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Kuldhara - The story of a 'Haunted' village!


Kuldhara - The story of a 'Haunted' village!-1

Legends and history are a great way to attract visitors to a place. But with a curse and a haunting plot thrown in, it is a sure way to steal the visitor’s attention. I was intrigued by what the locals had said about the ghost village and wanted to visit the place.

This is the story of a cursed village that has a 200-year-old history to it. Kuldhara, which was once a prosperous town, is now an abandoned ghost village shrouded in mystery. It is located 17 km from the town of Jaisalmer. The guide who took me to the place narrated the story of how Kuldhara became an abandoned, cursed and haunted village, which was forgotten and then rediscovered after almost 2 centuries. And this story of love and curse was fascinating in every aspect.

Kuldhara - The story of a 'Haunted' village!-2 As you step into the village and walk through the silent, dusty lanes of the broken houses and shambles, an eerie feeling creeps in, sending a shiver down the spine. During the12th century, the village was the settlement area of Paliwal Brahmins, natives of village Pali who had migrated to Kuldhara for survival. The village became a rather prosperous land, thanks to their ability to grow mammoth crops in the barren land. The village was a well-planned township with straight roads and had 600 double storeyed, well-designed houses. Unfortunately, during one night in 1825, the people of Kuldhara and the nearby 84 villages vanished in the dark. No one till date knows, as to where all the people had vanished or what had happened to them.

Legend has it that the then Diwan Salim Singh had his lecherous eyes on the village head’s daughter and insisted marrying her with or without her consent or anyone’s consent for that matter. He threatened the villagers saying that they would face the consequences if they tried to come in his way. Known for his evil dispositions, the villagers were aware that they couldn’t stand a chance against the Diwan. At the same time, they didn’t want to give up on their self-respect as well. Hence they unanimously decided and fled from the village overnight, leaving behind their homes and belongings.

Kuldhara - The story of a 'Haunted' village!-3 It is said that before leaving the village, they had cursed Kuldhara such that no one can ever settle here. This curse remains true till date as the village is abandoned from the settlement. Leave settlement, nobody has been able to spend a peaceful night at this village. The mysterious part is no one had seen thousand odd people leave their village, no one knows where they had resettled or what had actually happened to them. The only thing that is known is that they cursed the town before they left and that no one would ever be able to settle in Kuldhara again. There is a small temple at the starting of the village and as the sun sets, the gates of Kuldhara are shut by the neighbouring villagers.

Recently in 2015, there was team of 18 people from Delhi’s Paranormal Society who stayed in this village for 12 hours and reported strange incidents in this village from moving shadows to haunting voices and a sudden temperature drop of 41 degree Celsius to 30 degree Celsius within few streets of the village. Anyways, this place is under Archaeological Surveillance now and no one is allowed to stay overnight.

Disclaimer: I visited this place DURING the DAY TIME! (Horror stories and late nights usually don’t go well with me). For all the brave souls, plunge into this village and see for yourself! All I can say is beyond the beautiful forts and the sand dunes, folklore and camel safaris, puppets and carved havelis, there is this Jaisalmer experience that will stay with you long after you left the place.
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