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A List Of Thrilling Adventure Sports Bali Has To Offer!

You Probably (read surely), think of Bali as an exotic honeymoon destination with its white sand beaches shoring the clear blue sea waters, the rich culture, the ultimate street shopping destination and what not. 

But, what you all have been missing throughout is the exquisite range of adventure sports that Bali does not boast about. It's time that you alter your itineraries a bit to make some space for the amazing adventure sports that you MUST not miss in Bali! Bali has a host of water sports activities and a fair number of surfing spots which the adrenaline seekers just cannot afford to miss. 

1. Cave Diving

A List Of Thrilling Adventure Sports Bali Has To Offer!-1 With Cave Diving you can take the adventure of scuba diving to another level. Dive in the Shark Caves and Gili Biaha to experience the underwater world and coral beauty in a totally unique way. Beware! Cave Diving is one of the extreme sports and requires a lot of training and safety measures. You can discover the extraordinary marine life as you scale the depths. But, for the exquisite range of Sharks along with the lobsters and butterfly fish that will welcome you under the cave, the risk is all worth it!

2. White Water Rafting

A List Of Thrilling Adventure Sports Bali Has To Offer!-2 Ubud would be the ideal destination if you wish to relive the experience of white water rafting. Ayung River and Telaga Waja river host the enthralling trail of white-water rafting in Ubud. Fight the steep rocks that rest on the river stretch or glide down the slopes of flowing water, you will be enjoying one of a kind experience. If you are one of those adrenaline seekers, you must certainly try out the white water rafting. It is considered to be an extreme watersport activity which is sure to have your heart pumping and breath heavy. Melangit river and Telaga Waja river are also popular spots for whitewater rafting. This enthralling experience of white water rafting will leave your heart wanting for more!

3. Bali Flying Fish

A List Of Thrilling Adventure Sports Bali Has To Offer!-3 Bali in its own way has redefined the exciting experience of banana ride what they call it as Flying Fish. The Flying Fish sport is majorly popular among the Asian and European tourists. A giant rubber boat which looks like a fish is connected to a speedboat that carries you along above the surface of the sea. This adventure sport is new in the water sports market and hence you can totally boast about it back at home. For the best Flying Fish ride Tanjung Benoa Beach is the perfect destination. In order to ensure that the ride is safe international safety equipments have been put in place. So you can take the ride without any worry about the safety issues because it has already been taken care of. In fact, if you are pressed for money but still you don't want to give up on your dose of adventure, the Tanjung Benoa beach has the Banana boat rides for them. It is the cheapest of all the marine activities and yet no less thrilling. You wouldn't want to miss the chance to fly like a bird in the sky, would you?

4. Paragliding

A List Of Thrilling Adventure Sports Bali Has To Offer!-4 You wouldn't want to miss out on Paragliding in Bali if you have got the adventure junkie in you. To behold the beauty of pristine beaches and the glittering blue waters of Bali while soaring high in the sky is something that you will cherish for long. Jump off the cliff in your parachutes at Uluwatu to enjoy the bird's eye view of Southern Bali. Paragliding over the Nusa Dua is an experience you wouldn't want to miss. The Uluwatu site is one of the most popular one for paragliding. The tourists flock in huge numbers to experience the thrill of paragliding.

5. Flyboarding

A List Of Thrilling Adventure Sports Bali Has To Offer!-5 As the newest attraction of Nusa Dua, Flyboarding will fulfill your superhero fantasies. A mixture of surfboard and jet ski that will toss you high in the sea with its strong water pressure. This is another one of the enthralling water sport activities that you can try out in Bali. Flyboard will take you as high as 15 mt above the sea level where you can totally flaunt your surfing moves. It remains the most sought-after activity in Bali you must put your shoes in to gain a never-seen-before experience.

6. Rappelling

A List Of Thrilling Adventure Sports Bali Has To Offer!-6 Combine the thrills of hiking and rafting and you have Rappelling. Rappelling in the beautiful gorges and waterfall of Bali will give you an unforgettable experience. Put all your strengths to hike all the way up leaving behind cliffs and waterfalls, then descend downward with the gushing water. The experience is much better than what you can possibly imagine. Kalimudah and Tukad Hijau (for extreme ) are the best destinations for this adventure sport in Bali. Since Bali is a land where natural beauty lies in abundance, there is certainly no dearth of waterfalls. You can easily find

7. Freediving

A List Of Thrilling Adventure Sports Bali Has To Offer!-7 If you think Scuba Diving is too mainstream then make Freediving your pick in Bali. Dive deep down inside the underwater world in the most natural way without any equipment and safety measures to enjoy the most natural view. This one is considered as one of the extreme water sports of the world and requires you to relax throughout to gain the best experience (and keep you alive). Discover what Bali has to offer you from its underwater treasure- marine creatures, rich corals and ship wrecks of Second World War.

8. Trekking

A List Of Thrilling Adventure Sports Bali Has To Offer!-8 Although you can undertake various trekking trails in Bali, but the one which is highly recommended is the Trek to Gunung Batur- Bali's most active volcano. But this is not the only reason why you must trek to Mt. Batur. The trek is magnificent with its nature's vistas all throughout the journey, but the splendid view of the beaches and mountains that you will encounter at Mt. Batur is the very reason as to why you must go for this trek. Not just that, you can enjoy water rafting, beach runs and the few sights of elephants and baby turtles will add the cherry on top to your visit. You cannot come back from Bali without having trekked the Mount Batur!

There are numerous other trekking points in Bali that you can opt for. In fact, there are various trekking trails to the volcanoes. Mount Augung, Mount Catur, Mount Batukaru and Mount Rinjani are some of the very popular volcano trekking points.

9. Kitesurfing

A List Of Thrilling Adventure Sports Bali Has To Offer!-9 Surfing has become too conventional for you, then you have got to show some of the moves while you kitesurf in the waters of Indian Ocean. With Surfboard down your feet and kite connected to your arms, this adventure sports will let you ride the waves in a unique way altogether. If you are a beginner, make your way to the Sanur Beach which has flat water and lets you enjoy the best of Kitesurfing without any risk. Even if you don't know the technicalities of kite surfung, don't you worry. There are several kitesurfing schools in Bali which are along the coast of Sanur. Nusa Dua, Canggu and Sanur are considered to be the best spots for Kite surfing.

10. ATV Quad Biking

A List Of Thrilling Adventure Sports Bali Has To Offer!-10 If nothing but the roaring sound of engine pleases your ear, then you have a thing for ATV Quad Biking. Just hop on the bike, show your driving skills and let the bike do the task. Taro in Bali is the perfect place for ATV rides which offers the adrenaline raising experience along with beauty the local villages, plantations, the jungle, the countryside and a bamboo forest.

You can check out Bali Swing, an experience you just can't miss.

So, Bali is not just about the gorgeous rice paddy fields or the white sand beaches but also about the thrilling and extreme watersports. Bali adventure tour is going to take you to the edge, make sure you try it once. This will be more than than you think!]

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