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10 Best Experiences To Have In Maldives


10 Best Experiences To Have In Maldives-1 The Maldives is a paradise comprised of 1,200 coral islands. Known for its tropical beauty Maldives is generally known for its laid-back vacation at the luxurious island resorts. The island country is lined up with the palm-laden beaches. Adding to its beauty is the shimmering white sand beaches and the blue water of the Indian ocean complementing alongside. The Maldives is very much known for its coral reefs that let you have a sneak peek of the wonderful marine life. With so much to explore here, right from hidden islands, to the seabed of the Indian ocean, from amazing seafood to witnessing landscapes, we just got started. Let’s find out what are the best experiences to have in the Maldives that you can include in your Maldives tour package.

1. Scuba diving

10 Best Experiences To Have In Maldives-2 With one of the most amazing coral reefs in the world, there is no surprise that scuba diving in Maldives would be an experience of a lifetime. The 26 ring atolls of Maldives are surrounded by vibrant marine life. Maldives is also one of the most popular scuba diving destinations in the world and it has a number of certified scuba diving institutes. It is perfect for both beginners and expert scuba divers. Dive in the wonderful world exploring the canyons, overhangs and corals. The stingray, whale shark and sea turtles are the highlights of the island. The most famous of the reefs is Banana reefs which have an exquisite variety of corals and aquatic animals.

Cost: Equipment rental- $100

Try Scuba Diving = lagoon dive only -$200

Try Scuba Diving = lagoon dive as above followed by boat dive -$300

2. Snorkelling

10 Best Experiences To Have In Maldives-3 Snorkelling is a leisurely version of scuba diving. If you know swimming, grab your suit and diving mask and go explore the exciting underwater world. You will come across the different fishes of the Indian ocean and the sea turtle as they swim with you. Snorkelling is an amazing activity to go for in Maldives.

Cost: Starting from $25 depending on the package

Night snorkelling - $100

3. Explore The Fishes

10 Best Experiences To Have In Maldives-4 When it comes to aquatic diversity, Maldives is the place to have a look at some of the unique varieties of fish. Due to its vibrant coral reefs which starts from a very shallow end, spotting the various types of fish isn’t so difficult, but undoubtedly leaves an excitement within you. It’s like there’s showbiz of the fishes going on under the water and you can’t have enough of it. Some of the most famous varieties of fish in the Maldives are- Lionfish- a poisonous fish which is rare to spot. Moray Eel- the common eel which is easy to spot. Stingrays are the beauty of Maldives in addition to reef shark and white shark. Triggerfish, Sea urchin, Zebra shark, tawny nurse shark. The best way to witness such vast beauty is you go for scuba diving. Ask your resort authorities for a guide to give you insights into the marine world of Maldives.

Glass Bottom Boat Safari Cost: $130

4. Visit The Glowing Beach of Maldives

10 Best Experiences To Have In Maldives-5 If you want to know how beautiful nature can get and how unexpected it can get, there’s one place in Maldives that will blow your mind with its beauty. Watching the star trail is no unique thing, but how would you like if the stars spread before you like a carpet? The glowing beach in Vaadoo is known for its phenomenon of glow in the dark which makes the beach glow blue in the dark. You will simply be left breathless after watching it. The illuminating effect is created by Bioluminescent plankton which makes the sea glows bright blue under the moonlit sky.

5. Savour The Delicious Food

10 Best Experiences To Have In Maldives-6 With a huge variety of sea animals, there is no doubt that Maldives is rich in seafood varieties. There’s something about the freshly picked food from the sea, and a plate full of local delicacies will tell you what’s so delicious about its seafood. The local cuisine of Maldives is inspired by India, Sri Lanka and Arabia and the blend of three different styles of food have blessed the island with scrumptious dishes. Not just seafood, you must use the different fruits and salad recipes on the island because green is also good sometimes. Coconut is an essential part of the staple diet in Maldives, and you’d find a part of it in almost all the food here. With an array of restaurants offering delightful food options from Indian, Chinese to European fare, the restaurants in the Maldives are perfect to satiate all your food cravings.

Some of the famous dishes of Maldives are- Boshi Mashuni (banana flower salad), Garudhiya (fragrant fish soup), Huni Roshi (chapati bread), Saagu bondibai (sago pudding), Fihunu mas ( barbecued fish), kulhi Boakiba ( a spicy fish cake_, gulha (pastry balls stuffed with smoked fish).

6. Go For An Island Hopping

10 Best Experiences To Have In Maldives-7 Maldives is an island country with around 1200 islands(in which only 200 are inhabited). A number of islands have been converted into island resorts which caters the tourists coming from different parts of the world. To explore the untouched and unknown islands of the country, it is best to go for island hopping in Maldives. There are several cruises you’d find in Maldives that are known for their cruise island hopping. You can hop on the luxury cruise with travel from one island to another while you party on the boat throughout. Some of the cruise tours also host their secret parties on the island with the mix of all the people. There’s no way you want to miss such amazing parties on the abandoned islands. If you are travelling in a bigger bunch, you can rent a cruise and start your own boat party in the sea as you hop from one island to another to keep the party going.

Cost: $120

7. Have a Luxurious Resort Experience

10 Best Experiences To Have In Maldives-8 If asked to put in the most simple way, the experience of holidaying in Maldives is about having the time of your lives in resorts. Maldives is known for its luxurious resort experience. The best thing is the resorts are built on one island entirely, so staying in a resort would mean you have the whole island to yourself. The best resorts in Maldives would offer your private beach, the pool and the most luxurious yet close to nature experience. The resorts also host various events and provide complementary activities to their guests. On top of it, once you see the variety of food that they offer, which has dishes from all around the world, there’s no way you would want to leave this place. The evenings at resorts offer the surreal sunset views while you enjoy a dinner by the beach.

8. Enjoy a Spa Session

10 Best Experiences To Have In Maldives-9 Rejuvenate yourself with the soothing music and home remedy massage sessions in Maldives. Most of the luxurious resorts in Maldives have their spa and massage centre; you can enjoy a relaxing session of massage on the island. Maldives is famous for its unique home remedy massages and also Balinese massages inspired by the Indonesian culture. You can also check with your hotel for the complimentary spa sessions.

Cost: $100

9. Sunset Romantic Dinner

10 Best Experiences To Have In Maldives-10 If you are in Maldives with your soulmate on a romantic trip, then be sure of it that there are going to be a lot of romantic moments between the two of you. Surprise your beloved with a private romantic dinner. Take her to a beautiful spot, enjoy the sun setting down in the sea and stars lighting up in the sky as you savour your delicious meal. You can book your dinner beforehand, or you can contact your resort to arrange at an extra cost.

Cost: $250 approximately*

10. Sea plane ride

10 Best Experiences To Have In Maldives-11 I can imagine the view of the combination of turquoise blue water and white sand beaches from above and how beautiful it would look. You can keep your imaginations to rest when you are in Maldives because the beach beauty of the island is better than that. Seaplane ride will take you back to your younger days as this exciting ride is full of adventure and thrill. Wait, till you see the views from above and you will be spellbound by how beautiful nature can get. Maldives offer seaplane rides from one island to another, and it is one of the few options to commute.

Cost: $450 approximately

*The costing is provided on an average basis, it might vary for different resorts.*
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