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Palaces In Rajasthan Where You Can Stay For A Luxurious Experience


That era of kings and their mighty kingdom might never come back but if there is a way to live the life king size would you take it? I am sure some of you are definitely fascinated by how the kings used to live in their big bedrooms, hundreds of servants taking care of your every demand, the most delicious food served all the time. You can have a short experience of the same kind of lifestyle in the land of richest kingdoms of the country- Rajasthan. To get the taste of it you must stay at one of the palaces built by the rulers of the land and some of them has been converted into heritage hotels which gives you a chance to live life king size. Take your pick.

1. Umaid Bhawan Palace, Jodhpur

Palaces In Rajasthan Where You Can Stay For A Luxurious Experience-1 Sprawled over an area of whopping 26 acres, this palace consists of 347 rooms. Built by Raja Umaid Singh in the year 1943, the palace is one of the largest private residences ever built in the history of mankind. A part of this heritage property has been converted into a 5-star hotel owned and managed by Taj group of hotels and has been awarded as the best hotel at the Traveller’s choice award. The Maharaja and Maharani suites are much bigger than what an average apartment would be. The architecture speaks of the typical Rajput culture. They also have well-manicured lawns spread over 15 acres of land and a museum dedicated to the artefacts of the Rajput regime.

2. Udaipur Lake Palace, Udaipur

Palaces In Rajasthan Where You Can Stay For A Luxurious Experience-2 Built with the white shimmed marble, the Udaipur Lake Palace is situated amidst the Lake Pichola and the hotel provides a boat service to take you to this world of utter luxury. The resident palace was built by the king of Mewar, Raja Jagat Singh II in the 18th century and reflects one of the masterpiece edifices of the of that era. The hotel has 83 suits to choose from with the view of the lake from the window. Owned by Taj hotel, Udaipur is one of the romantic getaways for the lovely couples out there who cherish the idea of candlelight dinner and opulence. The palace is also known for its spa treatment, a unique spa experience while you float in the Lake Pichola.

3. Neemrana Fort Palace, Alwar

Palaces In Rajasthan Where You Can Stay For A Luxurious Experience-3 15th-century hotel built with a backdrop of Aravali hills, Neemrana fort palace is the first choice for an ideal weekend getaway from the capital city for someone looking for an absolutely luxury treatment on weekend. The palace is built across seven palace wings spread across the layers of Aravali peaks. The grandeur of this palace is hard to imagine until you go there and see for yourself. It has 72 luxury suites, a spa resort, various restaurants, an open pool and an option to enjoy a variety of adventure sports as well such as flying fox, zip lining among others.

4. Laxmi Niwas Palace, Bharatpur

Palaces In Rajasthan Where You Can Stay For A Luxurious Experience-4 Located in the Bharatpur district of Rajasthan, the hotel is built along the Laxmi Niwas with the same style of history, heritage and architecture. The hotel has been recently built in 2008 but a part of the palace still remains the resident of the royal family. Located close to the Keoladeo National Park, at a mere distance of 2 km, it is the best place to experience luxury, history, nature and wildlife at the same time. The palace is known for its tranquility and impeccable service. You can also take a heritage tour around the original Laxmi Niwas Palace to have a sneak peek of the lifestyle of the Royal family.

5. Samode Haveli, Jaipur

Palaces In Rajasthan Where You Can Stay For A Luxurious Experience-5 This palace shows the lineage of the Samode rulers, a part of which has been converted into a hotel by its descendants and a part of it still remains as their residence. Surrounded by the Aravali hills, Samode Haveli is built with the plan of the traditional Havelis in India. The intrigue designs of the walls and ceiling of the Havelis will leave you awestruck with its form of art. For recreational purposes, there is a spa resort and a swimming along with a few fine dining restaurants which will keep you engaged in your stay.

6. Thar Vilas, Jaisalmer

Palaces In Rajasthan Where You Can Stay For A Luxurious Experience-6 An oasis amidst the vast Thar desert, Thar Vilas is the majestic fortress built by the Mughals. The palace consisting of 78 luxurious suites carefully blends the historic culture with the modern amenities. There is a spa resort with ayurvedic treatments and an outdoor pool which allows you to rejuvenate amidst the dry weather of Jaisalmer. It is located within the close vicinity of the abandoned Kuldhara village which is believed to be one of the haunted places in Rajasthan.

7. Chomu Palace, Chomu

Palaces In Rajasthan Where You Can Stay For A Luxurious Experience-7 Based on the Vastushastra philosophy of historic India, the architecture of the palace is older than the era in which it was built. The palace was built in 1714 AD by the then ruler of the region Thakur Karan Singh Ji. The palace took almost 1000 years to complete and you can witness the hard work of all these years in its architecture. The hotel boasts 58 luxurious suites which are carefully crafted in the same manner the rulers used to live with the little touch up of modern amenities.

8. Suryagarh, Jaisalmer

Palaces In Rajasthan Where You Can Stay For A Luxurious Experience-8 Perched on the top of the hill, Suryagarh is one of the most historic properties in India which has been featured in the Forbes, The Times, The Huffington post and what not. It is your official getaway to the Thar desert where you experience a complete world altogether after you make your way to the dusky Thar deserts to the majestic Suryagarh palace. Sprawled over an area of 40 acres it has 62 rooms and suites boasting of the royal lifestyle of the kings. You can also enjoy a fine dine experience amid the vast dunes of Thar desert.

9. Sariska Palace, Alwar

Palaces In Rajasthan Where You Can Stay For A Luxurious Experience-9 It was built by the king of Alwar as his hunting retreat to keep up his love of hunting the wildlife of Sariska forest. This palace is a magnificent example of the blend of the Indian and French architecture. The spacious king-sized suites built to accommodate the royal family of Alwar is open for the public to experience the same standards that of the kings. It is located close to Sariska wildlife sanctuary and hence allows you to spot the wildlife species of the national reserve as well.

10. Rambagh Palace, Jaipur

Palaces In Rajasthan Where You Can Stay For A Luxurious Experience-10 With the heritage beauty of the palace, you get to witness the enormity of its architecture. Built in the year 1835, it was built by the then Maharaja of Jaipur as his hunting lodge. The grand residence has been now converted into a heritage hotel run by Taj group of hotels. It has 78 king and queen-sized suites open for guests where they can get their little experience of the royal lifestyle.

11. Hari Mahal, Jaipur

Palaces In Rajasthan Where You Can Stay For A Luxurious Experience-11 Situated in the heart of Pink City, Hari Mahal was built in the year 1930 to accommodate the royal family, the descents of Maharaja Prithvi Raj of Amber who ruled the region in the 16th century. A part of the palace has been converted into a hotel managed by Taj and a part still remains the residence of the Rajadhiraj Hari Singhji of Achrol. With the archaic beauty of the old times and the modern amenities, your stay just can't get any better.

12. Jai Mahal, Jaipur

Palaces In Rajasthan Where You Can Stay For A Luxurious Experience-12 Located amidst the lush green lawn and greenery stands in pride the royal retreat of Jaipur, Jai Mahal. Owned by the Taj group of hotel, the classic palace has been converted into a 5-star hotel. It is a dream destination for the wedding spread across 18 acres of land. The architecture of the place is a blend of Indo-Saracenic and well-manicured Mughal gardens add to its beauty. It has 94 luxurious suites and rooms and is located close to the historical edifices of Amber Fort, HawaMahal and City Palace.

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