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10 Best Restaurants In Singapore For A Hearty Dine


For all the foodies out there wondering what should be your next stop, then Singapore is the answer. It is not just the perfect place for travel buffs, those seeking a utopian vacation but also for the ones who are absolutely infatuated to food. From street food to the gourmet food, from local eateries to the fine and dine restaurants, from fast food to the intricate multi-cuisine; Singapore serves it all. This is the island where you will find flavours which are anything but ordinary! It rightly gains its popularity as the food capital of Asia for there’s no other place like it when it comes to the infinite culinary choices in the menus. You must certainly eat in Singapore for once in your life. Here's a list of ten best restaurants in Singapore that you must-visit during your Singapore tour.

1. Jaan

10 Best Restaurants In Singapore For A Hearty Dine-1 “Jaan” is an elegant and modern French restaurant which serves food with ingredients which are as good as garden-fresh.This restaurant is widely regarded as one of Singapore's finest French restaurants. It has a 14- table restaurant perched on the 70th floor of Swissotel. The panaromic view of Marina Bay is just outstanding. The word “Jaan” is taken from a Sanskrit word which means “a bowl”, a bowl of lip-smacking food that will have you craving for more!

Location: Stamford Road

2. Iggy

10 Best Restaurants In Singapore For A Hearty Dine-2 Iggy is famed as Singapore’s best restaurant and has also earned its place among the Michelin star restaurants of the world. The exquisite food it serves reflects the skill of connoisseur chefs Iggy possesses, who can bring magic to your meals/plate. Now you know where you need to head to for your next dining date! This award winning restaurant is inspired by all corners of the culinary world.

Location: Hilton Singapore, Orchard Road

3. Les Amis

10 Best Restaurants In Singapore For A Hearty Dine-3 French cuisine in an elegant and sophisticated setting, Les Amis is a benchmark for fine dining restaurants in Singapore. Whole Poached Hungarian Goose Foie Gras, almond dragees, homemade pasta with crispy Japanese shrimps and crispy apple bread are some of the delicacies you must certainly try out. Food is no the only speciality here; the wine cellar stocks over 2,000 labels (S$5 million worth) and is one of the largest in Asia.

Location: Orchard Road

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4.Cut by Wolfgang Puck

10 Best Restaurants In Singapore For A Hearty Dine-4 Wolfgang Puck, one of the world’s most illustrious chefs in collaboration with other celebrity chefs ventures into Asia with his the CUT which is considered to be one of the best steakhouses. The restaurant is known for serving the finest dishes of beef complemented by a long award-winning wine list. Cut is also popular for serving some of the best signature entrees. The decor and the ambience oozes class and sophistication, making this not only Singapore's best steak house, but also poshest. Location: Marina Bay Sands 5. Red House Seafood Restaurant

10 Best Restaurants In Singapore For A Hearty Dine-5 Red House Seafood Restaurant is one of Asia’s oldest seafood restaurants. The connoisseur chefs of Red House Seafood Restaurant work earnestly to retain the authentic and delicious Malay, Indian and Peranakan flavours in the dishes. Garlic Bamboo Clams, Fried Prawn, BBQ Sotong & Jellyfish, Codfish with Terriyaki Sauce are the best-served dishes in this restaurant. Location: Robertson Quay

6. Aoki

10 Best Restaurants In Singapore For A Hearty Dine-6 If Japanese cuisine is something that leaves your palate watering, then Aoki restaurant is the right stop for you. The restaurant has a warm and cosy ambience where you can expect to have a glimpse of authentic Japanese culture. Sushi, sashami and sukiyaki are dishes you can’t afford to miss here! Location: Orchard Road

7. Tiong Bahru Bakery

10 Best Restaurants In Singapore For A Hearty Dine-7 Tiong Bahru Bakery is the most acclaimed French confectionery in Singapore. Started by illustrious French baker Gontran Cherrier, Tiong Bahru brags of selling some of the best croissants in Singapore which is flavourful in every bite. You are certainly going to miss out something if life if you don’t once try out these croissants.

Location: Orchard Street

8. Candlenut

10 Best Restaurants In Singapore For A Hearty Dine-8 Candlenut is one ace restaurant which is known for serving fine Peranakan Cuisine. Peranakan cuisine is an excellent blend of the Chinese ingredients with the condiments and cooking techniques of Indonesian community. Get to Candlenut and get the high of flavours!

Location: Dempsey Road

9. Crystal Jade Golden Palace

10 Best Restaurants In Singapore For A Hearty Dine-9 Crystal Jade Golden Palace is a chain of restaurants which boast of multiple outlets across Asia. The ambience is elegantly done with a blend of red, black and golden. It is popular for serving Chinese cuisine and makes for an ideal setting for a romantic date or a business meeting. Location: Orchard Road

10. Jumbo Seafood Restaurant

10 Best Restaurants In Singapore For A Hearty Dine-10 This is an open-air seaside restaurant which is so pleasant you wouldn’t want to leave! It is perfect to savour local Singaporean seafood, which makes it the most popular seafood serving restaurant. Chilli crab, black pepper crab, Cereal Prawns and steamed bass are dishes you must try or you’ll regret for the rest of your lives. Having dinner amidst the sea breeze is something everyone is bound to cherish. Location: East Coast Seafood Centre

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