russia)- Stockholm, (Sweden)

Days: 10

Best suited for: Luxurious cruise experience

Venture on a luxurious journey offered by the Oceania cruise which is ranked top among the best cruise experiences. This cruise has been sailing through the nooks and corners of the European continent and offers multiple shore excursions.

Oceania Cruises speaks highly of the luxury, the rooms designed by Ralph Lauren, multiple dining rooms serving gourmet dishes, several bars, spa, entertainment centre, casino and a boutique onboard where you can find your own little world full of everything gold and shiny.

10. 7-Night Viking Saga

Best Cruise Tours In Europe To Sail Away On A Perfect Journey-9 Departs from: Rotterdam, Netherlands

Cruise ship: Holland America Line

Destinations: Ulvik (Norway)- Cruise Hardangerfjord- Stavanger (Norway)- Kristiansund (Norway)- Oslo (Norway)

Days: 7

Best suited for: Vikings tour and history

This 7-night cruise tour is an unexplored journey. Crossing the seas and oceans of the king’s land, you will witness some great Vikings history on your way. You will get a tour of the serene beauty of Scandanavian countries. On top of all, Hollan American Line is known for its opulence. You can get sea view rooms, private suites, verandah suites inside the cruise. The ship is loaded with entertainment options such as rolling stone bar, multiple dining rooms and shopping stores.

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