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7 most beautiful waterfalls of South India

The natural beauty of Southern India is infinitely stunning. The beaches, the pleasant weather, the grandeur of hills of the Western Ghats, the aromatic tea and coffee plantations and then there are the majestic waterfalls which offer the absolutely stunning setting of the gushing water amidst the lush green surroundings. Here are 7 most beautiful waterfalls of South India that you have got to put on your travel list.

1. Athirappilly Falls, Kerala

7 most beautiful waterfalls of South India-1

Height of waterfall - 25 m

It is not just the beauty of water that awaits you at the Athirappilly falls. The landscape of small villages, the dense forests, the rich flora and fauna and the sights of rare species of Hornbill merges together to offer the best of natural beauty. Formed by the river Chalakudy, Athirappilly falls is a must visit place of Kerala not only for its beauty of water cascades but also for the delightful site it has to offer you.

2. Hogenakkal Falls, Karnataka

7 most beautiful waterfalls of South India-2

Height of waterfall - 20 m

Yet another powerful waterfall of South India, Hogenakkal waterfalls offers the beauty of nature in fierce form. Derived from two Kannada words 'Hog' meaning smoke and 'Kal' meaning rocks. Rightly so, the waterfall offers the stunning view of smoke created by the fierce waters when they hit the bed of rocks below. Not only sightseeing but you can also enjoy boating in the traditional boats in the falls adding another reason why you should visit this beauty of Karnataka.

3. Soochipara Falls, Kerala

7 most beautiful waterfalls of South India-3

Height of waterfall - 200 m

Located at a distance of 13 km from Meppady in Wayanad district of Kerala, Soochipara falls is a three-tiered waterfall which offers the scenic beauty of water cascading down in three steps. Reaching here requires you to undertake a short and heavenly trek of 1 km. The water hitting the rocks creates a mystic scene which is the main attraction of Soochipara falls.


4. Hebbe Falls, Karnataka

7 most beautiful waterfalls of South India-4

Height of waterfall - 168 m

Bringing you yet another water wonder from the state of Karnataka, Hebbe Falls located in the Chikmagalur district of Karnataka is a popular getaway from the city. The waterfall is set amidst the lush green forests, the aroma of coffee plantations of Chikmagalur adds another bit of beauty to this place. The waterfall is also believed to possess healing powers, so do not forget to take a dip in the waterfall to wear off your illness.

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5. Shivanasamudra Falls, Karnataka

7 most beautiful waterfalls of South India-5

Height of waterfall - 98 m

Located on the small island of Karnataka with the same name, Shivanasamudra Falls is counted amongst the most powerful waterfalls of India. Dividing the river Kaveri into two and further creating two more waterfalls,  Gaganchukki and Barachukki, the majestic beauty of Shivanasamudra is not to be missed. The surroundings of deep dense trees around the falls adds the eye-pleasing element to the beauty of the falls.

6. Jog Falls, Karnataka

7 most beautiful waterfalls of South India-6

Height of waterfall - 253 m

The pride of Karnataka which presents you the water of four cascades merging together to form one enormous natural wonder. Raja, Rani, Rocket, and Rover are the four cascades that come together to form one majestic waterfall. Jog Falls is the second highest waterfall in India located in the Shimoga district of Karnataka. The beauty of this waterfall is best enjoyed from the walking platform which offers the holistic view of the falls gushing down from the height of 253 meters.

7. Meenmutty Falls, Kerala

7 most beautiful waterfalls of South India-7

Height of the waterfall - 300 m

The trek of 2 km will take you to one of the highest and largest waterfalls of India. Meenmutty waterfall is the major tourist attraction of Wayanad district of Kerala. This three- tiered waterfall offers you the stunning beauty of water ascending down in three steps. The pleasant atmosphere and the nature vistas that surround the waterfall make the setting even more beautiful.

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