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13 Best Places To Visit In Dubai


If there is one place in the world that truly defines luxury and opulence, then it has to be the glamorous Dubai city. The greater than life architecture of the city, the exquisite variety of food inspired from every corner of the world, and the abundance of shopping destinations, Dubai is the right place to spend your hard-earned money to experience what a king size life feels like. Brimmed with tons of tourist places, experience the best of Dubai and luxury with these top destinations in the city. Here the top places to visit in Dubai that promises the best experience of this luxury land.

1. Burj Khalifa

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Although, Burj Khalifa does not need any introduction being the highest building in the world, but here is what you need to know when you are standing in front of this 163-floor building. Take the elevator to the observatory deck on the 148th floor of the building and behold the beauty of modern edifices, dusky deserts, and cobalt waters. The top of the building offers the 360- degree panoramic view of the Dubai offering the marvelous skyline of the modern city that rose above the deserts. Burj Khalifa is located in the downtown Dubai which is the major tourist hub of the city. The most interesting fact about this opulent building is that you can enjoy the sunrise twice, observe the sun setting on the ground floor and take the elevator to the observatory deck on the 148th floor to marvel the sun fading away once again.

2. Dubai Fountain

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Who wouldn’t want to enjoy the fountain whirl on the beats of music? Dubai fountain took the idea of the musical fountain to just another level. It is the world’s largest choreographed fountain system sprawled over an area of 30-acres on the man-made Burj Khalifa Lake. The water waves dancing to the rhythm of the music, by the captivating light and sound show you will be taken aback by its spectacular show. Being one of the must-have experiences to have in Dubai, you will find a number of tourists gathered around the fountain waiting for the show to begin.The show is absolutely free of cost to enjoy amidst the vibrant city lights of Dubai. It gives you one more reason as to why you just shouldn't miss this electric live performance.

3. Desert Safari

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If you are in Dubai, then you just cannot miss the enthralling desert safari in the sand dunes of Dubai. Choose a powerful SUV or a quad bike to get going on the topsy-turvy red dunes of Dubai. And as we know, the motor vehicles in Dubai are in itself very alluring. So, if you are a motor enthusiast, you shouldn't be scared to get off the road for an off experience. There are a number of desert safari camps and resorts in Dubai that not only offers the delightful desert safari, but the fascinating experience of camping amidst the Dubai deserts are enjoying the ethnic music and dance performances by the local people are just another perk that you get in Dubai. You can also do go for a camel safari in the evening for another upbeat experience.

4. Aquaventure Water Park

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If you still believe the amusement parks and water parks are meant for kids, then do yourself a favor and visit Aquaventure Waterpark. The experience will prove you wrong from head to toe. The biggest water-park of Dubai situated right in the heart of Atlantis, The Palm is surely a place to get the adrenaline pumping! Aquaventure is stuffed with world’s best rides and has something for everyone. For a true adventure enthusiast, it offer’s the world’s largest water slide - Aquaconda. If you aren’t satisfied yet, you can always get up and close with the sharks and be thrilled on a shark safari. Apart from these, the water park offers other crazy rides such as Zoomerango, Leap of Faith etc. And once you call it a day you can lay back and relax on 700 meters of the pristine private beach! So if you are someone who enjoys excitement and thrill all at once you have to visit the Aquaventure. Because this place has it all for everyone.

Motiongate is another popular choice for the amusement park in Dubai. It is famous for its theme parks which are replicas of the famous Disney and animated movies. The newest attraction of the park is The Hunger Games arena. Then it also has Legoland which is a paradise for the minion lovers and it also has a water park a number of thrilling rides.

5. Dubai Mall

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Highest building, largest fountain and here comes another spectacular wonder from Dubai. Dubai Mall is the largest mall in the world spread over an area of 540 k sq m with 1,200 retail shops inside the premises. There is a plethora of luxuries restaurants, high-street boutiques, artificial ice-rink, underwater zoo, and aquarium. You simply need to think of a thing you want to buy and you will definitely find it here. It is the favorite shopping destination not only for the tourists but you will find a number of celebrities and high profile people quenching their shopping lust in the mall. No wonder it is known as the home of the Dubai shopping festival.

Dubai has an array of luxurious shopping malls. Another one from the list is the Mall of the Emirates. The mall consists of more than 630 retail outlets, 7900 parking spaces, over 100 restaurants & Cafes, 80 luxury stores and 250 flagship stores. You will run out of your strength for once, but you will not run out of choices to shop from in the mall. You can shop from the high class brands from around the world under one roof. Not just for shopping, the mall is known for its leisure activities as well. It has Ski Dubai, the UAE's first indoor ski and snow park. Then, it has theatre and art center. Here you can watch the artists perform world class theatre. If you are visiting with your family, then Magic planet is for you. It is an indoor family entertainment center with a lots of fun activities.

6. Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

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Located inside the premises of Dubai Mall, Dubai aquarium and underwater zoo is one place that is beyond the definition of zoo and aquarium. The place swiftly takes you into the sphere of underwater. The aquarium homes close to 140 species of sea creatures. When in Dubai, always expect something extraordinary. Here in the zoo, you not only get to witness the exquisite variety of sea creatures, but you can also enjoy a number of underwater sports such as scuba diving, shark scooter ride, shark dive and cage snorkeling. Now, this is something you shouldn’t be missing for anything in the world.

7. Dubai Marina Walk

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A walk along with some of the best architectural wonders of the world is what Dubai Marina Walk has to offer you. 7 km long pavement where you can marvel the glitzy skyline of the Dubai city, overlooking the infinite blue sea. Dubai Marina Walk is packed with numerous outlets and restaurants where you the get the glimpse of Dubai’s lifestyle. You can spot here the luxury yatches and a variety of luxury cruises taking off from the port. You can take a walk around the Marina walk to have a patient look around the magnificent buildings and the ocean and the luxury that this place is emitting.

8. Jumeirah Mosque

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If you are looking for something different than high-style building and skyscrapers in Dubai, then this place is where you should be for a good touristic experience. A fine specimen of the Islamic culture, Jumeirah mosque is inspired by the Al-Azhar mosque in Cairo. It is considered one of the best mosques and the Islamic marvel in the whole of UAE. There are several organized tours for the non-Muslims that give a sneak-peak into the medieval Islamic culture and traditions.

9. Dubai Creek

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This is where you can spend a nice evening leisuring on the cruise amid the sea lit by the dazzling city lights. Dubai creek is a UNESCO world heritage which has seen Dubai rise from the sand dunes. It divides the city into two parts Deira and Bur Dubai and offers the tons of recreational activities.

10. Palm Jumeirah

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Palm Jumeirah is one of the extravagant marvels built by the mankind. Palm islands are the artificial islands that consist of the luxury villas and apartments. The affluent human settlements attract the richest people and celebrities around the world. Who wouldn’t want to own a villa amidst the azure sea? There are several resorts and hotels to choose from to live amid the luxurious lifestyle of the richest. The monorail is well developed to take you from the islands to the main Dubai city.

The famous Jumeirah beach of Dubai also extends from the Palm Jumeirah to the Jumeirah beach residence is also one of the tourists' favourite destination. The white sand beach of Dubai, is located on the shores od Persian Gulf. It has private beach section meant for the guestes of the Burj Al Arab and Jumeirah hotel. A section of the beach is open to public from where you can see the sea on one side. And, the another side offers the view of the high rising buildings of Dubai.

11. Heritage & Diving Village

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Dubai is undoubtedly known for its marvelous architectures, but even with the modernity, it hasn’t dropped its cultures and traditions. Heritage and Diving Village in Dubai are the man-made villages that take you back in time offering the authentic Islamic culture and life of Emirates of the medieval era. It showcases the lifestyle of the craftsman, porters and artisans.

Apart from the heritage village, you can also visit the Al-Fahidi Fort which is the oldest existing fort in Dubai. Inside the fort, you can visit the famous Dubai Museum. The musuem was built by the former king of Dubai to conserve the culture and history of Dubai. Inside the musuem you can witness the preserved handicrafts and artefacts. These handicrafts were brought from various countries to Dubai when it was trading with other countries of Asia and Africa. The musuem receives a large inflow of tourists every year.

12. The Lost Chambers Aquarium

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The Lost Chambers Aquarium is a breathtaking underwater aquarium built around the ruins of the ‘fictional’ city of Atlantis which submerged under the sea. It’s a surreal aquarium with a tunnel that is leading to the magnificent underwater world. You can witness the lost civilization, it’s ruins and wrecks! Also, there is huge of variety of aquatic animals such as sharks, starfish, lobsters and even tiny seas horses which are separated from you by a mere wall of glass. The Lost chambers Aquarium is a magical experience where you are truly exploring the a different world.

13. Bollywood Parks

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It is the first theme park in the world dedicated to Bollywood! Yes! Experience the thrill, romance, drama, dance, music of Bollywood at its best. Divided into 5 zones, the park showcases aspects of Bollywood such as the Bollywood film studios, life if Mumbai! The spirit of rural India! And more. So if you are a true fan of Bollywood you need to see the Bollywood Parks when in Dubai.

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