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9 Reasons to Go to Bhadarwah

What makes a place great is how it makes you feel. It can be a combination of 1 or 2 or more things you look for in a place to make it a must-visit in your bucket-list. We give you 31 reasons to visit the unexplored heaven- Bhadarwah!

Bhadarwah is a small town, located on the foothills of middle Himalayas. Straight out of any Yash Raj movie, with mountains, valleys and rivers this place is picture perfect.
With beautiful Kashmir valley in the vicinity, Bhadarwah is perfectly a viriginal beauty and unexplored. That is what makes this place special: it’s like owning a secret. Take a look at the 31 things to do there and we dare you to not fall in love.

Adventure activities:

1. Paragliding

Paragliding Paragliding is the special attraction of this place and is feasible throughout the year except the wet season. Different areas of the town are used for flight; on the basis of level of expertise in paragliding. Seoj meadow (11000 fts) for basic and intermediate flyers and Gurdanda, Sonbain (7000, 8000 fts) Khanitop , Thuba, for advance and cross country flyers.

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2. Snow Skiing

Snow scooter ride With snow clad mountains almost all throughout the year, Bhadarwah is a good skiing destination. A tourism spot namely ‘Chinta’ is fit for conducting training courses in Snow Skiing and is connected by a defence road and has adequate accommodation facilities and food.

3. Mountaineering, Trekking, Camping

Trekking and Camping The treks are easy to moderate and do not require any special health certification for undertaking trekking activity. Some of the favourite and fascinating trekking routes are:- Bhaderwah to Seoj to Kailash Kund to Nalthi Village via Ramtund. The route is 30 kms to be completed in 3 days and 2 nights requiring night halt at Seoj and Ramtund. Hanga or Manthala village to Dev- Chattar – Chilli ( Kelaar ) to Khillanni village (75 Km) to be completed in 4 Days & 3 Nights & Passes through thick forest unexplored virgin flora of Pir panjal ranges Camping to be at Dev Chattar meadow & Chilli Village . Jai – Bach Dhar to Padri to Thanalla village (30 Km) 2 days and 2 nights with camping at Bach Dhar & Padri meadow Chinta- Roushera to Sbhardar to Ghati Moar (25-30 km) to be complete in 2 days and one night with halt at Sbhardhar meadow. Sarithal- (on Bhaderwah – Basoli road) to Padri via Ashapati mountain two days and one night poses challenges to rock climbers and expert trekkers. Besides above world famous ‘sapphire trek’ taking off from Paddar to Zanskar in Ladakh in the historical route used by military General Zorawar Singh to invade Ladakh and Tibet.

5. River & White Water Rafting

Rafting Streams like ‘Neeru’ and ‘Dondi’ are great for conducting activities like kayaking and white water rafting. It provides a mode to experience this challenging and thrilling activity.

6. Mountain Biking

9 Reasons to Go to Bhadarwah-5 This activity is relatively a new offering in the area, and is rapidly catching the fancy of adventure enthusiasts. The comfortable treks and mountainous roads are ideal for mountain sports biking.

7. Angling

It is one of the most preferred activities in Bhadarwah. The cold water streams contains ‘Trout’ fish and the activity can be supported at all the tourist spots of Bhaderwah.

8. Comfort Tourism

Comfort tourism is a new thing that kicked off this year onwards. As a part of this project about 85 households in the town, opened the doors of their houses, to welcome the devotees on their way to the three-day pilgrimage to the Kailash kund. The idea of comfort tourism is to encourage infrastructural development in remote and inaccessible areas.

9. Historic significance

9 Reasons to Go to Bhadarwah-6
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