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10 Best Restaurant In Maldives To Have A Grand Meal


What’s the first thing that comes to your mind, when someone talks about Maldives? A stroll on the white sand beaches? Laidback days in Overwater Villas? A dive into a mosaic of colourful corals? Or, an excursion to nearby islands? But Maldives has a lot more to offer than just these most sought-after privileges and exquisite dining experience is one of those perks. With an array of restaurants offering delightful food options from Indian, Chinese to European fare, the restaurants in the Maldives are perfect to satiate all your food cravings. Here’s a guide to some of the most stunning restaurants in Maldives which you must visit to make your Maldives holiday memorable.

1. Ithaa Under Sea Restaurant

10 Best Restaurant In Maldives To Have A Grand Meal-1 Want to experience what eating five meters below the sea level is like? Come to Ithaa, which is a part of Conrad Hilton Rangali Island Resort and serves contemporary European cuisine amidst the blues of Indian Ocean. Look around, and you’ll catch glimpses of diverse aquamarine life and vibrant coral gardens of this paradise island. This outstanding restaurant is located in the South Ari Atoll and is one of the most popular restaurants in Maldives. The name itself is beautiful; Ithaa, which means ‘mother of pearl’ in the Maldivian language of Dhivehi. It was also rated as the most beautiful restaurant in the world by New York Daily News in 2014, and it is also the winner of three Global Awards at the World Luxury Restaurants awards, 2017. Don’t take a chance on this one as this is a must visit restaurant in Maldives and is sure to make your experiences unforgettable when you watch Sharks and Manta Rays while dining.

2. Symphony Lagoon

10 Best Restaurant In Maldives To Have A Grand Meal-2 Symphony is arguably one of the oldest and most renowned restaurants in Maldives, and as it belongs to famous groups like Symphony Solo and Symphony Garden, the restaurant relentlessly excels in offering family-friendly bistro style dining. The eatery is little and comfortable and sports a peculiarly dim and keen look. It’s an extraordinary place to invest some quality time with one's family in Maldives. The menu at Symphony features Indian, Chinese, Indonesian and Western cuisines and Lebanese chicken, grilled lobster, spaghetti, crab cakes, tuna macaroni, and short ribs are some of the specialities of this place. There is a wide range of options for vegetarian food lovers on the menu, so Symphony makes sure that everybody leaves the place with a happy smile and satisfied stomach.

3. Seagull Café House

10 Best Restaurant In Maldives To Have A Grand Meal-3 The Seagull Café House is a charming two-story space with a winsome garden on the ground floor and a tree snaking its way through the first-floor terrace. The upper level provides a panoramic city view and is an ideal place for people watching. It is located in Faradhee Magu in Male and is undoubtedly a gem among the myriad of restaurants you will find in the islands of Maldives. The eclectic menu includes sandwiches, burgers, curries, wraps, pasta, fishes and grills. The restaurant offers a wide selection of Western, Indian and Maldivian cuisine. Orange and herb glazed roast turkey breast, snapper stake with mango salsa and parsley rice, Tuscan shrimp with vegetable and potato wedges are some of the dishes which are famous among the locals and the tourists. A meal in Seagull isn’t complete without tasting from their full range of thirty ice cream flavours, which can be the best thing any dessert lover could ask for.

4. Anantara Restaurant

10 Best Restaurant In Maldives To Have A Grand Meal-4

Anantara or the Sea.Fire.Salt.Sky restaurant provides you with a dining experience which is sure to be unlike any other experience you’ve ever had. Anantara is a word originating from the Sanskrit language which means “without an end” and refers to the freedom of movement and harmony. And this unique concept of harmony becomes clear when you get acquainted with its four levels named Sea, Fire, Salt and Sky, where each level offers a different cuisine, atmosphere and location. The restaurant features an underwater dining outlet, a teppanyaki lounge inspired by Japanese cuisine and a rooftop bar with views of island serving drinks and cocktails in a romantic setting. Dine at the most remarkable location, Sea, amid the fascinating marine world to make an experience of a lifetime.

5. Palace Sichuan Chinese Restaurant

10 Best Restaurant In Maldives To Have A Grand Meal-5

Palace Sichuan is one of the best restraints in Maldives where you can enjoy authentic Cantonese cuisine. The restaurant started serving the public from 6th September 2011 and was begun by the well known Terence Tsui, who had a dream of starting a high class authentic Chinese restaurant in the heart of Maldives. With ample seating capacity and beautifully decorated private rooms named after various Chinese cities, this place is best for exclusive lunches and celebratory group dinners. The talented chefs of Sichuan use ingredients which are directly imported from China due to which the dishes here gets their notable spicy, salty, sour sweet and bittersweet flavours. The menu here is filled with delicious noodles and rice-based dishes with jumbo prawns, beef and whole fish entrees with uncompromising freshness and quality.

6. Shell Beans

10 Best Restaurant In Maldives To Have A Grand Meal-6

If there is any place which qualifies for a perfect date night or a memorable escape with friends and family then it is none other Shell Beans. The restaurant is currently serving in two locations; Hulhul and Nirolhu Magu Shell Beans. Lunch on the second level provides best of the harbour views. This restraint is mostly visited by sightseers and locals as the menu here has dishes from around the world. Tandoori chicken, croissant, different types of salads, sandwiches, and pastries are some of the recipes which are preferred by the visitors. This place is known to serve as the best coffee in the whole Maldives. With such a mind-blowing menu, it’s easy to see why diners reliably run to Shell Beans again and again.

7. Muraka

10 Best Restaurant In Maldives To Have A Grand Meal-7

This stunning restaurant with decked terrace situated in the Mirihi Island Resort of South Ari Atoll bless everyone with the blissful view of sea world below. The sounds of waves lapping around the rustic wooden restaurant and a dazzling sunset view create the most relaxing and elegant setting for a romantic dinner. They promise to spoil you with their elaborate menu featuring delicious seafood, lobster or Angus beef, pink peppercorn crusted Maldivian tuna lion with fried bok choi and crispy potato wanton. And this scrumptious food is served with fine wine which is meticulously chosen from a wide range of international wines. Muraka must be on your list of restaurants to visit in Maldives if you want to enjoy savoury dishes amidst jaw-dropping oceanic views.

8. Reethi

10 Best Restaurant In Maldives To Have A Grand Meal-8

Reethi is located in the heart of Reethi Rah Island and serves delectable dishes in splendid environment. The restaurant is hosted in three distinct dining areas: Earth, Fire and Aqua, where it serves its own fusion of French, Asian and Italian cuisines. You can watch the chefs making artwork for you through a floor to glass screens as Reethi believes in open concept kitchen. The kitchen is surrounded by towering black and gold patterned columns which make the setting more charming. See the restaurant turn Italian on Mondays with a mouthwatering array of excellent Italian charcuterie, gnocchi, pasta, risotto with selected grill items and toothsome desserts. With chosen dishes like Japanese Kobe beef and toro, a thick slice of tuna tartare, and curry chicken, One and Only’s, Reethi lives up to its name.

9. Ufaa

10 Best Restaurant In Maldives To Have A Grand Meal-9

This restaurant is located in the Cocoa Island Resort on the south Male atoll, and the island’s relaxed feeling inspires the ambience here. The name Ufaa means happiness if decoded from the Maldivian language of Dhivehi. Ufaa uses fresh seafood and local organic produce to create a fusion of Indian, Sri Lankan and Mediterranean cuisines which offers authentic experiences highlighting the iconic flavours these distinctive cultures. The eatery presents different feasting alternatives including fresh handmade crisp noodles and dim sum, tuna tartare with salad and pomegranate dressing, tandoori lobsters, as well as Chinese and seafood buffets. You can also select from the elite menus presented by Chef Leung, consistently highlighting the maestro's creative rendition of the best Chinese cooking. A visit to Ufaa is must if you have a penchant for all things refined.

10. Sala Thai

10 Best Restaurant In Maldives To Have A Grand Meal-10

The chefs at Sala Thai celebrates the idea that life should be fun. And what could be better than mouth-watering Thai food, good cheer, beer towers and laughter in full force to make this idea breathe. This restaurant is a part of a small boutique hotel in the capital, Male, and is eminent for using fresh and healthy ingredients in their dishes. Sala Thai is a perfect escape from the bustling city and can be your go-to place for enjoying delicious authentic Siamese dishes in a calm and relaxing environment. This restaurant specializes in Central Thailand Cuisine which means various flavors will welcome your taste buds; spicy, sour, sweet, salty and bitter with a supremely royal flavour. The pleasing ambiance here comprising of elegant furniture, intricate artwork, and dreamy dim lights is a must-visit if you’re in a mood to detox.

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