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12 Reasons to Visit Rann Utsav

Winters can be harsh, cruel and monotonous. But, with Rann Utsav just around the corner, you don’t have to sit in a dark corner and curse the season.

Rann Utsav starts from 1st of December. This is a place to have fun, relax, enjoy and create numerous memories that will be cherished forever. Just head to the white land of Gujarat to ride camels and watch the setting sun and you will not regret it.

12 Reasons to Visit Rann Utsav-1

1. Adventure Sports

12 Reasons to Visit Rann Utsav-2  ATV ride, tandem bicycle, para motoring, velcro wall climbing- all set to add some thrill to your trip!

2. A lot of dance and music!

12 Reasons to Visit Rann Utsav-3 Time to take a break from your Honey Singhs and Nirvanas and replace them with authentic sufi and folk music. Hear for the first time how instruments like manjira and bhorrindo at Rann Utsav.

3. The Shopping

12 Reasons to Visit Rann Utsav-4 Now it's needlees to say how all the women would go shopping crazy at Rann with all those amazing traditional stuff just waiting to be bought. The silver work is especially something to look for here.

4. The people

12 Reasons to Visit Rann Utsav-5 It’s not just about the hospitality but also the coming together of various cultures. It is not only the lovely Gujarati folks that you’ll find doing dandia there but Kutch has migrants from places as far as Sindh and Afghanistan.

5. A little home decor

12 Reasons to Visit Rann Utsav-6 The wall hangings available here are out of this world and you’d certainly wanna take one of those back home as a memento. There are also handwall paintings and wood carvings!

6. The Food

12 Reasons to Visit Rann Utsav-7 Prepare to be blown away by the aroma of real Kutch food. The tea is quite a popular drink here so all the tea addicts must gear up for this one.

7. The intricate handicrafts

12 Reasons to Visit Rann Utsav-8 Kutch is a place where you get amazing embroidery work done. You can actually get to know a lot about the economic lifestyle of the locals by looking at their art including the famous wooden products and mud wall paintings on the walls of the homes. The beauty is just awesome!

8. Rise above all- literally

12 Reasons to Visit Rann Utsav-9 The hot air balloons are extravagant. And what’s even amazing is that at Rann, you actually get a chance to ride them!

9. Patangbaazi

12 Reasons to Visit Rann Utsav-10 For all the patangbaaz in every street of India, the kite festival at Rann is waiting for you to grace it with your presence. Do you need any other reason to be there?

10. Tents or Mansions?

12 Reasons to Visit Rann Utsav-11 Step into the fairyland of tents and mud huts for your stay. At night the place is like one of those Disney movies and you will definitely love it.

11. The Clicks

12 Reasons to Visit Rann Utsav-12 This is the place to click a LOT of pictures and show them off on your social network accounts. The sunset, lights, dance and glitters everywhere- make memories and capture them right.

12. Religion and Culture

12 Reasons to Visit Rann Utsav-13 If you are into mythology or religion and are waiting to invest a bit more of your time, you can always head to the Koteshwar temple and even Somnath temple having wonderful architecture that will leave you breathless!
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