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Why you should visit Goa in the monsoons


Imagine the scent of rain tingling your senses while you feast your eyes on the scenic backdrop of the greenest green, the rain and the tones of green all uniting in a majestic symphony. The beaches being illuminated by the light drizzle of monsoon in an unkempt yet pristine way filling you up with sheer rapture and delighting you to your very bone as you saunter across undaunted by the sun as the cool breeze gently caresses you while the sea touches your feet and ebbs way.

The quite exaltation that you derive from this fantastical image is plausible in a real-world setup, right here in Goa.

The beauty of goa in Monsoons would leave you awestruck. Being the apex of natural beauty, blessed with blissful beaches and lush green foliage, Goa is at its zenith in the monsoon as it goes beyond its stature as the party capital of India.

Goa is a deluge of green, and in monsoons, the picturesque landscapes are a spectacle. Goa is an enchantment much beyond the parties, and the music festivals and even the parties are at their wildest best, and if you are not in for the extravaganza, the extremely low fares in Monsoons would be it for you.

And if you are still baffled and not ready for the gorgeous escape in Goa check out the list down below and use it as your guideline for all the things you ought to do and see in Goa and let it convince you why it's so unique in the monsoons.

1) Visit the Dudhsagar Waterfalls

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Dudhsagar waterfalls are at their best in Monsoons, with massive volumes of waters gushing from the mouth of river Mandovi, the falls shapeshift into a voluptuous white cloud and live up to their real monicker "Dudhsagar" or the ocean of milk. The Dudhsagar waterfalls will fill you up with awe and evoke a sense of calm in you. One of the highest waterfalls in India, it stands tall at the height of about 310 meters and an average width of about 30m

The falls bask in all its gargantuan glory in Monsoon, with an increase in the volume of water flowing through the falls, the Dudhsagar Waterfalls is immersive in the monsoons. The falls would entice the nature lover in you, and make for a great backdrop in your selfies!

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2) Take a walk at the Palolem Beach

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Palolem beach is a 1.5 km stretch of land lined with tall coconut trees and vibrant beach shacks. The beach is a semblance of sand, sun and the sea. The beach is crowded in the summers, so monsoon is your best time to set foot on the golden sands and saunter across the beach and enjoy the scenic backdrop while the gentle breeze is haughtily playing with your hair as you gaze at the coconut trees and giggle without the harsh summer sun harassing your enthusiasm or your skin. The famous shacks of Palolem also offer multi-cuisine delicacies to savour, so along with the beach, the pleasant weather you get to enjoy delicious food! Do you need more of a reason to visit Palolem in the monsoon?

2) Enjoy the weather in Anjuna Beach

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Anjuna beach is a popular one among tourists, with palm trees soaked in the rain and gently swaying in the cool breeze; the sight is a delight for the eyes in the rainy season. A utopian hippy hangout with its famous trance parties and wild nights, the places lives up to the expectation of the ultimate party destination. the location is an awesome hangout in monsoons without the usual rush and cacophony; its much easier to have a great time and explore the uncharted territories and if you want to explore more beaches then savour yourself with all these blissful beaches in Goa.

4) Take in the aroma of Tropical Spice Plantation

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The tantalising fragrance of the spice plantations unfolds into a mystical venture when combined with the onset of monsoon. The 100-acre plantation is home to plants that are used for a myriad of purposes, from curing tooth pain and indigestion to remedies for a night of sound sleep, the tea plantation flourishes in its beauty in the monsoon. The spice plantation is lush and green and a nature serenade after the gentle wash of the rains.

5) Stalk the stripes at wildlife sanctuaries

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Unlike wildlife sanctuaries in the rest of India, Sanctuaries in Goa come alive in the Monsoons, after a gentle wash Of the rains. One of Goa’s famous wildlife sanctuaries, Mhadei wildlife sanctuary is at its peak in the Monsoons. Located in the North Goa near Valpoi, with a green dispersing far and wide, the whole wildlife sanctuary is a sight to see. The Mhadei wildlife sanctuary is home to various animals and is even being considered to become a project tiger reserve because of the presence of Bengal tigers.

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6) Enjoy the Sao Joao and Bonderam festivals!

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The two most important festivals held during monsoon in Goa are The Sao Jao and Bonderam festival. These are two fun-filled festivals that are exclusively held in Monsoons and are celebrated in the latter half of June every year, the Sao Joao festival or the fertility feast festival involves men trying to find bottles of Feni, an alcoholic drink from wells, The whole festival is a pleasure to witness.

The Bonderam festival is celebrated on the Divar island and is a vibrant festival which kicks off with a parade and the entire island dances to the melody of the famous local bands, with the people lost in the festivities, the sight is delightful to the very core!!

7) Take a selfie at the Chapora Fort!

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The Chapora Fort is a place where the old is juxtaposed against the new. A historical sight, a throwback from the Portuguese past, it is also the famed place where the shooting of Dil Chahta Hai transpired! The placed existed as another fortification even before the Portuguese came to Goa and was also used as a base camp for Prince Akbar. The fort overlooks the Arabian sea and sits atop a hillock and is a poignant reminder of the now abandoned past. The fort is jampacked in the summers. The Monsoons happens to be the best time to be here and with the lovely backdrop that you get to see from here and the quiet atmosphere and the "Dil Chahta Hai" factor makes the place a perfect spot to get your selfie sticks in motion and capture selfies that you would look back to.

The monsoon in Goa does not get better than this, the party paradigm at its best stretching far and wide and assuming all of its natural attributes in various tones of green is what cannot be witnessed in any other season, the Goa in monsoon is inexpensive, quaint, green and alive. The fairly low price and the amiable weather are two things that do not come together at any other time. So take your time and check out the link down below for Goa tour packages and get your Glorious Goa experience.

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