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16 Music Festivals in India You Can't Resist


Have you ever heard of anything which good music can't solve? In our books, we doubt there isn't. If you are a music lover with a passion for all forms of music like Rock, Pop, Trance, Blues and everything in between, then there is a fantastic line-up of music festivals in India in 2017 that you wouldn’t want to miss for anything in the world. Pack your travel bag, book your festival tickets and travel from one place to another to enjoy a string of music fiestas.

1. Timeout 72 | Goa

16 Music Festivals in India You Can't Resist-1 Every year, post-Christmas, the Sunburn Festival was organised in Goa. But now, it has shifted to Pune paving the way for Timeout 72 to the prime musical fest in Goa. Now, if you’re a music lover, you would know what an insane and mind-blowing music festival it is and not one to be missed at any condition. Goa rocks to the tunes of some of the finest artists from all around the world in the last week of December and if you’ve not witnessed it, you’ve had no fun in your life. For three days, get transported to a magical music land. This will be the experience of your life that will change you forever.

When: December 2018(Date To Be Announced)

Where: Goa

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2. Storm Festival | Coorg

16 Music Festivals in India You Can't Resist-2 Camping around the festival ground- an idea which has  been adopted and well executed by the promoters of the Storm festival. It is by far India’s most authentic camp-out festival. It  combines some great music with the serenity and calm of nature, the choice of destination being Coorg, Karnataka. The storm is a medley of many vibrant genres of music viz., EDM, Indian bands and some delightful jamming sessions. But the thing that sets Storm apart from all other music fest is its love for the environment and nature. Each year Storm plays host to some of the top-tier artists from around the globe – Swarathma, Nikhil Chinappa and Yodhakaa, to name a few. Get close to mother nature in her lap, feel the vibes of music, and camp with your friends. For more information, visit the Storm festival website.

When: Next Festival To Be Announced

Where: To Be Announced

3. Escape Festival of Art & Music | Naukuchiatal

16 Music Festivals in India You Can't Resist-3 Started back in May 2009, Escape is one of India’s foremost outdoor art, music and camping festival – again the whole natural setting makes it an offbeat music festival experience for all the performing artists as well as the audience. Set in the foothills of the Himalayas, Escape has the sole aim of keeping art and music at the top of the priority list. The picturesque location of a resort next to a lake in the Himalayas sets the perfect mood for a few days of absolutely magical music. Artists like Skinny Alley, Lou Majaw, Indigo Children, among others, have graced the stage of Escape. Besides splendid musical performances, various workshops based on diverse art and music forms add to the already mouth-watering line-up of the festival. A perfect getaway, or let’s say, "Escape" from the monotonous and mundane life awaits you at Naukuchiatal, Uttarakhand. For more information, visit Escape Festival of Art & Music website.

When: Future Dates To Be Announced

Where: Naukuchiatal, Uttarakhand

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4. Rajasthan International Folk Festival | Jodhpur

16 Music Festivals in India You Can't Resist-4 Hosted by the Jaipur Virasat Foundation, the festival is dedicated to showcasing Rajasthani Folk music to the world at the Mehrangarh Fort. It would be very difficult to keep up with the pace of the festival with the performances beginning at dawn and ending with a late night party. The way different forms of international music is fused with Rajasthani is unreal! You will be begging for more and come back with a lot of friends! UNESCO has endorsed RIFF as a “Peoples’ Platform for Creativity and Sustainable Development”. The historical and striking location of the Mehrangarh Fort gets you engrossed in the traditional folk music. Folk artists like Babunath Jogi, Chanan Khan Manganiyar, Bhanwari Devi, have lit up the festival with tremendous displays of their mastery over their art. The RIFF is sure to bring you one step closer to your traditional and folk roots, and give us a gentle reminder of our glorious heritage and culture. For more information, visit Jodhpur RIFF website.

When: October(Dates To Be Announced)

Where: Rajasthan

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5. Bacardi NH7 Weekender | Pune

16 Music Festivals in India You Can't Resist-5 Acclaimed as the best-organised music festival in India, the NH7 Weekender is undoubtedly, one to please all sets of music-lovers. With multiple genres, such as rock, metal, folk-fusion, indie,etc., on display, the festival is a treat for the hardened music fans. The festival boasts of an envious line-up of artists from every nook and corner of the world. Famous names such as the Indian Ocean, The Raghu Dixit Project, Pentagram, have all brought the NH7 Weekender stage to life. This is the festival for the real musicaholic, best production, top artists, excellent infrastructure, the festival gets your feet dancing in an instant. For more information, visit the NH7 Weekender website.

When: Future Dates To Be Announced

Where: Anywhere in India

6. Bangalore Open Air | Bangalore

16 Music Festivals in India You Can't Resist-6 This is known as the first musical festival to go live in the Indian mainland. This is the only festival in India to feature ONLY metal bands. Interestingly, the Bangalore Open Air is actually a feature of Germany's annual Wacken Open Air. Salman. U. Syed/InfiniteDreamsEntertainment is behind the idea of BOA. The festival is proud to have had artists like Animals as Leaders, Ihsahn, Dark Tranquility, Sodom, Leprous and headlined by Iced Earth. For more details about the festival, visit - www.bangaloreopenair.com

When: 7 July, Saturday

Where: Bangalore

7. Sawai Gandharva Bhimsen Mahotsav | Pune

16 Music Festivals in India You Can't Resist-7 India, the land of cultural diversity, also hosts one of the oldest and largest Indian Classical music festival in the world. With the spotlight on Hindustani Classical Khayal music, the festival features instrumentalists, dancers, dhrupadiyas, Bhakti musicians, Ghazal musicians, Qawwaliyas, and Carnatic musicians. The festival keeps alive the Indian cultural heritage in the form of musical expression and is also an important milestone in the development of the same. This is the best festival that quenches the thirst of regional audiences all over the world.

When: 12-16 December

Where: Pune

8. Hornbill International Festival | Kohima

16 Music Festivals in India You Can't Resist-8 Nagaland's weeklong festival is not just a musical treat, but also hosts feasts, dances and games. It is a hub of Nagaland's culture celebrated at one place during one week, and therefore is organised by none other than the State Tourism and Art & Culture Departments. The grand cash prizes claimed for the multiple games at the festival make it packed with entertainment. It is considered an honour for a band to be chosen for the festival. To know more about the festival, visit - www.hornbillfestival.com

When: 1-10th December

Where: Kohima, Nagaland

9. Mahindra Blues Festival | Mumbai

16 Music Festivals in India You Can't Resist-9 The young festival has been successful in attracting crowds in large numbers. The credit for which must be given to the international headlining acts by blues legend Buddy Guy along with the other artists. The festival makes money without actually having a money-making approach. It targets the wealthy, elite and classy crowd and has been flourishing, without a doubt! To know more about the festival, visit - www.mahindra.com

When: Dates To Be Announced

Where: Mumbai

10. World Sufi Music Festival

16 Music Festivals in India You Can't Resist-10 The festival is held at two locations- Nagaur & Jodhpur. As the name suggests, the festival is the ground for Sufi artists and does not stop at Sufi music. It is home to concerts, qawwalis, lectures, workshops and more, keeping alive the cultural heritage of Sufism. The festival is sure to be a treat for the ears and the eyes! For more information, visit http://worldsacredspiritfestival.org/

When: Next Dates To Be Announced

Where: Jodhpur

11. Enchanted Valley Carnival | Aamby Valley

16 Music Festivals in India You Can't Resist-11

Enchanted Valley Carnival is not just another music festival but an amalgamation of music, adventure sports and camping. The event is organised at gorgeous Aamby Valley near the popular hill station of Lonavala and makes a perfect weekend getaway too. The thing which set this festival aside from the rest is that it paves the way for cutting-edge music genres like House, Techno, Trance, Jazz Blues, Rock Jazz etc. It is popularly regarded as an adventure in music because it offers different adventure and camping activities.

When: Mid December

Where: Aamby Valley City, Lonavala, Maharashtra

12. Ziro | Arunachal Pradesh

16 Music Festivals in India You Can't Resist-12

If you want to escape your regular life and experience a crazy, wonderful time filled with music and adventure, then Ziro is the place you should be at. The unique thing about Ziro is the unique community like bond that it creates which is rare to find in most of the music festivals these days. It takes 16 hours to reach Ziro from Guwahati. Travelling to Ziro is not a journey that everybody can take upon until and unless you’re a traveller and music lover. You can see the efforts of the community in Ziro which is a wonderful thing to experience. There is something in the air, at Ziro, which brings out in everyone.

When: October (Dates To Be Announced)

Where: Ziro Valley, Arunachal Pradesh

13. Fireflies | Bangalore

16 Music Festivals in India You Can't Resist-13

Are you searching for an organic music festival? Then Fireflies Music Festival is your place to be. The stage is set up under a Banyan tree in an open-air amphitheatre and adjacent to a lake at a distance of approximately 20Km from Bangalore. Because if its organic growth this place attracts thousands of music lovers. The artists here perform from 7 pm to 7 am and the collections are used to promote the education of Adivasi children of Kabini, which is outside Mysore.

When: Dates To Be Announced

Where: Bangalore

14. Sunburn

16 Music Festivals in India You Can't Resist-14

A music festival which has achieved cult status in the industry is none other than Sunburn. With the most prominent names on board in the electronic dance music industry Sunburn is organised mainly in December giving a memorable end to the year. Sunburn introduced ‘Sunburn Arena’ in 2011 bringing the world’s best DJs to India. Sunburn is a gigantic party and an amalgamation of best music, food, shopping and entertainment.

When: December (Dates To Be Announced)

Where: Pune

15. Magnetic Fields Music Festival

16 Music Festivals in India You Can't Resist-15

Magnetic Fields Music festival made its debut in December 2013 and primary centres around rock n’ roll, good food, culture, dance, music and arts. It is India’s biggest EDM festival, and you might not believe if I told you that people come from all over the world to attend this musical mayhem. This festival is not just any other festival it’s a megamix of great music, drinks, food and fashion. A visit to Magnetic Fields can provide you with a music experience of a lifetime.

When: Mid December(Dates To Be Announced)

Where: Rajasthan

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16. Talbelia Music Festival

16 Music Festivals in India You Can't Resist-16

Taalbelia is a multi-format music festival which serves as a stage for multi-genre artists to come together and create music that usually doesn’t find a place in the current crop of festivals. This festival provides you with the comforts of a vacation immersed in adventure, music, arts and crafts, royal hospitality which are unique to this festival. Apart from the music, the venues are beautiful and are sure to take your breath away.

When: Dates To Be Announced

Where: Rajasthan
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