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8 Signs that You are a Traveler Not Tourist

In this small world, there is a LOT to see and explore. There is wanderlust in each of one us and the inspiration to travel varies, because, we are all unique remember?

But still, the world of traveling can be broadly divided into two categories- the 'Tourist' and the 'Traveler'. So, have you ever given a thought in which category do you fall? Well, travelers prefer to travel offbeat while tourist's keep their luxuries intact. Personally, being a 'Traveler' here i have jotted down these 8 points that will give you a perfect insight into what being a traveler is all about so have a look and see if you are a traveler or not!

It will surely make you realize that you are born to travel or not!



1. Who make plans? Not You.

8 Signs that You are a Traveler Not Tourist-1

Traveler is a kind of person who is sitting on his couch one day and next day you will see him catching a train to explore a new location. Thus, for you it's like forget the plans, but keep the map, just in case! You are out on your journey to discovery and you are still following a routine? Excuse me? Don’t be a control freak. A little planning is good but too much of it is, really, too much.

2. You live in the moment.

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While traveling, you don’t worry about petty things such as mode of traveling, delays or sold out hotels you just go with the flow, unless you know somebody has stolen your luggage. You know it really well that there is no need to be stuck up or be in a constant panic because that deters you from the main purpose - to enjoy and not give any fucks!

3. You do not care about luxuries.

8 Signs that You are a Traveler Not Tourist-3

Being a traveler you always aim to save money and do not spend it mindlessly. You might want to stay in a luxury suite but you realize that if you are looking to be always on a roll, then you must not let your impulses and comforts bother you too much and come in between your future travel plans.

4. Trying new things doesn't scare you

8 Signs that You are a Traveler Not Tourist-4

You are always looking for trying something new. When in a new place, you never stick to your old ways. You look forward to try a new cuisine, local art form or even learn the local language! You make sure to carry back new experiences with you.

5. You believe in capturing the moment in your eyes.

8 Signs that You are a Traveler Not Tourist-5

Click pictures but don’t let your travel experience be stored in your memory card and not in your mind’s eye. For you, the most important part of traveling is collecting experiences, memories, beauty all in your eyes and heart. You are surely not the one who believes in snapchatting everything!

6. You always crave for exploring the unexplored.

8 Signs that You are a Traveler Not Tourist-6

It is okay to go to the big famous cities around the globe and brag about it later to your friends but for you it's about taking the road less traveled! Because you believe in exploring the unknown beauty rather than traveling to destination stocked up with enormous number of touristy crowd. You believe in going unconventional.

7. Too good at connecting with the locals.

8 Signs that You are a Traveler Not Tourist-7

When you travel to a new place you own the place like it's your hometown! You talk to the locals and try to get to know about the place and its culture as much as possible. And a local offering you to stay at his home for free is no big deal! That's the power of a traveler.  It just adds to the overall experience. Besides, next time you arrive here, it will come in handy.

8. Finally, 'Traveling' is an on-going journey for you.

8 Signs that You are a Traveler Not Tourist-8

You do not try to label your travel or expect it to change your life, rather you go to travel because you like it, it's that simple. You look for no answers or reasons while traveling, rather you keep an open mind. Traveling is an experience for you that makes sense when you look it at as a big picture. Because you are aware of the fact that just a single outing won’t bring that moment of epiphany!

A very smart person once told me that traveling is about telling stories. And you tell stories when you have lived it, experienced and cherished. Being a traveler is not at all easy, though it is so much romanticized in the movies. You certainly never meet your future spouse but you might get frost bite. But you don’t give up hope. Traveling is not about achieving goals because it is not a job that you are doing. What it is, is different for different people. So just pack bags and throw that stiffness away.

Tell us how you are as a traveler and share your tips with us!

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